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OPTiM. Special Mission Division Vice President Keiichi Yokoyama. Agenda. Corporate profile Optimal Biz for Mobile (MDM) Basic features Demo Our strength Optia (C2C remote support tool). Corporate profile. Main Business Partners Canon Marketing Japan Inc. Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd

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    1. OPTiM Special Mission Division Vice President Keiichi Yokoyama

    2. Agenda • Corporate profile • Optimal Biz for Mobile (MDM) • Basic features • Demo • Our strength • Optia (C2C remote support tool)

    3. Corporate profile • Main Business Partners • Canon Marketing Japan Inc. • Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd • KDDI CORPORATION • NIFTY Corporation • NTT EAST CORPORATION • NTT WEST CORPORATION • NTT Communications Corporation • NTT COMWARE CORPORATION • NTT DOCOMO, INC. • NTT Plala Inc. • NTT Software Corporation • NTT-ME CORPORATION • OTSUKA CORPORATION • Ricoh Company, Ltd. • So-net Entertainment Corporation • etc… Corporate Name Location President Date of Foundation Major share holders Staff OPTiMCorporation Head Office:Shinagawa Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan Saga Office, Fukuoka CANTERA Office Shunji Sugaya June 8th, 2000 Shunji Sugaya NTT Investment Partners, Inc. NTT EAST CORPORATION 130members, Average age:30 Wemake the Net as simple as breathing -Have your device function in your favorite way- OPTiM’s mission is to change the Net to something that you don’t even have to be conscious of, like the air you breathe.

    4. Product lineup OPTiM’s platform for simplifying a network. OptimalHome Simplify device configuration, security settings, remote monitoring in house Simplify the process of selecting items for purchase OptimalInsight OptimalBiz Simplifying a network Simplify network device configuration Simplify the steps for instructing how to use software and devices. OptimalRemote OptimalSupport Simplify device troubleshooting

    5. External evaluations • Ranking of Patent Asset Scale in an Information Communication Industry 9th place and No.1 in per asset size value divided by the number of registered patents ※source : Yearly report by Patent result corporation • MDM No1 market share in Japan "Optimal Biz for Mobile" is an integrated IT support tool to manage a large amount of smartphones and tablet devices. The application has many functions to reduce device managing cost such as remote lock to prevent information leakage from lost or stolen devices, application prohibition to prevent corporate use devices from launching inappropriate application and group managing to maintain many devices from a web browser. ※source : “ITR Market View: Enterprise / Mobile Management Market 2012” conducted by ITR Corporation

    6. Optimal Biz for Mobile

    7. Overview of Optimal Biz Optimal Biz for Mobile is an MDM tool used to securely manage mobile devices such as PCs, Android devices, the iPhone, and the iPad on a web console. It also can manages devices with IP address such as MFP, router, TV, set top box. This is the EDM(Every Device Management) that OPTiM's plenty of experience and know-how in asset management are reflected. No1 MDM market share in Japan IT Admin center Simple configuration via web browser Remote support whenever needed PC MFP Smart phone Optimal Biz Data Center Tablet Internet Agent App can be distributed by e-mail or USB Encrypted Communication Router PC Server Provided by SaaS No detailed server management No network setup No professional knowledge Japanese, English and Chinese are supported

    8. Basic features • Information leakage • Remote Lock • Remote Wipe • Unauthorized usage • Acquisition of installed applications • Web filtering • Application prohibition • Costly mobility management • Web history tracking • Device settings • Acquisition of device information • Position tracking

    9. DEMO

    10. Our strength • EDM: Every Device Management • Manage IT devices with IP address other than smartphones and Tablets • Auto device detection • Automatically detects IT equipment in the same segment, and shows device information by analogizing collected data of network devices (printers, routers, NAS, etc.) • The widest coverage of smartphones and tablets • 210 devices support as of 3/11/2013 • Intuitive management console • Easy to use for administrators • Provides advanced MDM features • Alliances with other software venders and device manufactures • Optimal App: Application platform integration • Technical capability to apply market/customers • More than 80% of the employees are software engineers • Good relationship with channel partners • Next slide…

    11. Partnership ■大塚商会 TayoreruDevice Management Service ■KDDI3LM Security extra menu Smart Mobile Safety Manager ■NTTCOMWARESmart Cloud MDM ■Panasonic Mobile Device LCM MDM Service

    12. The first-ever app to enable remote support between smartphone users! • The number od download: 6,959 • User rating 3.6 • Love it, Oh yes, Works great, Awesome! Its creepy though, Amazing, Thank you, Love new tech, Woohoo!!!, Super • Good 1st Effort - Works on S3, Excellent, A bit slow, but works nicely…., Works, but it barely chugs along. Love the idea..... Update, Great idea, Awesome idea…

    13. Benefits Customers With Optia, everyday smartphone owners having trouble figuring out how to use a particular feature or app on their device can simply enable screen-sharing and remote operation with family and friends, and get real-time instructions from a trusted source anytime, anywhere. It’s both simple and secure. Wireless carriers and device manufacturers Optia will also deliver significant cost-reduction benefits, as customers who have been unable to resolve their smartphone IT-related issues through customer support can cost carriers and manufactures. By opening the support ecosystem to include trusted parties like family and friends through the use of Optia’s remote operation and screen-sharing capabilities, carriers and manufacturers alike are provided a tool for organically reducing these support costs while also making the support experience easier, more flexible and convenient for their customers.