leadership in the agriculture industry n.
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Leadership in the Agriculture Industry

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Leadership in the Agriculture Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leadership in the Agriculture Industry. Good Leadership Qualities. Integrity Honesty Courage Willing to go forward under difficult circumstances Management Using people, resources, process to reach a goal. Unselfishness Placing the desires and welfare of others above yourself Loyalty

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good leadership qualities
Good Leadership Qualities
  • Integrity
    • Honesty
  • Courage
    • Willing to go forward under difficult circumstances
  • Management
    • Using people, resources, process to reach a goal


    • Placing the desires and welfare of others above yourself
  • Loyalty
    • Reliable support for an individual, group or cause
  • Enthusiasm
    • Energy to do a job and the inspiration to encourage others


    • Able to think through, determine procedures
  • Knowledge
    • Awareness, understanding
  • Tact
    • Enjoying and doing the right thing without offending
leadership is influence the ability to obtain followers john c maxwell
Leadership is influence- the ability to obtain followers.- John C. Maxwell

A good leader should…

  • Know how to organize and manage activities
  • Be self confidant
  • Follow directions
  • Think logically
  • Make decision
  • Solve problems
  • Understand the needs of others
  • Communicate effectively

What are your leadership qualities?

Brainstorm for 5 minutes

steps in choosing a career
Steps in choosing a career
  • “Consider your interests, abilities, and other characteristics” should be the first step
  • Narrow the field of jobs
  • Study the requirement of the job – get good information
  • Plan for alternative occupations – the first choice may not work out
  • Prepare a plan for career preparation – early career planning can help you take the right courses in high school
  • Be willing to pay the price for success – education, dedication
  • Get work experience – SAE, coop., part-time job


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mT-5sEDse3E&list=PL7B61381EE0438243&index=19
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U3AuzSG5P4&list=PL7B61381EE0438243&index=3
  • Choose a career in the horticulture industry
  • List 5 interesting facts about this career
  • Locate a job position in our area that is hiring (Internet research, newspapers job websites…)
  • Find one that suits you. Determine….
    • What leadership qualities are required?
    • What leadership qualities do you have?
    • Do you match this job?
factors for your career determine the following for this position
Factors for your careerDetermine the following for this position.
  • Pay and location
  • Qualifications required (education, experience, skills, etc)
  • Personal contact (will you work with others)
  • Working conditions (indoor/outdoor)
  • Working hours (year round, seasonal, hourly, overtime, etc)
  • Retirement and other benefits
  • Opportunities for promotion
  • Come prepared to share your job position with the class on Monday.
resume assignment
Resume assignment
  • Prepare your own resume by filling in the blank information.
  • Use the sample provided
  • For homework, type your resume to look professional and prepare a cover letter
job interview
Job Interview
  • Cover letter sent in to assist in establishing an interview date
  • Follow-up phone call is typically recommended to secure interview
  • Resume is sent with cover letter. Typically suggested that the individual bring a copy of resume to interview as well
job interview1
Job Interview
  • Individual should dress in professional attire
  • Prepare for the interview and application process
  • Practice common questions asked during an interview
job interview2
Job Interview
  • What are your 3 greatest attributes and strengths?
  • What are your three biggest weaknesses or things you would like to improve upon?
  • Where do you want to be in five years?
  • What leadership qualities can you bring to our company?
  • Why are you the best candidate for job?