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Walking Together . Building graduate cultural competence to enrich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Megan Cooper and Donna Moodie. So who are we?. Donna Moodie Megan Cooper What do we do individually and why are we doing this together?. Cultural Competence.

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walking together

Walking Together

Building graduate cultural competence to enrich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education

Megan Cooper and Donna Moodie

so who are we
So who are we?
  • Donna Moodie
  • Megan Cooper
  • What do we do individually and why are we doing this together?
cultural competence
Cultural Competence
  • Universities Australia (2011)
  • Behrendt Report (2012)
  • Our rational
    • Education is an enabler in the improvement of Indigenous life chances
    • Higher education institutions are intimately implicated in Indigenous experience(s) through preparing future professionals
    • This involvement implies opportunities for ‘whole of institution’ approaches
cultural competence as an enabler
Cultural Competence as an enabler

Developmental Model of Cultural Competence

pd to enhance cc on country learning journey
PD to enhance CC‘On Country’ Learning Journey
  • Aims
    • Provide an opportunity to engage with an alternative (perhaps hidden) narrative of ‘place’ - An(Other) side of Toowoomba
    • We asked participants to ‘try on different lenses’ as part of a journey of learning.
    • And consider how ‘walking together’ might apply to what they do re: USQ aspirations for increased access & equity for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples
sites visited on the day
Sites visited on the day
  • Jack Martin Centre
  • Bushland Park, Multuggerah Mountain Monument
  • Peace Haven Park, Highfields
  • Women’s Site - Highfields
  • Gummingurru Stone Arrangement Site – Highfields
  • Cobb & Co Museum
learning about each other and ourselves
Learning about each other and ourselves

Participants share their perspectives on why the trip is important for what they do

multuggerah mountain
Multuggerah Mountain

Participants hear an Indigenous narrative of this historical spot

Participants learn more detail of an Indigenous narrative of Toowoomba as a place of significance to local and regional Aboriginal people's
feedback on country learning journey
Feedback ‘On Country’ Learning Journey
  • Affective
    • ‘Visiting sites, seeing, hearing, feeling down through the layers’; ‘travelling together was powerful’; [and] ‘having the voice of ‘elders’ was very powerful’
    • ‘The places on the trip provided pieces of a puzzle.. [and] the descriptions of lived experiences provided disruption of the dominant narrative’
    • I was quite emotional … I felt very privileged … and I also felt like I was intruding….
feedback on country learning journey1
Feedback ‘On Country’ Learning Journey
  • Reflection & ‘walking together’
    • ‘It has made me think more generally about life & country and what we as humans inflict on each other & on country, not just here & now, but everywhere’
    • ‘I really like the walking together concept. I feel a sense of guilt … But I have never really known what I could do personally. The walking together approach (with its gentle, healing agenda) makes me feel positive about the future & the way forward.’
what are we trying to say about walking together
What are we trying to say about ‘Walking Together’?
  • We are trying to create opportunities for people to ‘unpack’ their core values & beliefs
  • We are trying to model ways of ‘walking together’ that are underpinned by wants & needs of Indigenous community
  • PLUS we have found that we can demonstrate outcomes that exceed what we would achieve if we were ‘walking alone’
walking forward gumbi gumbi gardens1
Walking forward – Gumbi Gumbi Gardens
  • “Let’s look at where we’ve been, where we’re going and through education make the journey together”
  • Visit USQ’s new Garden &   it on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/GumbiGumbiGardens
building graduate cultural competence to enrich aboriginal torres strait islander education
Building graduate cultural competence to enrich Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education
  • Enhanced cultural competence in staff and students will lead to better outcomes for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students
    • Professionals whose ‘core’ beliefs & practices with students are more inclusive & culturally aware
    • Professionals whose interpretation & applications of curricula is more culturally inclusive
    • Professionals whose peer and student interactions are more inclusive & respectful