the transnational ngo initiative n.
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The Transnational NGO Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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The Transnational NGO Initiative

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The Transnational NGO Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Transnational NGO Initiative. Presentation at the ISA Conference February 20 th , 2010 :: New Orleans. Crossing boundaries and mixing methods. The Research Problem. Literature primarily focuses on large and successful organizations/campaigns

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The Transnational NGO Initiative

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the transnational ngo initiative

The Transnational NGO Initiative

Presentation at the ISA Conference February 20th, 2010 :: New Orleans

Crossing boundaries and mixing methods

the research problem
The Research Problem
  • Literature primarily focuses on large and successful organizations/campaigns
  • Gap between in-depth case studies and (few) large-n datasets
  • Basic questions about TNGOs are unanswered
    • What are their goals and obstacles?
    • What does it mean for them to be effective?
    • To whom are they accountable?
tngo study design
TNGO Study Design
  • Selection
    • Charity Navigator database of international nonprofits (2005) with 501(c)(3) status in the US
    • Proportionate stratified random sampling based on size, sector and fiscal health
  • Data collection
    • Confidential interviews with 152 TNGO leaders across the US (average of 84 minutes)
    • About 209 hours of interviews recorded and transcribed
interview protocol
Interview Protocol
  • Interview protocol developed by interdisciplinary research team and with input by TNGO leaders:
    • Changes in organizational goals and governance structures
    • Effectiveness
    • Accountability
    • Funding as related to effectiveness and accountability
    • Communication, collaboration, networks and partnerships
    • Leadership characteristics and preparation
  • 68% response rate, 81% Presidents & CEOs
data transformation
Data transformation
  • Qualitative coding
    • Created a hierarchically organized codebook and implemented it in ATLAS.ti
    • Designed to facilitate qualitative information retrieval and quantification
    • Overall intercoder agreement: 0.80
data sets created
Data sets created
  • Qualitative dataset
    • Coded transcripts organized in ATLAS.ti for efficient retrieval of quotations
    • Frequency count report from ATLAS.ti exported to Stata
  • Quantitative dataset
    • Data transformed and labeled
    • Primary and secondary data merged
    • Dataset is 152 cases by about 400 variables
advantages of method
Advantages of Method
  • The best of both worlds
    • Among the primary data, each datum is connected to the specific qualitative quotation from which it is derived
    • Statistics are easily contextualized and interpreted
    • We retain the qualitative nuance obtained from open-ended questioning
learn more
Learn More
  • Take home a pamphlet
  • Check our website for updates:
  • Review the white paper, protocol, codebook and working papers
  • The quantitative dataset will be available soon to the public
  • Email inquires to: