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Anchorage Homes for Sale PowerPoint Presentation
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Anchorage Homes for Sale

Anchorage Homes for Sale

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Anchorage Homes for Sale

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  2. What Mistakes to Avoid in First Time Real Estate Purchase in Anchorage Alaska? It is the perfect time to purchase a new home or condo for your family. In previous year, the Anchorage real estate market was favorable and had given people great opportunities to buy homes for their living. The condition is likely to continue this year too and bring you the same experience in purchase of real estate in Anchorage, Alaska. If it is your first time investment, real estate purchase in Alaska can be difficult, stressful and full of complicated paperwork. If you make a wrong deal, you will end up purchasing an unworthy property from a shifty home owner or realtor. Apart from this, you may get stuck with this deal for an unexpectedly long time. So, you need to avoid all the mistakes that will cost you dearly as a first time real estate buyer in Anchorage, Alaska. Below are discussed a few mistakes that would make your first time real estate purchasing frustrating rather than a rewarding experience.

  3. Not considering rent-to-own or lease options – In case you don’t have enough saving or credit to purchase real estate in Anchorage Alaska, you can use other options such as leasing or renting. Purchasing a home is a great financial investment, and you can be saved from taking that risk if your financial situation is not that good. But you may not be able to understand this and borrow money to purchase especially when leasing or renting can be a better option for your situation, leading to a stupid financial mistake.  2. Not calculating "debt-to-income-ratio or housing-ratio" - Mortgage lenders in Anchorage, Alaska would like to know about your affordability for a real estate by calculating your total monthly expenses for debt payments including automotive loans, study loans, child maintenance and credit card payments. It is known as house-ratio or debt-to-income ratio. The higher is your front-end ratio, the better is the chance of lenders approving your mortgage loan. In case, you are overburdened with debt, and spending all of your monthly income for debt payment, consider improving your debt condition and minimizing your monthly payments before purchasing real estate in Anchorage, Alaska. 3. Not doing the home inspection before you purchase - A home inspection is the opportunity to ensure that the home is in good condition and won’t demand repairing or maintenance in the initial years. You should not avoid the home inspection otherwise you may have to regret your decision.

  4. Not transacting in-person - Purchasing real estate in Anchorage, Alaska online is time-saving and enjoyable, but not through websites that produce old property listings at a glance. There are sites like Zillow and Trulia that produce past records and selling price with your clicks. Never do the mistake of depending on their information fully. You can contact professional real estate agents for more authentic and accurate deals. 5. Not weighing different properties available in the same area and price – Getting emotionally involved in a certain property and looking to purchase it might just ruin your prospects. You need to control your emotions before starting with real estate purchase otherwise it might turn out to be bumpy ride rather than getting smoother. Be sure to contact Wolf Real Estate Professionals for real estate in Anchorage, Alaska deals as they are all up-to-date and accurate. You can write to us via or even call us at (907) 248-9653 to get the latest offers available for your first-time purchase!

  5. Address 3350 Midtown Place City/Town-Anchorage State- Alaska Country- US ZIP/Postal Code- 99503 Business Contact Website: