Unit 4
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Unit 4. TEXT Ⅰ Writing Between the Lines. Teaching objectives:.

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Unit 4

Unit 4


Writing Between the Lines

Teaching objectives
Teaching objectives:

  • This text is designed to provide practice for reading strategies such as predicting and anticipating the content of the text, skimming fort the main ideas, guessing the meaning of words and the content of the text, Students are also expected to learn some basic knowledge about various devices used in a piece of argumentation such as inductive approach examples of personal opinions, common knowledge, and similes, etc.

Pre reading questions
Pre-reading Questions

  • The dictionary definition of read between the lines is:“find more meaning than the words appear to express; gather more meanings from a text that are not actually stated, but implied”. Write between the lines is not a set phrase. The writer has invented this phrase by following the pattern of the set phrase read between the lines and replacing read with write to stress the importance of writing notes and comments in the book one is reading. In spite of the word “writing” in the title, this essay is actually a piece of good advice on how to “read” efficiently.

  • Paradise Lost:

  • 英国著名诗人约翰-弥尔顿(John Milton)的大型史诗《失乐园(Paradise Lost)》。

  • 《失乐园》描写的是魔鬼撒旦因为率同叛逆的众天使与上帝抗争而被打入地狱火湖,在烈火中备受煎熬。就在这时,上帝创造了伊甸园,亚当与妻子夏娃在这里安居。撒旦闻讯后从地狱逃 出,找到伊甸乐园,窃听到关于智慧树与禁果的秘密,并引诱亚当与夏娃偷食禁果,打破了上帝与他们的约定,触怒了上帝,因而将他们逐出乐园,谪降人间,忍受苦难,而撒旦最终也受到了上帝的惩罚,被变为蟒蛇。

  •   在这部史诗中,弥尔顿塑造了一个敢于向强权——上帝挑战的气度宏伟、坚韧不拔的撒旦的形象.

  • Rembrandt: (Rembrandt 1606~1669)1606年7月15日生于莱顿,1669年10月4日卒于阿姆斯特丹。其画作体裁广泛,擅长肖像画、风景画、风俗画、宗教画、历史画等。自画像莱顿时期(约1625~1631)作品采取强烈的明暗对比画法,用光线塑造形体,画面层次丰富,富有戏剧性。

  • 伦勃朗在绘画史——不独是荷兰的而是全欧的绘画史上所占的地位,是与意大利文艺复兴诸巨匠不相上下的。他所代表的是北欧的民族性与民族天才。造成伦勃朗的伟大的面目的,是表现他的特殊心魂的一种特殊技术:光暗。这名辞,一经用来谈到这位画家时,便具有一种特别的意义。换言之,伦勃朗的光暗和文艺复兴期意大利作家的光暗是含着绝然不同的作用的。法国十九世纪画家兼批评家弗罗芒坦(Fromentin)目他为“夜光虫”。又有人说他以黑暗来绘成光明。

  • 卢浮宫中藏有两幅被认为代表作的画《木匠家庭》《以马忤斯的晚餐》,可以把它们用来了解伦式氏的“光暗”的真际。

  • So to speak---one might say, as it were

  • He is, so to speak, up to his neck in debt.

  • In their house it’s Laura who wears the trousers, so to speak. (make all the important decisions)

  • be indispensable to sth. – be essential to, be necessary in; be too important to live without

  • e.g. Just as water is vital to fish, air is indispensable to man. an indispensable duty

  • A good basic education, an insatiable curiosity in people and events, a certain tenacity of purpose, an ability to write clearly, honestly and accurately and a knowledge of state laws are the requirements indispensable to a good radio journalist.

  • get in the way---make sth. difficult

  • Her social life got in the way of her study.

  • Compare:

  • Take care not to get into the way of living beyond your income.

  • That child always cries if he doesn’t get his own way.

  • develop v. (L35)

  • 1) present fully

  • e.g Please develop this idea more fully before going to the next point.

  • 2) (from, into) to cause to grow, increase, become larger or more complete

  • e.g. to develop from a seed into a plant

  • to develop mind and body……

  • He developed his little store into a department store / develop a business

  • develop one's English speaking skills

  • She has developed into a beautiful woman.

  • Land animals are thought to have developed from sea animals.

  • 3) to bring out the economic possibilities of (esp. land or natural substances) 开发

  • e.g. We must develop all the natural substances in our country which can make us rich.

  • The builders are developing that tract of waste land for housing.

  • We need to develop solar energy even further

Gone with the wind
Gone with the wind photographic paper

  • require photographic paper---need

  • demand---call for as necessary, require

  • The board of directors will meet this afternoon. Your presence at the meeting is required.

  • The assistant at the reception desk demanded his passport when the man wanted a doubled room. (as if ordering)

  • rich photographic paper adj.

  • 1) (of a person) wealthy

  • 2) (in) containing a lot of the stated thing

  • e.g. This fish is rich in oil.

  • a city rich in ancient buildings……..

  • a book rich in ideas

  • 3) (of possessions) costly, valuable and beautiful

  • e.g. rich silk / furniture

  • 4) (of food) containing a lot of cream, sugar, eggs etc.

  • e.g. a rich Christmas pudding

  • 5) (of land) good for growing plants photographic paper

  • e.g. rich soil…… The subject offers a rich field for advanced study.

  • 6) (of sound or colour) deep, strong, and beautiful

  • e.g. the rich notes of the church organ 教堂洪亮的风琴声……… a rich dark red 深红

  • richly adv. – splendidly, in a large quantity

  • e.g. a queen's dress richly decorated with jewels

  • But don't let anybody tell you that a reader is supposed to be solely on the receiving end. (L59)

  • -- Don't believe that a reader is only expected to take in passively what is in the book (the reader should also contribute)

  • be supposed to do --- be expected to do, be required to do 理应, 应当, 按理

  • (with “not”, indicating mustn't 不许)

  • e.g. Peter is down with the measles and is supposed to be lying in bed but he is already up and about.

  • In the second scene, where she was supposed to face the company in the ball-room, she did even better, causing a smile to appear on the face of the director.

  • We are supposed to help each other.

  • You are not supposed to smoke in the building. (mustn’t)

  • He is supposed to have finished the task. (in fact, it is not so.)

  • integral company in the ball-room, she did even better, causing a smile to appear on the face of the director. adj.

  • He is an integral part of the team and we can’t do without him.

  • Bars and cafes are integral to the social life of the city.

  • Pick up company in the ball-room, she did even better, causing a smile to appear on the face of the director.---start again

  • You can pick up the book the following week or year.

  • The author picks up the theme on page ten.

  • She picked up the half finished letter and put it on the table.拿起

  • Where did you pick up that lovely vase?(come across)

  • Leave off company in the ball-room, she did even better, causing a smile to appear on the face of the director.---stop

  • Leave off now and return to work in the morning.

  • We leave off work at five o’clock.

  • It’s hot today, I think I’ll leave my jacket off. (take off)

  • Consist in company in the ball-room, she did even better, causing a smile to appear on the face of the director.---lie in

  • The beauty of Venice consists largely in the style of its ancient buildings.

  • Cf. Substances consist of small particles called molecules.(be made up of)

  • The testimony consisted with all the known facts. (agree with)

  • Humility company in the ball-room, she did even better, causing a smile to appear on the face of the director.---humbleness 恭敬,谦逊

  • Sister Mary is a person of great humility.

  • He doesn’t have the humility to admit when he’s wrong.

  • They might be very rich, but it wouldn’t hurt them to show a little humility.