Pride and prejudice volume one
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Pride and Prejudice Volume One. Report by: Julia, Vicky, Miya, Polly, Nadia, Jamie, Lugi. Introduction. Elizabeth – Female Protagonist (chap.1) Darcy – Male Protagonist (chap.3) The Bennets: Mr. & Mrs. Bennet, Jane, Mary, Kitty, Lydia

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Pride and prejudice volume one

Pride and Prejudice Volume One

Report by:

Julia, Vicky, Miya, Polly, Nadia, Jamie, Lugi


  • Elizabeth – Female Protagonist (chap.1)

  • Darcy – Male Protagonist (chap.3)

  • The Bennets: Mr. & Mrs. Bennet, Jane, Mary, Kitty, Lydia

  • The Bingleys: Mr. Bingley, Miss Bingley (Caroline Bingley), Mrs. Hurst (Louisa Hurst)

  • Mr. Collins, Charlotte, Wickham.

Bingley s character
Bingley’s Character

  • Young & rich (four or five thousand a year)

  • A gentleman with good manner and temper

  • Deep in love with Jane

    --Love at the first sight (p.7)

    --Jane’s stay at Netherfield (p.25)

    --The Netherfield ball (p.75)

Why did bingley leave netherfield
Why did Bingley leave Netherfield?

  • Less of confidence and courage to pursue Jane

  • Chapter 21

    --The letter from Caroline Bingley(p.89)

The first ball at meryton
The first ball (at Meryton)

  • Darcy had looked at her without admiration. ---E.g. conversation between Darcy & Bingley. (p.7 Chapter3)

The second ball at sir william lucas s place
The second ball (at Sir William Lucas’s place)

  • Darcy’s attitude toward Elizabeth has changed… (p.16 Chapter6)

  • (1) conversation between Darcy & Elizabeth about asking for another ball to Lolonel Forster. (p.17 Chapter6)

  • (2) Elizabeth refused to dance with Darcy. (p.18, 19 Chapter6)

At netherfield when jane was sick
At Netherfield (when Jane was sick)

  • Darcy asked for a dance when Miss Bingley playing a Scotch song.

    (p.38 Chapter10)

  • Darcy began to feel the danger of playing Elizabeth too much attention. (p.44, 45 Chapter12 )

  • By the time that Elizabeth returns to Lonbourn, Darcy has conflicting feelings about Elizabeth. What does he feel?

The third ball at netherfield
The third ball (at Netherfield)

  • Darcy asked Elizabeth to dance with her.

  • (1) Elizabeth accepted without knowing.

  • (2) Charlotte persuaded Eliza so she accepted. They made a long conversation. (p. 69, 70, 71 Chapter18)

Darcy wickham
Darcy& Wickham

  • Wickham:

    Good-looking and fine manners

    Wicked character

    Elizabeth’s trust (prejudice)

Pride and prejudice volume one

  • Darcy

    Wealthy and intelligent, but proud

    Affection for Elizabeth

    Hesitation of admitting his love (reasons and ways)

William collins

William Collins:

Relationship: Mr. Bennet’s nephew.

Career: clergy. (p53. p.74.)

Collins’ proposal: (chapter 19 & 22)

a. why and how does he make the proposal to Elizabeth

(p53. & p81.)

b. how does he react after rejecting by Elizabeth?

Collins’ personality:

--pride & obsequiousness, self-important & humility

(p53. the reason)

--flattering, fawning (p51 Collins feels proud of flattering )

--likes to make a lengthy speech

--materialistic (p56 & 57) (always compares to lady Catherine's)

--self-righteous(自以為是)(see from the proposal)

Elizabeth bennet v s charlotte lucus
Elizabeth Bennet v.s. Charlotte Lucus

  • Personality

  • Views of marriage

  • What do you agree more? Elizabeth or Charlotte?

Personality elizabeth
Personality--- Elizabeth

  • Prejudice (p.61 p.73)

  • Strong mind (p.80)

  • Self-protecting (p. 69)

  • Self-confident

Personality charlotte

  • The way she talks is more tactful than Elizabeth

  • Practical

  • Understands herself

Views of marriage
Views of marriage

  • Elizabeth’s rejection

  • Charlotte’s acceptation

  • Who do you agree more? Charlotte or Elizabeth

The end thank you for your listening
The End.Thank you for your listening!!