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Here are a few helpful hints : * Check our teacher websites for valuable information. PowerPoint Presentation
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Here are a few helpful hints : * Check our teacher websites for valuable information.

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Here are a few helpful hints : * Check our teacher websites for valuable information. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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grading. goal setting. This year your child will have a GOAL SETTING folder that will include data about subject grades, attendance, behavior, and homework. Students will graph their grades, etc and be able to track their progress each 9 weeks.

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goal setting

This year your child will have a GOAL SETTING folder

that will include data about subject grades,

attendance, behavior, and homework.

Students will graph their grades, etc and

be able to track their progress each 9 weeks.

They will set goals and have a plan to reach

that goal.


As the above illustration indicates, your child’s education involves a lot of teamwork. We will need to work together to help your child learn, achieve, and grow during their year in 4th grade.

Here are a few things you can do to help your child not only be successful, but engaged while fostering their love of learning.

*Check your child’s backpack daily. Please take the time to comment on their hard work, and help them with any items on which they struggled. Important papers go home often. Please be sure you check each day.

*Review and sign your child’s homework nightly. Be sure this homework time includes reading and math fact memorization drills.

*Be consistent. Be sure your child arrives in class after a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast. Maintain a consistent homework, dinnertime, bath time and early bedtime routine to help your child be best prepared for school each day. Remember to send a healthy snack daily

*Help your child to learn responsibility. They should learn to stick to the school day routines and take care of their items, including placing their homework in their backpack.

*Talk to your child about school. Encourage them to discuss and share what they’ve learned. It’s never too early to talk about college.

*Read Haude’s monthly newsletter so you will be aware of all that is happening on campus.

*Check that your child is wearing clothing and shoes that follow our school dress code and will remain comfortable and safe throughout the day.

Here are a few helpful hints:

*Check our teacher websites for valuable information.

*Write your child’s name on his/her backpack, jackets, sweaters, lunch boxes, etc. Even 4th graders misplace things. 

*Send a SMALL, HEALTHY snack daily for your child to eat. Please do NOT send anything that has to be eaten with a spoon. Cookies and sugary cereals are not a healthy snack.

*Pay ahead of time (online, or before school) for school lunch whenever possible.

*Please go over your child’s papers in their Tuesday Folders to check for understanding.

*Water bottles for the classroom must be “sport top” or “straw type” to prevent spilling. They may ONLY contain water. Students can always go to the water fountain so bottles aren’t necessary.

*Fridays are “Spirit Day.” Please encourage your child to wear their HAUDE t-shirt.

*Please help PTO by supporting our fundraisers. We need your help. Reminder: any pink papers that come home are from PTO.

Not everything your child does in class will be graded. Those items that are will be given a grade as indicated by our district’s policy. Check Gradespeed weekly for updates.

We want the kiddos to have fun. We joke and laugh a lot. However, it is important that all students have an opportunity to learn without distraction. We only have 4 basic rules in our classroom.

Always Do Your Best

Be Respectful

Listen Attentively

Clean Up After Yourself

The students are expected to follow these rules everyday. We would love for these rules to be used at home as well. These basic principals will help our kiddos everywhere they go.

Positive behaviors are rewarded. We will have a binder that student will sign when a rule is broken. This will be recorded in their Tuesday Folder. We will notify you by phone or email if need be.



It’s all about TEXAS History. Students will learn all about the history of Texas. They will be required to keep an interactive notebook, complete activity pages, and foldables. Most all tests will be open book.

Each week the spelling list will include a list of 15-20 words that contain the same phonic rule. Included in the weekly list are 5 sight words or high-frequency words. Most often, these words do NOT follow a phonics rule and must be memorized. Students are given a Spelling Homework Choice Sheet at the beginning of each 9 weeks. They are to complete 1 activity each week.

We will cover many reading standards this year. Balanced Literacy is at the core of it all. Not only must students utilize phonics and memorized high-frequency/sight words, they also need to demonstrate fluency (speed in reading), comprehension and explain the craft & structure of texts. Students will need to read at least 20 minutes nightly and complete their Reading Log each night. Please make sure that your child reads daily. They can read anywhere. Thanks so much for making sure this happens.

4th grade math standards include:

Probability and Statistics


Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division

Fraction Concepts

Fractions and Decimals

Patterns and Expressions

Whole Numbers, Fractions, & Decimals on a number line

Lines, Angles, Shapes and Solids

Transformations, Symmetry and Congruence

Estimating and Measuring Length, Perimeter and Area

Estimating and Measuring Volume, Capacity,

Weight and Mass

Converting Measurements

Time and Temperature

Frequency Tables, Stem and Leaf Plats and Dot Plots

Measuring Angles

Students will also a have a Multiplication Log to be signed nightly after they practice their facts.

Mrs. Kerr and Mrs. Matula


Our curriculum is structured to assist in mastery of all 4th grade state standards.In achieving and demonstrating mastery, students should be able to explain “why” – not simply select an answer. You can help with this by asking your child to explain their reasoning, speak in complete sentences and apply their new knowledge as often as possible.. Engaging your child in this type of thinking and expression will help cement new skills within their growing bank of knowledge.



Writing will be an integral part of your child's 4th grade experience.  The only way to become better writers is to write.  I will provide your child with many different opportunities to become a better writer by leading and guiding them through the writing process. Students are expected to write in their Writer’s Journal daily. Final compositions will be sent home at the end of the year, but are available for you to read upon request. A rubric will be sent home to show their writing progress.


social studies


4th grade science standards include:

*Matter and Energy

*Force and Motion

*Earth and Space

*Organisms and Environments

*Scientific Investigation and Reasoning

One time per week, students will go to the Science Lab to conduct experiments, make hypotheses and draw conclusions about the world around them.