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TK20 Introduction

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TK20 Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TK20 Introduction . http://ww u What are we doing today?. Brief Overview of TK20 Navigating TK20 (Hands On Practice) Student Tasks Instructor Tasks Logging into the Real System Questions and Answers. What is the TK20 system?.

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tk20 introduction

TK20 Introduction

what are we doing today
What are we doing today?
  • Brief Overview of TK20
  • Navigating TK20 (Hands On Practice)
    • Student Tasks
    • Instructor Tasks
  • Logging into the Real System
  • Questions and Answers
what is the tk20 system
What is the TK20 system?
  • TK20 is a comprehensive tool to help manage curriculum, coursework, and instruction.
  • TK20 provides an environment for students to submit and store assignments (artifacts) as well as to build portfolios that are tied to standards.
  • TK20 allows instructors to manage instruction, assignments, and assessments in a common environment. (TK20=Assessment System)
who must use the tk20 system
Who Must Use the TK20 system?
  • Ultimately everyone!
  • Students with orientations after Jan. 2008 will use the system after their 3rd course.
  • EDU580, EDU522, and EDU 601 instructors will train students how to use the system.
  • After July 1, 2008 all courses will be available on TK20.
what are the main uses for tk20
What are the Main Uses for TK20?
  • Electronic Portfolio – to store, link, organize, and submit your entire portfolio online.
  • Field Experience – to document, log hours, and submit your Field Experience online.
  • Assignments – to create, submit, and review your assignments and instructor’s feedback.
  • Syllabus – to download course syllabus.
  • Course Management – for online courses.
  • News – to receive GAS news from WWU.
artifact vs assignment
Artifact vs. Assignment
  • Artifact – Documents that have been created for assignments, field experience activities, or projects throughout a student’s program of study at WWU.
  • Assignment – Direction or instruction, assessment rubric, the artifact(s) for such assignment, and instructor’s feedback, all together as a package.
artifact vs assignment cont
Artifact vs. Assignment (cont.)
  • Artifacts consist of a cover page or template and may have a document or other item attached.
  • Artifacts are attached to assignments (and ultimately to the student portfolio) and submitted to the instructor for review and assessment.
  • Assessment is done via the online rubric(s) for the assignment.
training server for tk20

Training Server for TK20

tk20 login page
TK20 Login Page

Try this first!

Great Tutorials!!

Helpdesk support!

log in for a tour of the student view

Log in for a Tour of the Student View!

Use the student login you were given

We will complete an assignment that you can later score from the faculty view.

the faculty view in tk20

The Faculty View In TK20!

Use the faculty login you were given

We will look at some faculty tools and then assess the assignment you created as a student.

handouts and syllabus
Handouts and Syllabus

You must have at least one folder in the Document Filing Cabinet in order to add a file, handout, or artifact. If there are no folders, click on the + beside “Document Filing Cabinet” to add a folder.

Syllabus will be here. Other handouts may be available or uploaded by the instructor.

adding handouts or files
Adding Handouts or Files

After clicking on the folder or the + beside the folder you will see this screen where you can select the type of item to add.

adding handouts or files1
Adding Handouts or Files

You can then browse for the item you want, provide it with a title, and Upload the item. It them is stored in the Document Filing Cabinet

what does tk20 look like from faculty s view

What does TK20 Look Like? --from Faculty’s View

Following are some screen shots of its various functions:

tk20 home page
TK20 Home Page

Any assignment that is ready for you to assess – click here for one of the methods.

List of your current, past, and future courses.

Check the current user cohorts from here

list of courses
List of Courses

This flag shows that you have pending assignment waiting for you to assess.

course website
Course Website

List of assignments for this course.

Syllabus and handouts

Discussion Forums

Click and access course rosters (list of student TK20 usernames and initial password ‘PID’s, email addresses and phone numbers).

list of assignments
List of Assignments

Click to access student’s assignment and to evaluate student’s work.

list of students and their assignments
List of Students and their Assignments

Click and start assess their work.

assignment evaluation view
Assignment Evaluation View

Click to access student’s artifact.

Use Rubric to evaluate student’s work. At the end of the Rubric, please click “Save” button. Go next page and enter the grade and score. Then click “Submit”.

033 my course roster
033 My Course Roster

You will also be able to see student’s email address and contact phone number.

Student TK20 Username

Student TK20 initial password!!

how can i get to the tk20

How can I get to the TK20?

what s my tk20 id and pw

What’s my TK20 ID and PW?

Your User’s name is the first letter of your first name + your last Name + 0001.

For example: John Smith’s User’s name= jsmith0001

Call 573-592-4224 if it doesn’t work after trying it for 3 times.

Your initial password = your Owlnet (WWU) ID

Call 573-592-4224 if you don’t know your wwu ID.

what other resources are available

What other resources are available?

For students:

Student Tutorial on Assignments

Student Tutorial on Field Experience

For instructors:

Faculty Tutorial on Assignments

Faculty Tutorial on Field Experience

any support for tk20 yes

Any Support for TK20? Yes!

TK20 Tutorial Website – Great information:

WWU Helpdesk:


Phone number: 573-592-1177

Additional contact:

GAS and Education program:

On campus non-Education program: