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Curriculum Night 2012!. Welcome to. Literacy. Reading and Comprehension Phonics and Spelling – SMART (Systematic Multisensory Approach to Reading Training) Vocabulary – Wordly Wise Writing - Narrative, Persuasive, Text Connections, Expository

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  • Reading and Comprehension

  • Phonics and Spelling – SMART(Systematic Multisensory Approach to Reading Training)

  • Vocabulary – Wordly Wise

  • Writing - Narrative, Persuasive, Text Connections, Expository

  • Students are putting their reading skills together to learn to read for information and meaning.

Common core math
Common Core Math


-Unit 1: Extending Base Ten Understanding

-Unit 2: Becoming Fluent with Addition and Subtraction

-Unit 3: Understanding measurement, length, and time

-Unit 4: Applying Base Ten Understanding (Adding and subtracting within 1000)

-Unit 5: Understanding Plane and Solid Figures

-Unit 6: Developing Multiplication

-Unit 7: Show What You Know (Review)

Science/ Social Studies

  • Science: Life Cycles, Space,

    Matter, Energy, and Motion

  • Social Studies: Georgia History, Geographic Understandings of Georgia, Government/Civic Understandings, and Economic Understandings

  • Goal: To provide real life, hands-

    on experiences


  • Changes in transportation must be made in writing before 2:30. If you send an email, please copy that email to [email protected]

  • Be sure you get a response back from Sandy or myself.


  • We will have a monthly birthday celebration on the last Thursday of the month.

  • An email will be sent at the beginning of each month to the parents of students having a birthday. Please work together to come up with a plan for the celebration.

  • Party invitations are not allowed to be distributed at school unless the entire class will be invited.


  • Homework will be sent home every Monday via email . Please remember that some skills may not be taught until the day the homework is assigned.

  • Homework will also be posted on my web page and written (in a brief version) in your child’s agenda.

Friday papers
Friday papers

  • Graded papers will go home every Friday.

  • Please look through the papers, sign the top sheet, and return all of the papers on Monday.

  • I will keep all graded papers on file until the end of the quarter.


Students will be assessed based on the Common Core Standards

4-Complete Standard Mastery (100% accuracy 100% of the time)

3-Consistent Achievement toward Standard Mastery

2-Moderate Achievement toward Standard Mastery

1-Limited Achievement toward Standard Mastery

X-Not Assessed at this time

Math facts
Math Facts

  • We are working on becoming fluent with the basic addition and subtraction facts. Please help your child each night by using flashcards or any other drill materials. This is a standard on the report card.


  • There are MAJOR changes for behavior from last year’s report card:

  • Exemplary

  • Successful (This is the STANDARD)

  • Does Not Meet

    **You see these in your child’s weekly Friday Communication Folder

Top ten things you may not know about mrs walker
Top Ten Things You May Not Know About Mrs. Walker

  • I have a 6 year old son, Reed. He is in Mrs. Williamson’s 1st grade class.

  • I have a 4 year old daughter, Sara Kay.

  • I was a ballerina for 11 years as a child.

  • I got married on a runway and my husband and I left our wedding in an open cockpit biplane.

  • I changed my college major 3 times before finding my passion for teaching.

  • I love to bake! If you need a cool cake or yummy cupcakes, let me know!

  • I absolutely love the color PINK!

  • Wiggly teeth gross me out!

  • I spend a lot of my free time at local ballparks (with Reed) and Cumming Dance Academy (with Sara Kay).

  • My son says that I am not a “regular mom”. `I’m a “teacher mom”. Not sure if that is good or bad yet! 

Contact information
Contact Information