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Arizona Comprehensive Career Education System

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Arizona Comprehensive Career Education System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Arizona Comprehensive Career Education System. Arizona Department of Education Required Career Exploration Course. Arizona Comprehensive Career Education System . Career Awareness (K-6). Career Exploration (7-9). Career Preparation (10-12). Career Management (13-14).

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arizona comprehensive career education system

Arizona Comprehensive Career Education System

Arizona Department of Education

Required Career Exploration Course


Arizona Comprehensive Career Education System

Career Awareness (K-6)

Career Exploration (7-9)

Career Preparation (10-12)

Career Management (13-14)

Expectations for CTE Programs:

Research has shown that Career Awareness at lower grade levels is important.

Activities and lessons should be provided by parents, counselors, and all educators

Career Awareness (K-6)

what is included in national career development guidelines
What is included in National Career Development Guidelines?
  • Awareness of importance growth & change
  • Awareness of benefits of educational achievement
  • Awareness of the relationship between work and learning
  • Awareness of the importance of personal responsibility and good work habits
  • Awareness of how work relates to the needs and functions of society
career exploration curriculum framework
Career ExplorationCurriculum Framework
  • 12 Standards to increased academic rigor by applying higher order skills.
  • Aligned with AZ Academic Standards, National Career Development Guidelines & Secretary Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS).
  • 4-6 Year Career & Educational Plan & Career Portfolio
  • Students will be more informed about secondary and postsecondary options


  • Career Exploration Curriculum Framework:
  • National Career Development Guidelines:
  • Arizona Career Information System (AzCIS)
  • Real Game (7/8th grade) Curriculum
  • Be Real Game (9/10TH grade) Curriculum
  • Career Cruising –
  • Career & Educational Teacher’s & Parent’s Guide
  • AzCRN Website
high school timeline
High School Timeline
  • Freshman Year – “Identity”
  • Sophomore Year - "Keep Going -- Keep Growing" (Discovering)
  • Junior Year - "It's up to you……. YOU decide"
  • Senior Year - "You are almost there"
  • Refer to Posted Timelines for Details
standards of progress
Standards of Progress
  • Students are evaluated by how well they can perform the skills needed for their certificate.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against persons who violate the standards on the following list.
you have a lot of work to do student policies
You have a Lot of Work to do Student Policies
  • Students, staff and visitors are expected to treat the learning environment as a job site and to show respect for others and property at all times.
  • Instructors refer to students’ work records as part of their work related tasks to employers.
  • A student absent from class more than ten percent of the time, who has excessive tardy reports or 10 absences will be withdrawn from class or school.
  • Re-entry, if approved, would include a plan of action to correct the attendance or tardiness, and probation.
Competency ListsEach course description has a list of the skills or “competencies” included in the training for each certificate. These are available from the instructor, counselor or administration.

GraduationAll students who complete the required competencies for a level of training will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Lifelong LearningSan Carlos is committed to the philosophy of “lifelong learning” and encourages students to learn entry-level skills, and to develop the ability and desire to expand on these skills throughout their lives.

Work EthicRequirements for completion of a Career Exploration Certificate include items of skills, knowledge and work ethic. Work ethic includes attendance, punctuality, and the ability to follow instructions, observe the work rules, work with others, work when unsupervised, and complete a job on time.

Disciplinary StandardsThe Governing Board and its agents—administration and faculty—are granted legal authority to regulate student life subject to the basic standards of reasonableness.

career management life long process
Career Management (Life Long Process)
  • Career Path Reality Check
    • Assessment of career journey
    • Are you on track?
      • Personal accomplishments?
      • Wages?
      • Professional Growth?
      • Current outlook for occupation/career ?
  • Knowledge of Resources and Process for


    • Transition Plan, Resume writing, interviewing, job search, marketing self for future positions, assessing skills, etc.