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Wins Soft Dairy ERP PowerPoint Presentation
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Wins Soft Dairy ERP

Wins Soft Dairy ERP

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Wins Soft Dairy ERP

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  1. Wins Soft Dairy ERP Fully Automated Machine Integrated ERP System

  2. Welcome to Wins Soft • Wins Soft ERP System provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control, superior customer care, strict cost control and improved profitability. • Wins Soft ERP System is powerful, flexible and easy to use is designed and developed to deliver real Industries. More importantly it is backed by reliable and dependable Wins Soft support.

  3. WS Dairy ERP • This WS Dairy ERP is designed for Milk Processing Centers, Chilling Centres and Collection Centre to cover a wide range of Dairy administration and management processes. It is an integrated end-to-end Dairy Management System that provides relevant information across the Dairy to support effective decision making for Customer care, Dairy administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.

  4. WS Dairy ERP Modules • Procurement Registration Module • Sales Registration Module • Collection Centre Milk Procurement • Chilling Centre Milk Procurement • Processing Centre Milk Procurement • Rate Chart Module • Sales Module • Retail Sales Module • Tanker Sales Module • Dairy Stores Inventory Module • Dairy Stores Module • Stock Adjustment • HR Payroll Module • Payment Module • Receipts Module • Banking Module • Financial Accounting Module • User Admin Module • Register/Report Module • MIS Module • SMS Module

  5. Procurement Registration Module • The Procurement Registration Module of WS DAIRY ERP Provides the details of procurement Parties. This Module helps to keep the details of Collection centre, Chilling Centre, Processing centre, Agent and Formers. It also helps to keep track the Transport and Procurement Route Details. • Company Registration • Processing Centre Registration • Chilling Centre Registration • Collection Centre Registration • Other Dairy Registration • Agent / Former Registration • Procurement Route Registration • Bank • Vehicle

  6. Sales Registration Module • The Sales Registration Module of WS DAIRY ERP provides the details of Sales parties. This Module helps to keep the details of Buyer, Branch Buyer and Sales Rep. It helps to keep the details of each and every product with the current updation of Stock. It also used to fix the Rate as per the Base/Sale unit. It helps to maintain the details of Both Milk and Milk Products such as Skimmed Milk, Toned Milk, Double Toned milk, Curd and Ghee. Also it maintains the details of the buyer who receives goods from multiple routes. • Product Group • Products • Buyer Registration • Branch Buyer Registration • Sales Rep Registration • Sales Route Registration • Buyer Route Grouping

  7. Collection Centre MILK PROCUREMENT • The Collection Centre Milk Procurement Module of WS DAIRY ERP Provides the overall collection centre processes. This module comprises with Milk Receipt, Lab Entry and COC Milk Status. It helps to maintain the receipts when COC collects the milk from farmers which include Milk type, Temp, No. of Liters provided by farmers. It automatically helps to change the milk type as CM/BM, depends on the SNF and Fat value in the Lab Entry. It shows the details of receipt as well as lab entry and more additional details like SNF Boost, LR Boost in the form of Collection Centre Milk Status. It provides the receipt for Cream Milk which is given by the farmer. • COC Milk Receipt • COC Lab Entry • COC Cream Receipt • Milk Type Changed Details

  8. Chilling Centre MILK PROCUREMENT • The Chilling Centre Milk Procurement Module of WS DAIRY ERP makes simplify the Milk Receipts from the collection centers to Chilling centers by integrated weighing Machine in to the ERP. Milk Analyzing Equipment has been integrated with the ERP system so that the results of the Milk Quality will be send to the agents/farmers through SMS at the moment of test is completed. Also ERP system is designed that at a time one computer controls the 4 nos. of Milk Analyzer so that the data entry operation will be reduced. There is provision to receive the Milk by Manual method and also Milk can be analyzed by Manual method. It provides Chilling Centre Cream receipt and also it keep the Chilling centre Transport tracking details. • M/c Integrated Automized CHC Milk Receipt • M/c Integrated Automized CHC Lab Entry • Manual CHC Milk Receipt (Optional) • Manual CHC lab Entry (Optional) • CHC Cream Receipt • CHC Transport Details

  9. Processing Centre MILK PROCUREMENT • The Processing Centre Milk Procurement Module of WS DAIRY ERP provides the process of processing centre. It helps to maintain the receipts when processing centre collects the milk from Chilling Centre or Other Dairy which includes No. of. Liters, Empty tanker Weight, With Milk weight, Transport Name, Transport Number and the Transport cost. It helps to maintain the lab entry details for each receipt which includes LR, Fat, SNF and Rate. Depends on these values TS Rate will be changed automatically. It also provides the receipt for Cream Milk which is supplied by Chilling Centre. • PRC Milk Receipt • PRC lab Entry • PRC Cream Receipt

  10. Rate Chart Module • The Rate Chart Module of WS DAIRY ERP can generate the Rate Chart in simplest way for the Milk/Cream procurement rate chart with the additional module of Incentive rate chart referring to the Quality/Quantity. Rate chart can be fixed to the particular Route wise or Customer wise. Rate chart can be updated to the revised rate chart even after the rate chart allotted by the admin authority. This module also provides Sales rate Chart with the Discount Master in which special discount can be made and also the rate can be adjusted by the admin. Similarly the Branch Rate Chart can be generated with the Branch Discount so that every branch may have different rates and discounts. • Milk/Cream Procurement Rate Chart • Incentive Rate Chart • Rate Chart Fixation • Rate Modification • Sales Rate Chart • Discount Master • Branch Rate Chart • Branch Discount Master

  11. Sales Module • The Sales Module of WS DAIRY ERP provides to create the Sales Order Templates as needed so that the time will be saved and the sales delivery and invoice can be generated immediately, it helps to save the time. There are two styles of Sales order Indent form, so that user can choose their choice to generate the indent fast. It provides the automated loading sheet referring to the Sale order indent immediately. If the invoices are authorized, WS DAIRY ERP system generates the Invoice, also in addition Supplementary invoice can be generated. Transfer can be made by automatic and manual between the branches. This also provides Crate/ Can automatic stock maintenance. The Sales Module of WS DAIRY ERP provides the process of Sales such as Sales order, Sales Invoice and product Transfer for branch. It helps to put sales order in two ways one is Product wise and another one is Buyer wise. It helps to maintain order entry (Indent) for multiple Buyers with multiple products whose comes under same route. So that time will be reduced. It helps to generate Automated Loading Sheet and Gate pass Number in the order of routes. There is a option to Authorize/Un Authorize the Indents. So that, only authorized Indent will be goes to invoice. This leads to avoid the fake/wrong indent. Once you give the indent as authorized, invoice will be generated automatically which includes the details of Route, Buyer, indent Number, Product, unit, Quantity, Rate, Amount, Discount, Tax and Special Discount. Supplementary Invoice option helps to put invoice without creating indent. It also used to maintain the details of product transfer from company to Branch. • Sales Order Template • Sales order Indent (2 Types) • Automated Loading Sheet Preparation • Invoice Authentication • Invoice/ Supplementary Invoice • Auto Transfer/Manual Transfer

  12. Retail Sales Module • The Retail Sales Module of WS DAIRY ERP generates the Retail, Branch Invoices with the closing of Cash with the denomination. Branch Stock can be adjusted by the admin and Branch goods return to the Dairy. • Retail Invoice • Retail Invoice Closing • Branch Retail Invoice • Branch Retail Invoice Closing • Brach Stock Adjustment • Branch Goods Return

  13. Tanker Sales Module • The Tanker Sales Module of WS DAIRY ERP maintains and keeps the records of other Dairy tanker Sales. • Other Dairy Tanker Sales

  14. Dairy Stores Inventory Module • The Dairy Stores Inventory Module of WS DAIRY ERP allows generating and maintaining the stores material with all type of UOM. Material requirements can be generated as a purchase indent and it can be allotted and approved by the admin with the quantity and price alteration, based on the allotment, quotation will be received and the ERP system generate the quotation comparison so that user can identify the best one in aspect of Pricing and Delivery schedule. This module allows to the Direct/Credit purchase, Good purchase order and amendment/cancellation can be done. Goods receipt and return is made simplified. • Stores Material Registration • Purchase Indent • Indent Allotment and Approval • Quotation Enquiry / Comparison • Direct/Credit Purchase • Purchase Order / Amendment/Cancellation • Purchase Receipt/Return • Bill Receipt

  15. Dairy Stores Module • The Dairy Stores Module of WS DAIRY ERP provides the material issue and receives of the departments. • Stores Issue to the Department • Stores Receipt from the Department

  16. Stock Adjustment • The Dairy Stock Adjustment of WS DAIRY ERP provides the additional option to adjust the branch stock details in an easy way. It helps to maintain the stock details of multiple products at the same time. • Stores Stock Adjustment

  17. HR Payroll Module • The HR Payroll Module of WS DAIRY ERP provides the overall procedure of HR module. This Module helps to keep the details of Employees like Personal, contact, educational and service status. It also helps to maintain the attendance details of all the employees in an Organization. At the same time, there is a option to generate automatic wages preparation. • Employee Registration • Advance Payment • Attendance • Weekly/Monthly/Fortnight Wages Preparation

  18. Payment Module • The Payment Module of WS DAIRY ERP provides the payment option for all categories like Advance, Loan, Indirect loan, Debit note and other Dairy payments. It also helps to pay in any mode such as Cheque, DD, and RTGS. It gives you the provision to process the bills in Party wise, Department wise and route wise as well as multiple dates wise. It facilitates the approval option for each payment. So that the payment will be more secure and accurate. • Advance/Loan/Indirect Loan Payment • Advance/Loan Receipt • Procurement Bill Processing • Procurement Bill Approval • Other Dairy Payment • Voucher Approval • Payment Approval • Debit Note • Integrated RTGS Payment

  19. Receipts Module • The Receipts Module of WS DAIRY ERP provides the Receipts for all invoices like company, Branch and supplementary invoices. It also helps to receive the cash in any mode such as Cheque, DD, and RTGS. It gives provision to create credit note as manual and also auto generation. It provides the option to adjust the credit and Advance amount with invoices. • Cash Receipt • Cheque/DD Receipt • Manual Adjustment • Credit Note /Goods return • Branch Cash Receipt • Branch Cheque/DD Receipt • Branch Manual Adjustment • Branch Credit Note

  20. Banking Module • Banking Module of WS DAIRY ERP provides the complete bank transactions with the pass book view. • Cheque Book Entry • Bank DD / Cheque Deposit • Bank DD / Cheque Passed • Bank Cash Deposit • Cheque / DD Issued • Cheque / DD Passed • Cash With Drawls • Bank Charges • Pass Book View

  21. Financial Accounting Module The Accounting Module of WS DAIRY ERP provides the Accounts details for all payments and receipts. It helps to generate automatic Sales & Monthly Ledger, Trial balance, Day book and P&L details for each of the Manual record entries. It provides an additional option to export the details to an Excel Sheet.

  22. User Admin Module The User Admin Module of WS DAIRY ERP provides the rights to Administrator for create and maintain the login details like User Creation, User Rights and Change password. This leads to track the unauthorized person entries.

  23. Register/Report Module Register or Report Module of WS DAIRY ERP software provides many types of status Reports to the Management and departments of Procurement, Chilling Centre, Collection Centre, Processing Centre etc.,

  24. . • Some of the Highlight Reports in WS Dairy ERP are listed here. • Material Balance Report: • It helps to identify the Milk differences in terms of Quality and Quantity from Chilling and Collection centre. • Payment Abstract: • Obtaining the TS Rate for particular period which includes Quantity, Amount, FAT, SNF, Loan, Advance, etc… • Loading Sheet: • It generates with different Unit types and with or without Supplementary invoices. • Buyer Outstanding: • It provides Invoice wise details; Sales return details, Receipt details and credit note adjustment details. • Buyer Aging View: • It helps to show the not paid invoices in the age wise. • Buyer Date view: • It Shows date wise details of invoices and receipts. • Buyer Month view: • It provides unit wise report for a particular month.

  25. MIS, P&L Module MIS-Management Information System help in automatic report generation for each module helps to have total control on all process with accurate information about each process. Customized Versatile Reports from Order Acceptance to Dispatch.

  26. SMS Module SMS Module of WS DAIRY ERP software provides the information to the vendors (farmers and agents) through the SMS regarding their Milk Quantity, Quality like SNF, FAT and LR, Rate and amount of their supplied Milk.

  27. THANK YOU Wins Soft Regd. Office: Plot # 69,Lakshmi Garden,Thindal , Erode,Tamilnadu.India. Pin 638 012 E mail: Phone: +91 424 2431337 Mobile: +91 99940 22344 Development Center: 36 A/2, JJ Nagar, Near Ashtalakshmi Temple, Karattur,Gobichettipalayam – 638 476 Erode (Dt) Tamilnadu.India. Phone: +91 4285 229229 Mobile: +91 99940 22366 Customer care centers : #2,Sengunthapuram Main Road, KMS Complex, 1st Floor, Karur- 2,Tamilnadu , India. Mobile: +91 99440 22399, +91 96008 87467.