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SMI to XSD Translations

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SMI to XSD Translations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SMI to XSD Translations. IETF70 David Harrington. Agenda. The Need The Approaches Comparisons. IETF69 XSDMI BOF. Proposal – a standard XSD translation for SMIv2 types, textual conventions, and macros for MIB definitions

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smi to xsd translations

SMI to XSD Translations


David Harrington

  • The Need
  • The Approaches
  • Comparisons
ietf69 xsdmi bof
  • Proposal – a standard XSD translation for SMIv2 types, textual conventions, and macros for MIB definitions
  • Goal – any XML-based protocol or implementation can leverage existing SMIv2 types, textual conventions, MIB structures, and existing code.
  • BOF Results: 13-0 in favor
post bof
  • Decision to bring it to OPSAWG rather than start a whole new WG for this fairly simple work
  • YANG proposes an SMI-YANG-XSD translation path using tools.
  • Proponents of YANG concerned that a standard SMI-XSD translation would constrain YANG work.
  • Concern over competing standards slowed progress.
moving forward
Moving Forward
  • Compare the current YANG tools with the XSDMI definitions, and other SMI-XSD translations of data types, etc.
  • Determine how far apart we are
  • Determine if we can eliminate differences
  • Determine why some differences might be needed.
the approaches xsdmi
The Approaches - XSDMI
  • Draft-romascanu-netconf-datatypes-00 hand-crafted translations of SMI types and textual conventions
  • Goal- to quickly provide types for implementers developing their own proprietary XML data models for Netconf
  • Rough consensus on the need.
  • Work stopped when Romascanu became AD.
the approaches xsdmi7
The Approaches - XSDMI
  • Work restarted by Li Yan when original authors no longer available.
  • SMI is a separate standard from SNMP and from MIB modules, per RFC1052.
  • Draft-romascanu-netconf-datatypes-01,02 positioned as protocol-independent translation to meet standard and proprietary needs for Netconf, MIB2RDML, and other uses.
the approaches xsdmi8
The Approaches - XSDMI
  • Libsmi is a popular open-source toolkit for validating MIB modules. Smidump (from libsmi toolkit) can translate a MIB module into XSD.
  • Draft-romascanu-netconf-datatypes-01,02 based on documenting the open source code translation algorithms of smidump.
  • “Running code” for SMI-XSD translations.
the approaches mib2rdml
The Approaches – MIB2RDML
  • MIB2RDML wants to make existing MIB available for reuse in Web Services environments by providing translations of SMI types, TCs, and structures.
  • Leader of MIB2RDML recognized this could be done in two steps – SMI-XSD and then XSD-RDML (and other).
  • Bob Natale joined XSDMI team after BOF.
the approaches xsdmi mib2rdml
The Approaches – XSDMI/MIB2RDML
  • Draft-li-netconf-datatypes-03 unfocused due to competing use cases; confusion over relation to netconf; never published.
  • We improved focus on SMIv2 fidelity and netconf-independence.
  • New cleaner draft with a new name – draft-li-natale-smi-datatypes-in-xsd-00
  • Would like to make this simply an OPSAWG draft – not XSDMI, not YANG, not MIB2RDML
the approaches yang
The Approaches - YANG
  • YANG is focused on Netconf. Period.
  • YANG based on “running code” from multiple sources (Juniper, Tail-f, Ericsson, Bierman, libsmi)
  • YANG can import SMI MIB modules (including types, TCs, structures)
  • Tools include smidump and pyang.
  • Tools provide YANG-to-XSD translations.
the approaches yang12
The Approaches - YANG
  • YANG specs are incomplete. As a result, the tools are still in development
  • Current XSD output of tools doesn’t match
  • I have XSD from
    • Romascanu-netconf-datatypes-03
    • Pyang output
    • Smidump output
  • Let’s look these over and decide how different they are.
  • Let’s decide whether it makes sense to try to reach consensus on the XSD format
  • Can these XSD formats be “harmonized”?
  • We may need to accept that SMI to XSD translations might differ to meet requirements of different protocols
  • If translations are protocol-independent, this is an OPS area task.
  • Should this harmonizing be done in OPSAWG?
thank you
Thank You
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