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The Federal Court System. Chapter 8.1. “Lady Justice”. What do the scales represent? Why is she blindfolded? Why is she holding a sword? How do these symbols illustrate the meaning of “equal justice under law?”. Types of laws.

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Lady justice
“Lady Justice”

  • What do the scales represent?

  • Why is she blindfolded?

  • Why is she holding a sword?

  • How do these symbols illustrate the meaning of “equal justice under law?”

Types of laws
Types of laws

  • Criminal Law: Cases where laws have been broken—Can be federal or state crimes. Determined by who passes law.

    • Congress passes federal laws

    • NC General Assembly passes state laws

  • Civil Law: Cases about disputes between two or more parties—Can involve individuals, businesses, government agencies, etc. Can be federal or state cases. Determined by who the plaintiff and defendant are.

Bad day scenario
“Bad Day” Scenario

  • Matt and Cary decide to skip school. They take Cary’s brother’s car without his permission and drive to Virginia to Greenbrier Mall. Ignoring the sign, “Handicapped Parking Only,” they park the car and go to Radio Shack. Matt buys a new cell phone. They then buy their lunch at McDonalds and walk to a local park to eat. Once there, they realize the cell phone does not work. In a hurry to leave, they leave their trash on a park bench. When they get back to the mall, they notice that someone has broken into the car and stolen the stereo system. They call the police from Cary’s phone to report the accident. When the police arrive they investigate and find a small, clear bag containing illegal drugs under the driver’s seat. Matt and Cary are arrested.

Bad day scenario discussion
“Bad Day” Scenario Discussion

  • List everything that Matt & Cary did wrong.

  • What crimes did they commit?

  • What actions might become a civil dispute?

  • In what level of courts would these cases be heard? Federal or State? Explain!

Exit ticket 8
Exit Ticket 8

  • Write a scenario that involves either a federal criminal case, a constitutional case, or a civil case. Use the scenarios that we viewed in class as examples, but make the story unique.

  • At the end of your story, tell what kind of case you created.

  • Use complete sentences and correct grammar.

  • Turn in as your exit ticket.