The election day flood
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The Election Day Flood. The Flood of November 1985 Cartoon from T he Alleghanian (November 9 th , 1985). Introduction:.

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The election day flood

The Election Day Flood

The Flood of November 1985

Cartoon from The Alleghanian (November 9th, 1985)


This is a grouping of primary sources about the Election Day flood which occurred November 4th & 5th 1985. The included resources concentrate on damage done to Covington Va. and the surrounding areas. They are presented as a group of assignments to be used by high school students to learn about an event in Alleghany Highlands history.


  • Open the attached worksheet from the National Archives. Choose one of the interviews and listen and complete the worksheet.

  • National Archives Sound Recording Worksheet

  • Interview of John Hutchison

  • Interview of Chris Bowles

The election day flood

Attached is a chart from the Dartmouth Flood Observatory showing “Large Flood Events ~ 1985-2003” the chart and answer the questions on the next slide.

Questions for flood chart
Questions for Flood Chart:

  • Why do you think the years 2002 & 2003 show a much greater number of floods then the pervious years?

  • Does the number of major flood events between 1985 and 1987 look accurate? What makes you feel this way?

  • What kind of technology advances do you think we have made that allows for much higher data reliability?

The great flood of 1985
The Great Flood of 1985


  • The above link is to a multimedia presentation entitled The Great Flood of 1985 by The Roanoke Times. Spend some time exploring the links included in the presentation.

  • Do you recognize any of the places in the pictures?

  • Pick one of the pictures from the presentation and write a paragraph about what you think the people in the picture are feeling.

News clips of flood footage
News Clips of Flood Footage:

  • Below you will find news coverage of the flood, complete an analysis worksheet for each of the clips and use them to complete the Venn diagram of the following page.

  • Tom Brokaw's Newscast

  • Newscast from West Virginia State Archives

  • News Story Analysis Worksheet

Pictures of ahs after the flood
Pictures of AHS after the Flood:

  • As a group pick 1 of the following pictures that were taken from The Alleghanian(Nov. 5-9th 1985) and complete a National Archives Photo Analysis Worksheet.

The election day flood

  • Stay in your groups and using all the information you have gained from examining the primary sources in this presentation compile a list of at least 12 question you would ask during an interview of someone who was affected by the Election Day Flood of 1985.

  • Turn in these questions along with all the rest of the work you completed.