strengthening the fortress n.
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Strengthening the Fortress

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Strengthening the Fortress. Louis G. Hulsey October 24, 2012 Casa Grande, Arizona. A Community of Believers. Living Waters Church is a community of believers. Our church is a community like a tiny city. LWC is like a tiny nation. We are in a real war.

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strengthening the fortress

Strengthening the Fortress

Louis G. Hulsey

October 24, 2012

Casa Grande, Arizona

a community of believers
A Community of Believers
  • Living Waters Church is a community of believers.
  • Our church is a community like a tiny city.
  • LWC is like a tiny nation.
  • We are in a real war.
  • Satan is trying to destroy us from without and from within.
a tiny nation
A Tiny Nation
  • We can be in peace and harmony or we can have internal strife.
  • What is the state of our tiny nation?
what are our strengths
What are our strengths?
  • We have good worship.
  • We have good knowledge of Scripture.
  • We have good music.
  • We have many skills and some resources.
  • We have a vision.
what are our weaknesses
What are our weaknesses?
  • We have no money.
  • Many of our families are poor money managers.
  • We do not have Kingdom order in our homes?
  • Our children are receiving inferior education and training and will not be prepared to face the future.
  • Our children are victims of the “dumbing down” of America.
  • We have only some Kingdom order in our church.
our econom y
Our Economy
  • How about the economy of our tiny nation?
  • Our economy is in a terrible condition.
  • We are not prepared for war.
  • How can we win a war if we are dependent on our enemy for support?
what we must do
What We Must Do
  • Things we must do to survive and overcome.
  • Seek the Lord for a continued outpouring of His Holy Spirit
  • Cleanse our houses and families.
  • Set our homes and families in Kingdom order.
  • Have family devotions every day.
  • Protect our children from evil and train them with all the skills we have.
  • Teach our children to be extremely polite to each other.
what we must do1
What We Must Do
  • Seek unity in the church.
  • Teach every person to become financially self-sufficient.
  • (Just because you were poor when you came to this church is no reason to stay that way.)
  • We must turn our skills and assets into money.
  • We must find needs in the world that we have resources to meet those needs.
what we must do2
What We Must Do
  • We must turn our time into money
  • We must develop more streams of income.
  • We must live within our means.
  • We must not borrow money.
  • We must seek to become debt free.
  • We must seek to become drug free.
what we must do3
What We Must Do
  • Proverbs 24:27, “Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field; and afterwards build thine house.”
be faithful
Be Faithful
  • Luke 16:10-12 LITV
  • 10, “He faithful in the least is also faithful in much. And he unrighteous in the least is also unrighteous in much.”
  • 11, “Then if you were not faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will entrust the true to you?”
  • 12, “And if you were not faithful in that of another, who will give to you that which is yours?”