welcome to first grade where learning grows each day n.
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Welcome to First Grade! Where Learning Grows Each Day! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to First Grade! Where Learning Grows Each Day!

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Welcome to First Grade! Where Learning Grows Each Day! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to First Grade! Where Learning Grows Each Day!. Mrs. Desmarais: jdesmarais@nisdtx.org 817-215-0497 Ms. Feller: tfeller@nisdtx.org 817-215-0495 Mrs. Hinte: bhinte@nisdtx.org 817-215-0463 Mrs. Moore: kmoore@nisdtx.org 817-215-0496

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welcome to first grade where learning grows each day

Welcome to First Grade!Where Learning Grows Each Day!

Mrs. Desmarais: jdesmarais@nisdtx.org 817-215-0497

Ms. Feller: tfeller@nisdtx.org 817-215-0495

Mrs. Hinte: bhinte@nisdtx.org 817-215-0463

Mrs. Moore: kmoore@nisdtx.org 817-215-0496

Ms. Scheerle: mscheerle@nisdtx.org 817-215-0499

tonight parents will
Tonight, parents will…
  • know and understand their role in the Parent Learning Community.
  • know ways they can be involved with their child’s classroom and school.
  • understand the expectations of a student at Samuel Beck Elementary

Samuel Beck

Mission Statement

In partnership with the community, Beck Elementary is committed to success for all learners, ensuring a safe environment that implements

rigorous, relevant curricula and

focused instruction.

  • Doors Open at 7:20
  • Tardy Bell: 7:45
  • Lunch: 11:45-12:15
  • Recess: 12:15-12:45
  • Electives/Conference: 12:55-1:50
  • Dismissal: 2:45
  • Student Handbook and Code of Conduct at


  • Class websites at www.nisdtx.org

Select Beck Elementary>Staff>Teacher Name

  • Daily Communication Folders
  • Pay lunch account online: Parents>Menus/Food Services

Should your child bring lunch money with him or her to school, it needs to be in an envelope or bag with your child’s name, the teacher’s name, and “lunch” written on the front of the envelope. The envelope needs to be placed in the clear pocket sleeve of the Daily Communication Folder.

  • Transportation changes must be in emailed to the front office at beckelem@nisdtx.org by 2:00 p.m.
  • Parent/Teacher fall conferences
tea website
TEA Website
  • TEA website: www.tea.state.tx.us

- Select “T” from A-Z menu;

- Select “Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills”

- Scroll down to first grade

home access grades online
Home Access Grades Online
  • NISD provides grades online through the Home Access Center (HAC). Paper copies of progress reports and report cards can be provided for students in grades 1 – 5 upon request. Kinder students will receive a paper copy due to the format. First grade report cards start the second six weeks.
  • A letter will be sent home with each student that has the information parents need to access grades online.
  • If you have not received this letter about the Home Access Center (HAC), please contact the front office at www.beckelem@nisdtx.org

The grading system for NISD is as follows:

100 – 90 A Excellent Progress

89 – 80 B Above Average Progress

79 – 70 C Average Progress

69 – 0 F Unsatisfactory Progress (Failing)

Other areas of study such as art, music, PE, work habits, social behavior, and student progress are marked as follows:

E = Performs consistently at excellent/above standard expectations

S = Performs consistently at standard expectations

N = Performs slightly below standard expectations

U = Performs consistently below standard expectations

homework guidelines
Homework Guidelines
  • Check for homework in daily folder
  • Read every night
  • Parent involvement
classroom management
Classroom Management
  • Love & Logic www.loveandlogic.com
  • Daily Communication Calendar
writers workshop
Writers’ Workshop
  • Teacher directed opening mini-lessons to model and encourage children to become writers
  • Independent student writing related to topics of choice, retells, nonfiction, and a variety of genres
  • Student goal setting and guidance through individual conferring and small group work
  • Students share work in response group and author’s chair
readers workshop
Readers’ Workshop
  • Whole group reading
  • Mini-lessons provide pre-reading activities such as directionality, concepts of print, book awareness and introduction of reading strategies.
  • Independent reading activity
guided reading
Guided Reading
  • Small group reading according to instructional needs with teacher guidance
  • Reading material challenges students’ instructional needs and increases comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and vocabulary
  • Reading strategies are modeled and practiced.
social studies




Laws and Rules

Holidays and Customs

Historical Figures

Time Lines




Level C

Level J


Students will explore:

  • Physical science – matter, heat and change, magnets, force, prisms
  • Earth science – rocks, soil, water, weather, temperature, clouds, the moon, the sun, seasons
  • Life science – animals, food chains, interdependence, lifecycles
  • Science Inquiry Showcase- Spring, 2013
math units
Math Units


  • Two and three dimensional shapes
  • Counting money
  • Telling time
  • Addition and subtraction up to 18
  • Measuring
  • Fractions
  • Creating graphs
  • Problem solving strategies

We love


technology in action
Technology in Action
  • Student laptops and iPad carts
  • Electronic Chalkboards
  • Data Projectors
  • Document Cameras
  • Distance Learning
  • Media Cast
  • CPS Receivers (think George Jetson!)
  • Eduphoria
  • Home Access




Rotation Schedule

dress code
Dress Code

See handbook for dress code guidelines:

  • Shoes (sandals must have strap – no flip flops)
  • Clothing (no tank tops or spaghetti straps)
make up work
Make-Up Work

Beck’s Guidelines:

  • Make-up work may be requested only if a child has been absent for more than two days. Parents may email the front office before 9:00 a.m. to request homework on the second day of an absence. The make-up work will then be available at the front desk at 3:20 p.m. on the second day.
  • Work will not be sent home with siblings, neighbors, or friends.

Teachers often need to work with children when they return to school, so not all work will be sent home.

birthday celebrations
Birthday Celebrations
  • Parents may provide a treat for a child’s birthday that will be served during the last hour of the day. Please provide individual servings for the celebration (i.e., cupcakes, cookies, etc.).
  • Napkins must be provided.
  • Treats are to be dropped off at the front office, or the student may bring them to the classroom in the morning.
  • Parents are not to be in attendance at this time, and we do not take pictures of this celebration.
  • Personal party invitations may not be handed out during the school day. The child, however, may stand outside the classroom door as students are leaving for the day to pass out party invitations.
special events
Special Events
  • Fall and Spring Field Trips
  • Winter Party
  • Fairy Tale Ball (Valentine’s Party)
  • Field Day (May)
parent volunteers
Parent Volunteers
  • Background checks must be completed and on file with the office before parents volunteer.
  • Thank you for volunteering!