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Welcome to the. "Authentic Teaching for Today's Math and Science Educators.". The College of Engineering and The Center for Educational and Community Renewal Sponsored by the National Science Foundation's  Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education Program. What is “ Authentic Teaching”?.

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Welcome to the

Welcome to the

"Authentic Teaching for Today's Math and Science Educators."

The College of Engineering and

The Center for Educational and Community Renewal

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation's 

Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education Program

Welcome to the

What is “Authentic Teaching”?

  • Construction of Knowledge

    • - Organizing, synthesizing, interpreting, explaining, and evaluating information to convert it into knowledge

  • Disciplined Inquiry

    • - Collecting information via methods of inquiry- In-depth understanding via exploring issues and relationships- Elaborated communication

  • Value beyond school

    • - Problem connected to world; audience beyond classroom

  • Implicit view of students

    • - Student as an individual

Welcome to the


  • ~$1.5 million; 3 year education grant from the National Science Foundation

  • Drs. Mark Nanny (CEES), Teri Reed-Rhoads (IE),

  • and Mary John O’Hair (Education)

  • Only 24 national awards in 2001 - Only 5 states received 2 awards (OK, GA, SC, IL, & NY) - OU was the only university in the nation

    • to receive 2 awards!

Welcome to the

ATA & NSF Goals

  • Short Term:

  • Enhance current science, math, engineering and technology education

  • Engage students in higher-level thinking using authentic learning activities

  • Meaningfully incorporate technology into authentic learning

  • Long Term:

  • Increase the number of secondary math and science teachers

  • Increase the number of students choosing careers in science engineering and technology

  • Increase the public’s science and math knowledge

Ata overview

13 Graduates & 12 undergraduates

Engineering, science, math students

Education students

University faculty

6 Oklahoma City Schools + 2 rural schools

14 Teachers

8 principals

ATA Overview

Welcome to the

Authentic Teaching Alliance

To innovatively change the way

science and math are taught by

incorporating all educational participants:

teachers, professors, students and community.

Ata overview1

14 ATA Teams: - Teacher- Engineering, science, math Fellow- Education Fellow

Create, design, develop, & implement authentic, technology-based activities - Enhance current curriculum- Field trips, open-ended experiments/labs- > 3 per semester- Revise & prepare for distribution during summer

ATA Overview

Welcome to the

Technology Infrastructure

Instructional Preparation


Fellows Course

Authentic Teaching Allianace - Activities and Projects

Secondary Students



Real-World Experience

Technology Preparation

Authentic Learning

Technology Course for Secondary Teachers

University Faculty

Secondary Teachers

Mentoring & Practice

Content & Application

The big questions


Educational needs technology
Educational Needs: Technology

  • Resources for computers, educational technology and training

~ $60 billion in ’99-’00 for educational technology

> 60% - hardware

~ 20% - software

~ 17% - training

Market Data Retrieval, 2000

  • Need to teach educators how to use technology to educate, not just to compute!

28 % teachers claim to have beginning computer skills

48 % claim to have intermediate skills

8 % claim to have advanced skills

Market Data Retrieval, 2000

Current educational needs future science and math teachers
Current Educational Needs: Future science and math teachers

  • Attrition rate of teachers in coming decade

  • 7% - public schools

  • 12% - private schools

  • Graying of workforce & lure of strong economy

  • National Center for Educational Statistics

  • Demand for secondary science and math teachers will increase 22% Phi Delta Kappan, 1998

  • Student enrollments rates will rise from 1990 - 2005

  • 12 % - ages 5 - 13

  • 28 % - ages 14 - 17

  • U.S. Census Bureau

Welcome to the

Current Educational Gaps:

Loss of student skills in science and math

  • 4th grade students

  • Among the highest scoring of those countries participating in the 1995 Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)

  • NSF Science & Math Indicators 2000

  • 8th grade students

  • Above average for science; below average for math (TIMSS)

  • NSF Science & Math Indicators 2000

  • 12th grade students

  • Far below average on both math and science (TIMSS)

  • NSF Science & Math Indicators 2000

Welcome to the

Society’s Expectations of the University

Dr. Joseph Bordogna, NSF Deputy Director, 2000

Welcome to the

Employer’s expectations of students

  • Trained for basic job skills

  • Excellent communication and team-work skills

  • Technologically savvy and competent

  • Innovative; synthesis rather deconstruction

  • ~$62.5 billion spent by industry in 1999

  • for teaching basic skills

  • Training Magazine 2000

Who is ata

Who is ATA?….

Schools teachers

Jackson Junior HighJennifer Lynch - Earth Science (6, 7, & 8th grades)

Roosevelt Middle SchoolPatrick Dennis – Technology (6, 7, & 8th grades)

John Marshall High SchoolOsa Brown – Algebra I (9th grade)

Southeast High SchoolKim Brooks – Environmental Science & Biology (10 & 11th grades)

Santa Fe South High SchoolOmar Campos – Physical Science (9th grade) & Chemistry (11th)Chris Mattney – Algebra I, Geometry (10th), & Algebra II (11th)

Emerson Alternative High SchoolGene Williams – Biology, Chemistry, & Physical Science

Schools & Teachers


Carmen Diaz - Structural Engineering

Julie LaBar - Environmental Science

Sitafa Taite - Industrial Engineering

Natalie McKnight – Computer Eng.

Misty McDowell – Industrial Engineering

Cassie Cain - Math

Michael Buratti – Industrial Engineering

Kim Farris - Industrial Engineering

Tamy Fry - Industrial Engineering


  • Ally Audus - Technology Education

  • Robert Kinsey – Science Education

  • Jennifer Beaty – Science Education

  • Tamia Moaning-Norris – Science Education

  • Jesica Turner - Science Education

Fellow preparation
Fellow Preparation

  • Fellows Course

    • Authentic Teaching

    • Cognitive Development

    • Incorporation of Technology

    • Real-world teaching knowledge (10 hours/week in classrooms)

    • Development of Activities

Welcome to the

Southeast High School

Norman Landfill Research Expedition

On top of the




Testing Water

Quality Parameters

Welcome to the

Southeast High School

Norman Landfill Research Expedition

Lettuce Seedling

Bioassay Testing

Welcome to the

Southeast High School

Additional Research Projects

  • Field Water Quality Testing at Landfill

  • Lettuce Seedling Bioassays

  • Land Succession Lab

  • pH of Snow

  • Remediation of petroleum-contaminated soil

Welcome to the

Southeast High School

Student Survey Results

  • Prefer the project-based class over traditional class.

  • Perceive that the project-based class improved learning of science.

  • Want to know more about science classes and research at the university.

Advanced placement exam environmental science

1999 Results- Capitol Hill HS 0/14- Classen HS 0/1- Northeast HS 2/5- Southeast 1/11

2000 Results- Classen HS 0/3- Northeast HS 0/5- Southeast HS 3/9

Advanced Placement ExamEnvironmental Science

Norman landfill carrot patch germination of carrot seedlings

Norman Landfill Carrot Patch:Germination of Carrot Seedlings

Tho Pham, Kim Nguyen, Joe Hinson, and Danny Owens

A.P. Environmental Science – Ms. Kim Brooks

Southeast High School

Oklahoma City

Soil cleanser is there a way to restore petroleum contaminated soil

Soil Cleanser:Is there a way to restore petroleum contaminated soil?

Anthony Acosta and Chris Pape

A.P. Environmental Science – Ms. Kim Brooks

Southeast High School

Oklahoma City

Welcome to the







ATA and the rest of the Universe

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • $1.2 M grant submitted by State of Oklahoma

  • $100,000 for two rural “ATA-type” sites

  • Train 800 OK principals and superintendents

    • how to effectively incorporate technology into schools

  • Interaction btw ATA and Gates Foundation

  • National Science Foundation

  • New national models for advancing

    • science and math education

  • Strong emphasis on K-Graduate

    • continuum

  • OU & ATA in national spotlight

  • Adventure Engineering

  • Sister NSF K-12 program at OU

  • Build off of each other’s energy &

    • ideas

  • Computer Literacy Instruction for Communities and Kids

  • Program focuses on technology literacy

  • CLICK schools will be able to try out

    • ATA technology-based, authentic

    • learning activities


Welcome to the







ATA and the rest of the Universe


Welcome to the

Welcome to the

Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administrators

Oklahoma State Department of Education

Oklahoma Education Technology Trust

National Science Foundation Authentic Teaching Alliance

Oklahoma State School Boards Association

The University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education

Future plans

Expand to rural schools

Spread across State of Oklahoma- Involve other OK colleges with local schools

Continue to develop authentic science & math activities

Future Plans


Funding & support private business sector

- Technology - Funding - Participation - Scholarships & Grants - Internships for teachers, Fellows, students - Other ideas?


Welcome to the

Innovators break all

the rules. Trust them.”

The Economist,

Innovation in Industry

February 20, 1999