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Malaysian Ringgit

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Malaysian Ringgit. Kim Adragna Tracy Bush Maya Kushner Alicja Loveday. Where is Malaysia?. Brief History of the Ringgit. Asian Financial Crisis 1997 Ringgit pegged at RM3.8/USD July 21, 2005: Highly managed float Bank of Negara Current Exchange Rate: RM3.6588/USD

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malaysian ringgit

Malaysian Ringgit

Kim Adragna

Tracy Bush

Maya Kushner

Alicja Loveday

brief history of the ringgit
Brief History of the Ringgit
  • Asian Financial Crisis 1997
    • Ringgit pegged at RM3.8/USD
    • July 21, 2005: Highly managed float
    • Bank of Negara
  • Current Exchange Rate: RM3.6588/USD
  • Forecasted to strengthen short and long term
  • Country Risk Assessment
    • CPI: 5.1
technical analysis1
Technical Analysis
  • Short term based analysis forecasting
    • I week into the future
  • Using the three models
    • Market Momentum Analysis
    • Moving Average Rules
    • Bollinger Band Analysis
  • Data shows a strengthening currency
    • I week forecast at about RM3.660/USD
market momentum analysis
Market Momentum Analysis

Malaysian Ringgit (MYR): Last 1year (Inverted Scale)

market momentum analysis1
Market Momentum Analysis

Malaysian Ringgit (MYR): Last 91 days (Inverted Scale)

market momentum analysis2
Market Momentum Analysis

Malaysian Ringgit (MYR): Last 31 Days, (Inverted Scale)

moving average rate
Moving Average Rate

Moving Average Rules (variations of market momentum)

MYR Spot to 180-day moving Average (Inverted Scale) Over Last 12 months

bollinger band analysis
Bollinger Band Analysis

MYR Bollinger Bands over last 6 months (90-day Average green line)

(Inverted scale)

PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service

bollinger band analysis1
Bollinger Band Analysis

MYR Bollinger Band over last 3 months (90 days Average green line) (Inverted Scale)

PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service (inverted scale)

non parity models

Non-Parity Models

Asset Choice Model & Balance of Payments Model

central bank officials

“The Islamic banking industry, that consists of both dedicated Islamic banks and Islamic banking schemes in the conventional banks, continues to show commendable performance with profitability and assets surpassing for the first time the threshold of RM1 billion and RM100 billion respectively at the end of 2005. The industry has become a major contributor to the overall economic growth, with assets equivalent to nearly 25% of the country's gross national product.”

~Zamani Abdul Ghani~

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia

7 April 2006

Central Bank Officials

central bank officials1

“…Malaysia's growth prospects are expected to strengthen in 2006. The favorable external demand would reinforce the sustained expansion in domestic demand, which is expected to be positive for both real income and employment generation…real private investment is forecast to expand…As a result of both supportive external and domestic demand, the economy is expected to register improved performance in 2006.”

~Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz~

Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia~

17 February 2006

Central Bank Officials

central bank officials2

“For Malaysia, the focus of policy thrusts in 2006 would be to build on the gains of 2005, ensuring fundamentals are strengthened and the flexibility of the economy is further enhanced. In this respect, the Central Bank will determine the interest rate policy to provide a sound environment for sustainable performance of the economy. Macroeconomic policy would thus continue to stress growth in an environment of price stability…Further efforts will therefore be undertaken to ensure that the economic and financial structures and systems are conducive for the building of a dynamic, resilient and flexible economy.”

~Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz~

Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia~

17 February 2006

Central Bank Officials

parity models
Parity Models

Purchasing Power Parity & International Fisher Effect

relative ppp calculation
Relative PPP: Calculation
  • For currency quoted in European terms:

Future spot rate = 3.78 (1+.037)5/(1+.038)5

  • Future Spot rate =3.761827
relative ppp analysis
Relative PPP: Analysis
  • In recent years, the inflation rates of Malaysia and U.S. have been very close.
  • Thus, the Relative PPP model, suggests that the Malaysian Ringgit will appreciate against the U.S. Dollar, but not very much and not very fast.
  • Hence, according to this model, we recommend that companies that wanted to expand their operations into Malaysia do so now. The circumstances are favorable for that, because a stable exchange rate helps minimize economic and translation exposures, which are otherwise difficult to measure.
absolute ppp calculation
Weighted Basket

The Malaysian Ringgit is quoted in European Terms. Therefore, the PPP exchange rate = ringgit price/dollar price.

Using this weighted basket, the exchange rate is R1.50 per $1.

Absolute PPP: Calculation
absolute ppp analysis
The current exchange rate obtained from is USD/MYR 3.6588.

Using the formula: (spot rate – PPP rate)/spot rate = (3.6588 – 1.5014)/3.6588 = 0.5896

From this, we find that the Malaysian Ringgit is undervalued by about 59%.

Since the currency is so grossly undervalued, it is reasonable to expect that the Ringgit will strengthen in the future.

This conclusion is supported by looking at the trend of the exchange rate for the year 2006:

Absolute PPP: Analysis
international fisher effect
International Fisher Effect

Strengthening over 5 year period

  • Short & Long Term: Strengthening Ringgit
    • Highly managed, unlikely to change
  • Company Manufacturing in Malaysia
    • Risk
      • Transaction & Manufacturing Costs
  • Company Selling to Malaysia
    • Benefit
  • Hedge Fund
    • Benefit: Long Position
    • Risk: Short Position
  • Company Manufacturing in Malaysia
    • 30 Day Money Market Hedge
    • Long Term Liabilities: Forward Long Contract
  • Company Selling in Malaysia
    • Benefits in strengthening Ringgit
  • Hedge Fund
    • Open Long Position
    • Options not recommended