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International Student Check-in

NC STATE UNIVERSITY. International Student Check-in. Fall Semester 2013. Presented by: Office of International Services (OIS). NC STATE UNIVERSITY. The Office of International Services. 320 Daniels Hall Open Monday-Friday, 8AM – 5PM Contact us! Appointments, phone, walk-ins or email

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International Student Check-in

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  1. NC STATE UNIVERSITY International Student Check-in Fall Semester 2013 Presented by: Office of International Services (OIS)

  2. NC STATE UNIVERSITY The Office of International Services • 320 Daniels Hall • Open Monday-Friday, 8AM – 5PM • Contact us! Appointments, phone, walk-ins or email • Walk-ins 2-3 pm daily www.ncsu.edu/ois 515-2961

  3. NC STATE UNIVERSITY New Students: Orientation Events http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/orientation/ • Immunization:Must schedule appointment with Student Health Services. • Information Fair: Thursday, 1/3, 12-3 PM, Talley Student Center Ballroom • Orientation Day (Mandatory): Friday, 1/4, 8 AM-5 PM, Talley Student Center • Student Success Session (Mandatory): TBA • Welcome Party: TBA Schedule using OIS On-line

  4. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Who Will You Find in OIS? Elizabeth James - Director Thomas Greene - Associate Director Derrick Lovick - Information Technologist Kelia Hubbard - Assistant Director Michael Shurer - Student/Scholar Advisor Lauren Ball - Programs Coordinator Stacy Telligman - Undergraduate Student Advisor Hillary Stoker - Front Desk Manager Katarina Pantic - Communication Specialist Nicole Bouchard - Advising Intern

  5. NC STATE UNIVERSITY New Student Checklist • Immigration Overview • Social Security number • Health Insurance • Immunizations • Bank Account and Driver’s License • Student ID Card • Housing and Food • Registration & Tuition • OIS Programs

  6. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Top Ten Tips for Maintaining Student Status ALWAYS! ALWAYS 1. Have a valid and unexpired I-20 / DS-2019. 2. Update your I-20 / DS-2019 to reflect any changes in program level, major, or funding or transfers to/from new schools.

  7. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Top Ten Tips for Maintaining Student Status ALWAYS! 3. Have a valid passport. 4. Maintain good academic standing per University policies and be a full-time student except during an eligible vacation semester: http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/current/enrollment.php • Full-time: • 9 credits for graduate students • 12 credits for undergraduate students • Limit DE/Online courses to one course / 3 credits max

  8. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Top Ten Tips for Maintaining Student Status ALWAYS! 5. Report address changes (local and permanent) in MyPack Portal. For local address updates make sure to select “physical” address: http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/images/PhysicalAddressImage.jpg

  9. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Top Ten Tips for Maintaining Student Status ALWAYS! 6. Refrain from working off campus, unless first authorized by OIS. 7. Work less than 20 hours/week on campus* while school is in session. • If you’re a ½ time TA/RA*, you’re already considered to be working 20 hours per week. • Not every company located on Centennial Campus is considered “On-Campus” employment. Example of an international student working off-campus. Hopefully he was first authorized by OIS and/or USCIS!

  10. Authorization for on-campus employment NC STATE UNIVERSITY Important! • All J-1 Students are legally required to have specific written employment authorization from their J-1 Sponsor for any form of employment – including on Campus employment. • Students whose program sponsor is OIS can request on-campus employment authorization in one year increment by submitting the J-1 Student On-Campus Employment Authorization Request form: http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/forms/j1oncampusemp.php. • Students who are sponsored by another institution or agency (e.g IIE) must request authorization from that sponsor.

  11. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Top Ten Tips for Maintaining Student Status 8. If you plan to leave and reenter the U.S. during your program have your I-20/DS-2019 signed by an OIS advisor before leaving the U.S.

  12. I-94 Card

  13. Visa Stamp

  14. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Top Ten Tips for Maintaining Student Status 9. Review the OIS website for important updates AND read all email messages sent to you by OIS: http://www.ncsu.edu/ois 10. Remember: friends are friends - they are not immigration advisors! Always consult OIS when you have questions about your visa status.

  15. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Social Security number http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/orientation/living/socsec.php • Needed for U.S.-based employment. • Only available if visa category permits employment and with employment offer. • No sooner than 10 days after entering the U.S. (and 5 days after OIS Check-in) visit Social Security Office. Processing can take several weeks. • SSn is yours for life. • The Social Security Administration will be on campus to accept SSN applications. Date and time TBA. Schedule using OIS On-line Schedule using OIS On-line

  16. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Taxes • If employed on campus, contact Non-resident tax specialist Michelle Anderson: 515-4370, foreignnationaltax@ncsu.edu • She can “save you money” • http://www.fis.ncsu.edu/hr/payroll/new_foreign_national_employees.asp • http://www.fis.ncsu.edu/hr/payroll/Foreign_Nationals.asp • Michelle Anderson will be in Daniels Hall. • Date and time TBA. Schedule using OIS On-line

  17. Type of Insurance The importance of Insurance Insurance is needed to provide protection from financial setback that can arise from an auto accident to a major illness or even a home fire. Taking out insurance policies help against the possibility of losing everything and suffering financial ruin. • Health Insurance • Car insurance • Rental insurance

  18. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Health Insurance • All F-1 and J-1 students are required and automatically enrolled to purchase health insurance administered by Pearce and Pearce (unless eligible for a waiver): http://healthcenter.ncsu.edu/insurance/information-for-new-students/ • Graduate students with GSSP Research/Teaching Assistantship are automatically exempted from purchasing Pearce and Pearce insurance on a semester-by-semester basis. • New students should complete enrollment (on-line), find a doctor, and familiarize themselves with their insurance plan and US health care BEFORE they need to visit a doctor: http://www.studentinsurance.com/Schools/NC/NCSU/

  19. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Healthcare in the U.S.:Hospital vs. Clinic Hospital Clinic • Emergencies (for which you might call “911”) • Outpatient Surgeries • Inpatient Surgeries • Routine checks/visits • Shots • Physicals

  20. NC STATE UNIVERSITY NC State Student Health Services • Affordable • Accessible • Counseling • Pharmacy • Awareness • Vaccinations • Health workshops 515.2563

  21. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Other Things to Do Other things to do before school starts: • Open a bank account (Wachovia on Hillsborough and Bank of America on Oberlin and Clark do not require an SSn) • Obtain a North Carolina State ID card or driver’s license (No sooner than 10 days after entering the U.S. and 5 days after OIS Check-in): • www.ncdot.org/dmv • http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/orientation/living/driving.php • If you are a TA or RA, please check in with your department as soon as possible

  22. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Student ID Card • Talley Student Center: Hours: 8am-5pm • Library privileges • Access to Carmichael Gym and many athletic events • “AllCampus” account allows you to use card at NC State dining and food services: • http://www.ncsudining.com/dining/allcampus/index.html

  23. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Transportation NC State students ride FREE on area public transportation! http://www2.acs.ncsu.edu/trans/transportation/GOPASS.html • Wolfline (NC State bus line) • CAT (Raleigh bus line) • TTA (Triangle bus line) Order your GoPass online starting July 18th! *Passes will also be distributed at The International Student Info Fair, August 9, 3 - 5 p.m., Talley Student Center and Dining's Welcome Back Wolfpack event in the Fountain Dining Courtyard, August 15, from 5 - 8 p.m.

  24. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Housing and Food • NC State Housing: University Housing, Residence Halls, University Apartments, Living and Learning Villages, Off-campus Housing http://www.ncsu.edu/campus-life/housing/index.php • Food: Dining Halls, AllCampus Network, University Meal Plans http://www.ncsu.edu/campus-life/food/index.php

  25. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Finances See the cashier’s office for information about tuition deadlines http://www7.acs.ncsu.edu/cashier/students/interstudents.asp Fulbright or other Government sponsored students bring their sponsorship letter to the Cashiers office. http://www.fis.ncsu.edu/cashier/billing/sponsorbill.asp 1000 Harris Hall (919) 515-2986 Tuition must be paid by 1/11/2013

  26. NC STATE UNIVERSITY OIS Programs • Breaking Bread • English Conversation Club • Int. Friendship Program • Culture Corps • iM.O.M. • ISSERV http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/programs/ 320 Daniels Hall (919) 515-2961

  27. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Breaking Bread Share a meal with an American Family! http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/programs/ 320 Daniels Hall (919) 515-2961

  28. NC STATE UNIVERSITY English Conversation Club • Tuesday & Thursday – 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. – Port City Java, College of Textiles • Friday – 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. – Daniels Hall, Room 216 http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/programs/ 320 Daniels Hall (919) 515-2961

  29. NC STATE UNIVERSITY International Friendship Program • Form lasting friendships with NC State students! • Get together at least once a month to get coffee or dinner, watch a movie, go shopping or anything else! http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/programs/ 320 Daniels Hall (919) 515-2961

  30. NC STATE UNIVERSITY Culture Corps Share your culture, customs, holidays, food, music and more with local classrooms, businesses and organizations! http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/programs/ 320 Daniels Hall (919) 515-2961

  31. NC STATE UNIVERSITY i.M.O.M. (International Moms or Mates) • The Spouse Club of NC State University • Make new friends, learn about American traditions, culture, cooking and more! http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/programs/ 320 Daniels Hall (919) 515-2961

  32. NC STATE UNIVERSITY I-SSERV • International students and scholars engaged in reaching out and volunteering • Use your time, energy and skills to make a difference http://www.ncsu.edu/ois/programs/ 320 Daniels Hall (919) 515-2961

  33. Go Wolfpack! Welcome to NC State University!

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