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New RF Gun Login PowerPoint Presentation
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New RF Gun Login

New RF Gun Login

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New RF Gun Login

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  1. New RF Gun Login By MIS Department

  2. What is the “New” RF Gun Login? • The RLM System has the ability to have multiple companies, each of which has its own warehouses • In addition, our 2nd and 3rd quality units are kept in separate warehouses on the system, even though they are in the same physical building • As a result, there are at least six warehouses for each company • To keep the RF functions separate for each warehouse by company, multiple user IDs were created and used until the beginning of 2007 • It eventually became necessary to streamline the login process and allow each RF user to have only ONE user ID, from which the correct company and warehouse could be selected

  3. The RF Handheld

  4. Using This Manual Keypresses will be defined here Results will be shown here and/or on next slide

  5. Select Environment (File Library) Type the number of the Environment (1 is default) Note: The “Environment” is the set of files that has the information for the different companies (Jordache vs DS/USAO). Each set of files is separate and distinct, and there are Warehouse locations in each Press Enter Note: Once you select the Environment this screen will not appear again until you sign off and back on. To change from Jordache to DS/USAO or vice versa you MUST sign off and sign on again

  6. Select the Company and Location Type S next to the Company / Location you want Press Enter Note: There will be a listing for each Warehouse Location within each company for which you have an RF function. Only three company/location options appear at a time. Use the Page Down (blue-Y) key to view more of the list

  7. Main Menu for Company/Plant From this point, the RF function are the same as they have been all along Enter the Number of the function and press Field Exit Enter the Number of the function and press Field Exit

  8. What Happens Next? • Continue working with the RF gun as usual • Please note that if you need to switch between the Jordache and DS/USAO environments, you must sign off the gun and re-login.