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Leitrim. By Eoin Griffin. What You Will Learn. Facts about Leitrim History of Leitrim Geography of Leitrim Glencar Waterfall Famous People From Leitrim Parke’s Castle Leitrim's coat of arms. Facts About Leitrim.

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By Eoin Griffin

what you will learn
What You Will Learn
  • Facts about Leitrim
  • History of Leitrim
  • Geography of Leitrim
  • Glencar Waterfall
  • Famous People From Leitrim
  • Parke’s Castle
  • Leitrim's coat of arms
facts about leitrim
Facts About Leitrim
  • Leitrim is the 26th largest of the 32 counties by area and the smallest by population on the island.
  •  It is the smallest of Connacht’s 5 counties in both size and population.
  • Leitrim is bordered by the counties of Donegal to the north, Fermanagh to the north-east, Cavan to the east, Longford to the south, Roscommon to the south-west and Sligo to the west.
  • Fermanagh is in Northern Ireland while all the other neighbouring counties are within the Republic.
history about leitrim
History About Leitrim
  • In ancient times Leitrim formed the western half of the Kingdom of Breifne.
  • This region was long influenced by the O'Rourke family of Dromahair, whose heraldic lion occupies the county shield to this day.
  • Close ties existed with the O'Reilly clan in the eastern half of the kingdom, however a split occurred in the 13th century and the kingdom was divided into East Breifne, now County Cavan, and West Breifne, now County Leitrim.
geography of leitrim
Geography of Leitrim
  • Leitrim has a hilly and mountainous landscape in its north-west and is flat in the south-east, each separated from the other by Lough Allen in the middle of the county.
  • Leitrim has the shortest length of coastline of any Irish county that touches the sea.
  •  The Shannon is linked to the Erne via the Shannon-Erne Waterway. Its lakes include:
  • Lough Melvin
  • Lough Allen
  • Lough Gill is to the northwest of Dromahair; Parke's Castle is located on the lake shore.
  • Belhavel Lough is also located in Dromahair, within the parish of Killargue.
glencar waterfall
Glencar Waterfall
  • Glencar Waterfall is situated 11 kilometres west of Manorhamilton near the county boundary with Sligo.
  • The waterfall is 15 metres (or 50 feet) high and its stream flows into Glencar Lough.
  • Although not the largest waterfall in Ireland, it is one of the most beautiful.
  • W.B. Yeats often visited the waterfall in his youth.
  • He mentioned it in his poem 'The Stolen Child', in which he wrote about the Irish folklore associated with fairies and changelings.
the stolen child
The Stolen Child

‘Where the wandering water gushes

From the hills above Glen-Car,

In pools among the rushes

That scarce could bathe a star,

We seek for slumbering trout

And whispering in their ears

Give them unquiet dreams;

Leaning softly out

From ferns that drop their tears

Over the young streams.'

famous people from leitrim
Famous People From Leitrim

There were 14 famous people in Leitrim.

These are some of them: Anthony William Durnford(soldier), Gordon Wilson(peace campaigner), James McCombs(New Zealand Politician)and much much more !!!

parke s castle
Parke’s Castle
  • Rising three storeys tall, in an idyllic setting on the banks of Lough Gill, in County Leitrim, Ireland, Parke’s Castle is a plantation era castle.
  • In 1610 Roger Parke completed his fortified manor house on the site of an earlier fifteenth-century O'Rourke castle.