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Who wants to be a millionaire

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Who wants to be a millionaire. If you are an organized waiter you: Make useless trips to the kitchen Ignore your customers Take extra steps to get things done Never prioritize the tasks at hand None of the above.

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If you are an organized waiter you:

  • Make useless trips to the kitchen
  • Ignore your customers
  • Take extra steps to get things done
  • Never prioritize the tasks at hand
  • None of the above

A waiter or waitress must do the following in order to follow general guidelines regarding proper attire and dress:

  • Wear a well fitting, clean uniform
  • Wear their shirt untucked
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum
  • Have properly polished nails
  • A and C

A floor plan that includes the number of seats that a server is responsible for is:

a. Dance floor

b. A dining room section or station

c. kitchen

d. Cash register


In a fine dining establishment a busser:

  • Clears, cleans, resets tables and stocks service station
  • Harasses the customers and spits in the food
  • Picks their nose during service
  • Serves the customer water and bread
  • A and D

When you are taking an order from a customer you can:

  • Write out a customer check
  • Write it on the back of your hand
  • Use a point of sale system
  • Recite it from memory
  • A, C and E

A customer is unhappy when:

  • They constantly look at their watch
  • Signal to you with a frown on their face
  • Wander aimlessly around the room with a water glass in their hand
  • Walk out without paying
  • All of the above

What should you do if a customer eats off their dessert fork during the salad course?

  • Clear the utensil with the salad course and present the correct utensil for the dessert course
  • Let them use their salad fork for dessert
  • Give them an extra spoon

If you are reading the bill, processing the bill and making change you are filling what role in the restaurant?

  • dishwasher
  • Cashier
  • busser

Salt and pepper shakers should be:

  • Wet when you refill them
  • Dry when your refill them
  • Moist when your refill them

Which of the following steps should be taken to prevent an accident in the restaurant:

  • Mop the floor and do not put a wet floor sign out
  • Move folding tray stands out of the way
  • Lay a bunch of forks and knives out on the ground for people to step on

When checking on customer satisfaction a waiter or waitress can:

  • Look from the kitchen door to check to see if they are eating their meal
  • Return to the table and ask if the dish was prepared to their satisfaction
  • Walk by and make sure they are not complaining

A server in a restaurant:

a. Serves menu items properly

b. Properly represents the foodservice operation through a good attitude and friendly service

c. Knows the menu and “sells” it to the customers

d. Correctly processes the bill and makes change

e. All of the above