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Tweens On Twitter

Tweens On Twitter

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Tweens On Twitter

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  1. Tweens & Twitter Or Why Are Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers Common Trending Terms?

  2. A recent Nielsen Study “proved” that teens andtweens were not on Twitter The many possibilities as to why they were not on Twitter was heatedly debated on Mashable and other sites

  3. But Disney Channel stars are all over Twitter The Disney Channel caters to tweens (kids 6-12) and is the top rated channel in that demographic (Source: Nielsen Media Research, April 09)

  4. (Older teens are too cool for Disney Channel) Once US teens hit their teen years, they consider Disney Channel somewhat juvenile (Source:

  5. And Disney Channel stars often appear in Twitter’s Trending Terms Disney Channel stars like the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus often show up in the top trending terms on Twitter

  6. Some have over 1,000,000 followers Popular Disney Channel stars have over one million followers: a curious number for a channel whose audience likely needs parental permission to use the computer

  7. Even minor stars, like MitchelMusso have hundreds of thousands of followers Musso plays Oliver, one of Cyrus’ sidekicks on Hannah Montana Gomez stars on breaking Disney Channel show The Wizards of Waverly Place

  8. A Tale of Two Demis Even DemiLovato, an up and coming Disney Channel star (Camp Rock, Sonny With A Chance) is only a million followers short of Twitter powerhouse, Demi Moore

  9. So who is following them?

  10. Many are actual tweens Many tween girls (and they are almost all girls) on Twitter use the service to follow celebrities and rarely, if ever tweet. It appears that Twitter serves as a broadcast medium for them.

  11. Some more tweenTwitterers As noted, they rarely tweet and may not actually be using the service

  12. They follow the usual list of tween-oriented pop stars, Many of these stars appear on Disney Channel shows

  13. A New Development: Polls & Quizzes

  14. A lot of the traffic for Miley Cyrus seems to be coming from three popular Twitter-based quiz sites PollPigeon, LOLQuizand Fun 140 are popular quiz and poll sites that require users to enter their Twitter names so the sites can tweet their answers, thus building awareness for the site.

  15. Alexa rankings indicate three sites are very popular LOLQuiz is the most popular of the three (as well as the oldest)

  16. PollPigeon & Fun140 are US-centric, LolQuiz has a larger Brazilian fan base But LOLQuiz does have a sizable US user base that appears to be growing

  17. Traffic for all three sites picked up almost immediately upon launch LOLQuiz was first out of the gate in June 2009 (source: Alexa rankings)

  18. Reach is up for all three sites (source: Alexa rankings)

  19. PollPigeon recently saw a huge spike in daily pageviews Though that number seems to be leveling off (source: Alexa rankings)

  20. What do these sites offer?

  21. PollPigeon features quizzes about tween pop stars The quizzes are user-created so it’s likely that tweens are also creating them

  22. A look at PollPigeon’s top quizzes shows they are clearly aimed at a tween audience Shows like the Teen Choice Award skew towards tweens and younger teens.

  23. Fun140’s polls are slightly more diverse, but also skew towards teen girls The home screen shows the Twitter names of people who have just finished taking a quiz and as the site is quite popular, the list is in constant movement

  24. LOLQuiz quizzes also center around tween stars LOLQuiz was the first quiz and poll site out of the gate and has a broader range of topics

  25. Most of the search results for “Miley Cyrus” and “DemiLovato” are coming from polls and quizzes The results are coming fast and furious as you can see from the number of new results in the few second it took for me to take a screen shot via Skitch

  26. So Who’s Taking These Quizzes?

  27. Tweens, mostly This user is typical: she joined Twitter over the summer, issued a few tweets, and then found the poll & quiz sites. The last 153 of her 161 tweets are from the poll & quiz sites. Many users display this pattern.

  28. This user has 61 of her 63 tweets coming from poll/quiz sites All of the quizzes and polls she participates in are on topics and celebrities of interest to tweens.

  29. A quick glance at some of the non-poll/quiz tweets reveals standard teen/tween concerns School’s impending arrival, summer boredom, and parents are all topic that crop up frequently

  30. A few users do fall into the older teen demographic This user, an 18 year old girl who is obsessed with Miley Cyrus is fairly typical of a certain segment of many a teen star’s fan base.

  31. Non-US fans, Brazilians in particular, make up another part of the fan base Due to cultural differences, stars that attract a younger, tween audience in the US may still be palatable to overseas teenagers

  32. Conclusions

  33. Tweens are definitely using Twitter Their single-mindedness makes them a formidable bloc

  34. Tween stars attract hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of followers who are on Twitter to interact with a small group of celebrities

  35. This single-mindedness makes it easy for tweens to affect the Trending Topics list • Especially with three popular poll and quiz sites to spur things on

  36. Fast Company’s profile of LOLQuiz founder Zohrob touches on this

  37. Zohrob acknowledges that it is tweens doing the tweeting

  38. But tweens are fickle

  39. While Oprah and Ashton Kutscher may have brought the tweens to Twitter, the quizzes and polls are what have kept them there.

  40. There are only so many quizzes anyone can take before boredom sets in.

  41. Tweens have a lot of downtime during the summer that disappears come September when school starts up

  42. On the other hand, it’s now a habit

  43. Tweens know that their single-mindedness makes them a powerful block

  44. They see Twitter as a place to discuss pop culture events from their world, like the Teen Choice Awards

  45. A shared affinity for a particular pop star is a topic people feel comfortable discussing with total strangers

  46. Marketers have noticed too Zach Efron is using Tweens on Twitter to promote his new movie “17 Again”

  47. Predictions

  48. The popularity of the poll and quiz sites will wane as the school year starts, and their ability to affect Trending Topics will lessen

  49. Tweens will return to Twitter to discuss tween-oriented events, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon events in particular • The chatter around these events will come and go quickly, with only die-hard fans sticking around more than a day or two

  50. Overseas fans will continue to discover the poll and quiz sites and keep them going • They will add their own home-grown teen pop stars to the mix