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A Measure of Performance for Your Committee

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A Measure of Performance for Your Committee. Presented By: Wilson Bateman March 26 th , 2004. Agenda. (1) Introduction (2) The Law (3) Measure of Performance (4) Summary / Annual Report. Introduction.

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a measure of performance for your committee

A Measure of Performancefor Your Committee

Presented By: Wilson Bateman

March 26th, 2004

World Class Safety Services


(1) Introduction (2) The Law (3) Measure of Performance (4) Summary / Annual Report

World Class Safety Services


“The hearings have indicated that a number of these joint committees have become effective instruments for constructive and cooperative consultation on conditions of work related to health and safety. On the other hand, among these committees are also some that meet sporadically with no clear sense of their role and others that meet more often in an atmosphere of frustration, in which the labour members are convinced that undesirable conditions are not being corrected and management members believe that the substance of many complaints is not central to health and safety.”

World Class Safety Services

  • First committee early 1970
  • Part of the IRS
  • Minimum regulatory compliance

Is Your Committee Working?


World Class Safety Services


“The commission considers the essential role of the joint committee to be that of providing a consultative forum for constructive and critical review of the status of the health and safety of workers as reflected in the performance of the responsibility system both internal and external to the local operation. It is a forum of consultation between those with the ability to contribute and those accountable for deciding what is to be done.”

– Ham Commission Report,1976

World Class Safety Services

what does the law say
What Does the Law Say?

29 (1) At every workplace where twenty or more persons are regularly employed, the employer shall establish and maintain one joint occupational health and safety committee, or at the discretion of the employer, more than one such committee and, …

World Class Safety Services

what does the law say1
What Does the Law Say?
  • 30 (1) A committee shall consist of such number of persons as may be agreed to by the employer and the employees or the union or unions.
  • 30 (2) At least half of the members of a committee shall be employees at the workplace who are notconnected with the management of the workplace…
  • 30 (3) The employees on the committee are to be determined bythe employees they represent, or designated by the union that represents the employees.

World Class Safety Services

what does the law say2
What Does the Law Say?

30 (4) A committee shall meet at least once each month unless

  • a different frequency is prescribed by regulation; or
  • the committee alters the required frequency of meetings in its rules of procedure

World Class Safety Services

what does the law say3
What Does the Law Say?
  • 30 (6) Time from work
  • 30 (7) Rules of Procedure and adhere to applicable legislation
  • 30 (8) Chair and Co-Chair

World Class Safety Services

functions of committees
Functions of Committees

31 (1) it is the function of the committee to involve employers and employees together in occupational health and safety in the workplace and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, includes:

(a) the co-operative identification of hazards and effective systems to respond to the hazards;

(b) co-operative auditing of compliance…

(c) receipt, investigation and prompt disposition of matters and complaints…

(d) participation in inspections, inquiries and investigations…

(e) advising on protective devices, equipment and clothing…

(f) advising the employer regarding a policy or program…

(g) maintaining records and minutes…

World Class Safety Services

measure of performance
Measure of Performance
  • Minimum Regulatory Compliance
  • Committee Training
  • Meetings
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Rules and Procedures
  • Concerns / Refusals / Investigations
  • Hazard Identification


World Class Safety Services

1 st measure of performance
1st Measure of Performance

Have you met the minimum requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act / Regulations (Audit)

  • 29 (1) One committee
  • 30 (1) Input into number of members
  • 30 (2) Half non-management
  • 30 (3) Employee members determined by the employees
  • 30 (4) Meet once per month
  • 30 (6) Required time from work
  • 30 (7) Rules of Procedure
  • 30 (8) Chair and co-chair
  • 31 (1) Functions defined

World Class Safety Services


27 (1) Policy review in consultation

28 (1) Program in consultation

34 (1) Recommendation 21 days

35 Information

42 (2) Monitoring

43 Refusal

50 Inspections (DEL)

59 List of Chemicals


WHMIS (training annual review)

First Aid (remote location plan)

OSGR (policy & procedure)


World Class Safety Services

2 nd measure of performance
2nd Measure of Performance

Committee Training Standard

Once the committee has been established and the committees functions defined, it is then time to consider training. A standard should be developed. Examples:

  • Committee Orientation
  • Incident Investigation
  • Hazard Identification
  • The Legislation IRS
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • The Procedure for Refusals
  • The Safety Program
  • Other


World Class Safety Services

3 rd measure of performance
3rd Measure of Performance

Meetings and Attendance

  • Have the required number of meeting been held?
  • Have the members demonstrated their commitment by attending the meetings?
  • Have sub-committees been addressed in the rules of procedure?
  • Were sub-committees used to resolve difficult issues?
  • Was an agenda prepared for each meeting?
  • Was the agenda distributed before each meeting?
  • Was enough time allocated to address safety issues?
  • Have committee recommendations been documented ?
  • Are the recommendations followed up?
  • Are the recommendations summarized at the end of the year?

World Class Safety Services

4 th measure of performance
4th Measure of Performance

Goals and Objectives

Have goals and objectives been established for the committee?

Goal : The five year plan is to:



Objective :

1.To increase safety awareness by conducting an Off the Job Safety Campaign before the end of the year.

2. Hold 5 committee training sessions this year. Allocate 25 minutes at the end of each meeting.

3. Prepare an annual report of the committee activities.

World Class Safety Services



  • WCB rate
  • Return to Work
  • Incidents
  • LTI
  • Audit Results
  • Special Projects

The Starting Point



World Class Safety Services

off the job safety campaign
Off the Job Safety Campaign

Electrical Safety Xmas Campaign

Fall Hazards Spring Campaign

Boating Safety Summer Campaign

Driving Safety Winter Campaign

Fire Safety @ Home

First Aid Family members included

Silent Epidemic

World Class Safety Services

off the job atlantic network for injury prevention
Off the JobAtlantic Network for Injury Prevention
  • Every hour of every day 36 people in Atlantic Canada are unintentionally injured.
  • Over 860 / day
  • Roughly 2 people die each day
  • 6700 are disabled yearly
  • Overall 316,000 residents of Atlantic Canada are injured yearly
  • Cost Human Pain and Suffering
  • Cost 1999 Atlantic Canada $1.2 Billion
  • $489 for every citizen
  • Fall Account for $ 440 million
  • Motor Vehicle $ 210 million
  • Poisoning, Drowning, Fire


World Class Safety Services

5 th measure of performance
5th Measure of Performance

Rules and Procedures

Have rules of procedure been developed by the committee?

Have the rules of procedure been communicated?

Do the rules of procedure include;

  • composition of the committee
  • term of appointment of members
  • method for calling meetings
  • who can call a meeting
  • notice of meetings in advance
  • frequency of meetings
  • emergency meetings
  • when to call an emergency meeting

World Class Safety Services

rules of procedure
Rules of Procedure
  • conduct of meetings
  • setting the agenda
  • matters the Act requires the employer to consult the committee
  • inspections
  • investigations
  • hazard identification
  • response to complaints, work refusals
  • communication
  • recommendations
  • quorum
  • chairing
  • method of reaching decisions

World Class Safety Services

define the functions
Define the Functions
  • Identification of hazards
  • Auditing of compliance
  • Investigations
  • Inspections
  • PPE and equipment
  • Advising regarding Policy and Program
  • Maintaining records

World Class Safety Services

6 th measure of performance
6th Measure of Performance

Concerns, Refusals, and Investigations

The number of concerns addressed by the committee

  • Work refusals
  • Investigations

World Class Safety Services

the process
Concern / Refusal










Supervisor / Committee



The Process

World Class Safety Services

7 th measure of performance
7th Measure of Performance

Involvement in the Hazard Identification program:

  • Hazard Assessment
  • JHA
  • Inspections
  • Observations
  • Audits

World Class Safety Services


Participate in audit activities:

  • Annual Internal Safety Audit (Safety Program)
  • External Safety Audit (Every 2 Years)
  • Program Evaluations: Fall Protection, Ergonomics, Fire Safety

Safety Committee Assessment

Objective: Continuous Improvement

World Class Safety Services

the annual report putting it all together
The Annual ReportPutting it all Together
  • Minimum compliance with the legislation
  • Training completed by the committee
  • Number of meeting (attendance / guests)
  • Goals and Objectives (reached)
  • Rules of Procedure ( reviewed / revised )
  • Concerns and investigations (outcome)
  • The committees part in hazard assessment
  • Recommendations (completed / pending)
  • Statistics LTI

Objective : Continuous Improvement

World Class Safety Services

summary putting it all together
SummaryPutting it all Together

The Formula

  • Trained, Competent Committee
  • + Committed Management Team
  • + Committee Resources
  • = Safer Work Environment
  • (Helping to create a Safety Culture)

World Class Safety Services


World Class Safety Services


Nova Scotia Safety Council




World Class Safety Services