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5 Best Locations for Fall Wedding Photography in Banff PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Best Locations for Fall Wedding Photography in Banff

5 Best Locations for Fall Wedding Photography in Banff

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5 Best Locations for Fall Wedding Photography in Banff

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  1. Banff Wedding Photographer – 5 Best Locations for Fall Wedding Photography in Banff

  2. So, you are the future bride or groom waiting eagerly to get wedded in Banff this year and expecting the leaves to show off at the best of their beauty and rich in colors by the time of your wedding. You are so lucky to have chosen this time of year for wedding. After all, there is something special about a fall wedding in Banff; the pleasant weather, the strong smell of fresh pine trees, the green hues around and the aromatic foods feel so amazing that everyone will find it hard to not to come to your special day. As most of the creative Banff photographers say a fall wedding in Banff and the Rocky mountains is a lifetime chance to bring your romance in this season up another ten times because the mountains have their ultra charm showing off in your wedding photographs in the most fantastic way. You always need the best Banff wedding photographer to shoot that fall beauty in perfect harmony with your wedding photos. So, here are recommendations on some of the best locations for wedding photography in Banff. These locations look outstanding all year round but they look most spectacular in the fall. Make sure to contact a great Banff wedding photographer who is available and has already shot a few weddings in these spots before.

  3. 1. Lake Minnewanka or Two Jack Lake Both Lake Minnewanka and Two Jack Lake make a fabulous location around Banff for wedding photo shoot. They have the beautiful backdrop of a mountain lake and the surrounding Canadian Rockies. During the fall season your Banff wedding photographer will get to permanently capture the beautiful scene of fields of daisies nearby mountain Lake Minnewanka. It has a large parking area for the convenience of guests and taking a short walk along the lake will make you come across many fantastic photo locations.

  4. 2. Cascade Ponds Cascade ponds are another excellent location often recommended by expert wedding photographers in Banff. Things like tall grass, blue colored water, spruce trees, the creek bed, a small wooden bridge and wonderful mountain views make this place feel dreamlike. There are easy to access fire pits, picnic shelters and toilets here and you don’t have to go far away or take a short drive to find them for use.

  5. 3. Vermillion Lakes The famous photo docks on Vermillion Lakes in the west of Banff will add charm to your wedding photography. The lush marshlands, expansive lakes and the mighty Mount Rundle create the perfect backdrop for spectacular wedding photographs. This location looks too good at the time of sunrise and sunset.

  6. 4. The Fairmont Banff Springs Resort The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is a legendary mountain resort in the scenic alpine town of Banff used for wedding and other special occasions throughout the year. It is also referred to as Canada’s “castle in the Rockies”. If you book your wedding at the Fairmont, your photo shoot will take place inside the beautiful castle with the added benefit of its flamboyant decor and lavish rooms but the surrounds are also gorgeous, making an elite Banff wedding photography location for your choice.

  7. 5. Surprise Corner The surprise at the corner as you ride on Tunnel Mountain Road from the town of Banff is another iconic place available for wedding photography. It comes with an incredible view of the magnificent Banff Springs Hotel and the splendor of the Bow River as it descends into the Bow Falls. Many of you might have already seen it in books, magazines or on postcards. The most perfect pictures can be expected, especially if your wedding photographer in Banff chooses to shoot here in the late morning or mid day.

  8. If your wedding date is approaching fast and still you don’t have a Banff wedding photographer, Alan Maudie would love to cover your wedding! Please keep in touch with him for more details at 403-202-4662! Banff is the best place for mountain wedding and it has perfect backdrop to shoot engagement photos too! Kindly contact Alan Maudie via if you are interested in any of the above listed venues or beyond them. Planning for a Rocky Mountain Wedding but can’t settle on where? Call on Alan Maudie – one of the best Banff wedding photographers to help you choose the location faster!

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