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G O T V Getting Out The Vote April 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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G O T V Getting Out The Vote April 2011

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G O T V Getting Out The Vote April 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Winning on Election Day. G O T V Getting Out The Vote April 2011. The Purpose of E-Day. This means: Get Out The Vote Pull The Vote (explain what these phrases mean) What does this really mean? Ensure every supporter goes to the polls and casts a ballot.

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G O T V Getting Out The Vote April 2011

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    1. Winning on Election Day G O T V Getting Out The Vote April 2011

    2. The Purpose of E-Day This means: Get Out The VotePull The Vote(explain what these phrases mean) What does this really mean? Ensure every supporter goes to the polls and casts a ballot. That’s the purpose of election day. Ensure supporters GET OUT AND VOTE.

    3. How Do You GOTV? Create a sense of urgency when you: • Knock on doors • Make phone calls • Be at subways, bus stops, key community points • Distribute literature (“you vote at” cards and lit) • Spread the message

    4. What Is The E-day Message? • This is an important election. • Every vote will count. YOUR vote will count. • (Candidate’s name), and the Liberal party, understand you, your family and your community’s needs, issues and concerns. • The Liberal party has a history and tradition of protecting your family’s needs.

    5. You Are “The Brand” • When speaking to voters, you represent (candidate’s name). • You must ALWAYS be pleasant, smile and be positive. • You must NOT get discouraged if people say anything negative to you. • This is the day when you must be persistent. Not aggressive. Persistent. Speak to every person you can. Knock on every door. Don’t stop.

    6. Canvass Tips • Check the weather. Dress appropriately. • Be comfortable. It’s a long day. • Pack a bottle of water and a snack if you need it. • Don’t go out alone. Have a “buddy” with you. • Be friendly but move quickly. • Bring a flashlight if you have one. Lists are difficult to read in the dark (after 8 p.m. polls close at 9:30 p.m.). • You have one day and one shot at pulling out as many voters as possible. (Reinforcing sense of urgency to volunteers whenever possible.)

    7. What Will I Do On E-Day? The campaign will: • Hand out literature at subways and key bus stops. • Hand out literature at key community points. • Use seven home centres across the city to co-ordinate pulling the vote. The campaign will contact you directly to determine where you will be, when, and exactly what you will be doing. Volunteers, if available for the entire day, will be asked to report to home centres at 9 a.m. on E-day.

    8. What Is A Home Centre? • A meeting place located in various homes across the riding. • A place to pick up your poll kits and literature. • Literature will be different from the campaign literature, two pieces, and will include a “You Vote At” card • Walk lists: These are the doors you must knock. These are the voters you must encourage to get out to vote. • Explain all contents of E-day poll kits.

    9. What To Say At The Door – Part I • Knock on the door. If no answer, leave the GOTV card. • When someone answers, remember to smile and be friendly. • Hand them the card. • Tell them you are helping your friend (candidate’s name). • Ask them if they’ve had a chance to vote. If they say no, encourage them to vote. (If they say yes, thank them and move on.) • Ask them if they need a ride to their voting station. • This is when you tell them that this is a very important election, and (candidate’s name) and the Liberal party are the only ones who care enough to protect our families, health care, children, seniors, and our jobs. • Let them know that EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

    10. What To Say At The Door – Part II • Let them know that EVERY VOTE COUNTS. It’s that close! • Let them know it’s a tight race and we really need them to find a few minutes to get out and cast their ballot. • The few minutes it will take for them to vote will ensure that our country has good government. Government that cares about us! • Make sure they know they have to bring their voter card, and their identification. Nobody can vote without the proper identification! • Ask them if they know where they are voting, and when the polls close. (Info in your kits. You can tell them if they don’t know.) • Thank them and move along quickly. You have to get to as many doors as possible!

    11. Tips For E-day • Never apologize. (Candidate’s name) is the most qualified candidate and we succeed when we are positive and upbeat. • Don’t answer the unanswerable. And don’t get stuck spending too much time at one door. • Make sure you have the information voters will need: Identification requirements, voting location, voting times. (Check your kit BEFORE YOU GO OUT to ensure you have this information on hand.) • Make sure you have the phone number to your home centre/campaign office in case you have a question.

    12. Keep Going Until The Polls Close • Keep pushing right up until the polls close! • We cannot be “out worked” by the competition. • It all comes down to getting out the vote on E-day! • The entire campaign, everything we’ve done, all comes down to this one day. • Remember to bring your E-day kits and left-over literature to the victory party for collection by the campaign.