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corporate outings at della adventure n.
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Corporate Outing at Della Adventure PowerPoint Presentation
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Corporate Outing at Della Adventure

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Corporate Outing at Della Adventure
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Corporate Outing at Della Adventure

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  1. Corporate Outings At Della Adventure

  2. Introduction The Della Adventure Park, which is based in Lonavala is a popular destination for people who are seeking to engage in various adrenaline packed adventure activities. There are more than 50 adventure activities to select from at the park, including Rope Challenges, Paintball, Rifle Shooting, Della Gyro, Della KnockOut, Bubble Soccer and other teamwork driven activities.

  3. Objectives Of Corporate Outings Corporate outings can be a gruesome obligation for employers. Some employees may be unwilling to attend mundane corporate outings. This will not happen when you choose the Della Adventure Park as the destination for your corporate outings. The main objective of Della is to provide companies in India with an outbound training facility that stands out from the rest and does not lack space, expertise or equipment. Your employees will have corporate outings that are full of action.

  4. Importance of Team Building Team building is an important activity for any organization. When employees are able to work well with each other, productivity in the workplace increases. This in turn increases profits for the organization. If you are planning to carry out team building activities, Della Adventure is the right place. After conducting team building activities at Della, your employees will understand each other’s strengths, interests and weaknesses better. This understanding will enable them to work better together on future projects.

  5. Activities for Team Building Your corporate outings will not be limited by lack of space facilities. At the Della Adventure Park, your team can engage in many different kinds of team building activities. Della has the largest permanent obstacle course in India and it can be customized to suit the objectives and rigors or various training activities. This adventure park also has a permanent, world class archery and rifle shooting range.

  6. Experience You will have a unique experience when you visit the Della Adventure Park. Corporate events will never be the same again. You will get away from the city and get to enjoy nature as well as many adventure activities that will leave you and your team exhilarated. At Della Adventure Park, your team will have fun filled and memorable corporate outings.