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It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit! PowerPoint Presentation
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It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit!

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It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit!. Marietta Kiwanis Major Emphasis Update. January 16, 2014. Contents. Strategic Plan Overview Direction Methodology and Process Results Plan Major Emphasis Update – Kiwanis Technology Center at MHS

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit!' - alayna

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Presentation Transcript
  • Strategic Plan Overview
    • Direction
    • Methodology and Process
    • Results
    • Plan
  • Major Emphasis Update – Kiwanis Technology Center at MHS
    • Process Description
    • Selection Criteria
    • Technology Scholarships
    • Performance Measures
    • 2014 Actions
    • Expectations
  • Strategic Framework for Major Emphasis
    • Kiwanis Next Major Emphasis
    • Revised Decision Criteria
    • Project Identification
strategic plan overview direction
Strategic Plan OverviewDirection
  • October 2010 President Mike Hebdon and Board asked Mack Henderson, Tom Conkright, and Vance Booker to develop plan
  • Why? We’re considered a great club – why change?
    • Continuous Improvement
  • Began plan process in January 2011 with results presented to the Board and membership 3rd quarter 2011
strategic plan overview methodology and process
Strategic Plan Overview Methodology and Process
  • Analyzed current state of Marietta Kiwanis, specifically member demographics
  • Identified the stakeholders of Marietta Kiwanis to be the community and members
  • Conducted interviews with a sample of community leaders
  • Conducted formal survey of members and former members
  • Conducted focus groups to help validate and interpret the results
strategic plan overview results
Strategic Plan OverviewResults
  • Demographics (2003 – 2010)
  • Community Leader Interviews
  • Member Survey
  • Focus Groups and Former Member Survey
strategic plan overview results demographics 2003 2010
Strategic Plan Overview Results: Demographics (2003 - 2010)
  • Average members 275 (range 254 - 301)
  • Approximately 47 left each year and approximately same number joined
  • Attendance averaged 40% of membership
  • Membership: 2/3 are male; most are married, white; average age of 55
  • 91% have at least a bachelor’s degree
  • 2/3 have been members less than 10 years
  • Ethnicity of the Club is not representative of Cobb nor City of Marietta
  • Members represent a wide variety of professions/occupations
  • Participation in projects is strong
strategic plan overview results community leader interviews
Strategic Plan Overview Results: Community Leader Interviews
  • How they benefit:
    • Ability to interact in an informal setting with high-caliber individuals and leaders in the community to:
      • Help their organization/business prosper
      • Improve the community by leveraging relationships and talent
      • Develop and be successful personally and professionally
  • How Kiwanis benefits:
    • Ability to accomplish larger, more strategic initiatives in the community
    • Understanding of and appreciation for community issues with which our local charitable organizations and school systems deal
    • Exposure and input to governmental officials and business leaders
strategic plan overview results member survey
Strategic Plan OverviewResults: Member Survey
  • Background/demographics
  • Participation and reason you joined
  • Meetings and programs
  • Projects
  • Communication, satisfaction, and commitment
  • Overall 60% participation and very favorable feedback
strategic plan overview results focus groups and former member survey
Strategic Plan OverviewResults: Focus Groups and Former Member Survey
  • Focus Groups provided rich insight. For example:
    • Meetings being better organized and using table handouts
    • Don’t emphasize networking at the expense of altruism
    • Club is cliquish but it’s not a big issue
    • Don’t do diversity for diversity’s sake; burden is on the Club to reach out
    • Religious differences and acceptance ought to be a strength
    • Make sure we haven’t gone from big thinking/big projects to the charity

du jour… are we trying to be all things to all people?

    • Great Club… friendly, open
  • Former Member Survey
    • Very positive, 79% would rejoin
strategic plan overview plan
Strategic Plan OverviewPlan
  • Projects
  • Programs
  • People
  • Giving
  • Governance
strategic plan overview plan projects
Strategic Plan OverviewPlan: Projects
  • Choose bigger, higher impact projects that could be multi-year in nature
  • Create a Strategic Projects Committee to include representatives from Business and Public Affairs
  • Ensure appropriate support and funding for projects
strategic plan overview plan programs
Strategic Plan OverviewPlan: Programs
  • Improve program quality
    • Establish a Program Committee that contains members with demonstrated ability and a perspective that represents the Club
    • Articulate criteria/guidelines for program selection
strategic plan overview plan people
Strategic Plan OverviewPlan: People
  • Promote outreach to younger, more diverse members without compromising the quality of members, nor the altruistic nature of the Club. Specifically, ensure Club is sensitive to various ethnicities and self-polices as needed
  • Ensure communications are effective and efficient to members and community
strategic plan overview plan giving
Strategic Plan OverviewPlan: Giving
  • Articulate decision criteria and process for monetary gifts given by the Club
  • Increase transparency of decision-making
strategic plan overview plan governance
Strategic Plan OverviewPlan: Governance
  • Improve board/officer selection process. Specifically, include an evaluation of leadership qualities in selection process
  • Implement a board member matrix that includes specific skill sets desirable for club leadership
  • Require membership approval of multi-year strategy
strategic plan overview
Strategic Plan Overview
  • Today’s discussion will focus on the Projects portion of the Strategic Plan
  • Updates on other elements of the Plan will follow at a later date
  • President-Elect Holly Tuchman intends to revisit the Plan and the Club Survey during her 2014-15 term
major emphasis update kiwanis technology center at mhs
Major Emphasis UpdateKiwanis Technology Center at MHS
  • Project objective: Create a sustainable Technology Center at Marietta High School designed to raise academic performance and improve college/career readiness of students by closing the “digital divide”
  • Project is a direct result of Kiwanis Strategic Planning Process developed by a cross-section of community leaders
  • Project sponsor is Dr. Emily Lembeck, Superintendent of Marietta City Schools
major emphasis update kiwanis technology center at mhs process description
Major Emphasis UpdateKiwanis Technology Center at MHSProcess Description
  • Select deserving students based on strict selection criteria
  • Award laptops (or current equivalent technology) to those students with an understanding that ownership of the computers will be transferred to them upon graduation
  • Put in place procedures/controls, including periodic reviews for appropriate use and repairs/maintenance
  • Put security/tracking software on computers
  • Establish results-based and activity-based performance measures
  • Establish funding goals short-term with ultimate goal of making project sustainable
major emphasis update kiwanis technology center at mhs selection criteria
Major Emphasis UpdateKiwanis Technology Center at MHSSelection Criteria
  • Juniors with at least 2 years in school system
  • 2.5+ GPA
  • On track to graduate
  • No significant discipline
  • Documentation of need
  • Staff recommendation
  • Limited access to technology
major emphasis update kiwanis technology center at mhs technology scholarships
Major Emphasis UpdateKiwanis Technology Center at MHSTechnology Scholarships
  • Selected ASUS 15.6” laptop computers at approximate cost of $350/computer
  • Initial group of 25 awarded in January 2013 with 2 spares
  • Second group of 20 awarded in August 2013
major emphasis update kiwanis technology center at mhs performance measures
Major Emphasis UpdateKiwanis Technology Center at MHSPerformance Measures
  • GPAs increased, although not in a statistically significant manner
  • Activity-based measures showed much more positive results:
    • Students used technology 10% more for homework
    • Access to technology at home increased 32%
    • Use of computers in all major subjects increased, some significantly (e.g. math 32% and science 17%)
    • Use of e-mail and finding information on the internet increased 13% and 19% respectively
    • Editing papers using technology increased from 2 or 3X a month to over once a week (approximately a 20% increase)
    • Taking a quiz, test, or practice test using computers increased 58% from a couple of times a semester to nearly every week
    • E-mailing teachers increased from just over once a month to nearly once a week

Major Emphasis UpdateKiwanis Technology Center at MHS2014 Actions


Measure GPAs from end of first semester


Administer qualitative surveys to include questions about how students have used the laptops for college prep and/or career prep, with additional specific questions to the graduating Seniors

Measure GPAs from end of second semester

Ceremony to award ownership of computers (plus free software) to graduates, the first graduating class of Technology Scholarship recipients


Present new Technology Scholarship to incoming Juniors

Administer qualitative survey to new recipients


Major Emphasis UpdateKiwanis Technology Center at MHSExpectations

  • Students:
    • Perform academically and in the community
    • Graduate
    • Pay it forward
  • Kiwanis:
    • Manage the project effectively including process/controls, sourcing, performance measures, and accountability
    • Ensure funding is in place to make it sustainable. Initially, ensure funding for the next 5 years
strategic framework for major emphasis kiwanis next major emphasis
Strategic Framework for Major EmphasisKiwanis Next Major Emphasis
  • Strategic Projects Committee met to address next year’s Major Emphasis project:
    • Revised decision criteria
    • Identified projects
    • Recommended a direction
strategic framework for major emphasis revised decision criteria
Strategic Framework for Major EmphasisRevised Decision Criteria
  • Within the City of Marietta
  • Complete in two or more years with defined phases and/or milestones
  • Focus on community-wide or children’s wellness and/orliteracy
  • Viewed by the community as something major
  • Leverage other clubs, organizations, businesses, and governmental agencies
  • Capitalize on Kiwanis’ intellectual and influence capabilities
  • Strive to ensure results leave something permanent, either tangible or intangible
strategic framework for major emphasis revised decision criteria continued
Strategic Framework for Major EmphasisRevised Decision Criteria (continued)
  • Manageable scale
  • Sustainable
  • Promotes the Marietta Kiwanis brand
  • Appropriate and ongoing level of project coordination
  • Support or connect to existing project or concept that is in initial stages of development
  • Energize club
strategic framework for major emphasis project identification
Strategic Framework for Major EmphasisProject Identification
  • Potential Projects
    • Reading Literacy: Reading Oasis
    • Nutritional/Health: Community Garden/Kitchen
    • Cultural & Arts: Georgia District Kiwanis Art &Music Showcase, Funding Performances
  • Recognized connectivity of the various projects with an overall focus on literacy and saw an opportunity to build on our project with the Kiwanis Technology Center
  • Expanded potential literacy projects to include numerical/science and financial
  • Created a Strategic Projects Framework

Strategic Framework for Major Emphasis

Saw the opportunity to tie into the new Graduate Marietta program

Graduate Marietta

An initiative by MCS (Marietta City Schools) “To prepare each of our students, through academic achievement, for college, career, and life success.”

This program encompasses Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

“The Graduate Marietta campaign promotes a culture of excellence through strategic academic initiatives focused on high school graduation.”

Strongly supports our established decision criteria

Envision that future Presidents and Boards will select Major Emphasis projects within this framework


Strategic Projects Framework

Kiwanis Club of Marietta




“Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the worldone child and one community at a time.”Support this Strategic Projects Framework that…bolsters an existing community-wide initiative,will serve as the framework for future Major Emphasis projects,can be used for corporate and general fundraising efforts,stays within the criteria set forth by the Strategic Projects Committee,is within our Club’s defined service area,ANDcan improve the course of a child’s life.


Strategic Projects Framework

Kiwanis Club of Marietta