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Database of Indicators The Database of Indicators is created for the dissemination of statistical information to external users.

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Database of indicators http db1 stat gov lt statbank
Database of Indicators

  • The Database of Indicators is created for the dissemination of statistical information to external users.

  • Statistical information in the Database of Indicators is free. Registration is not required. Registered users have access to more services.

  • The Database of Indicators is bilingual (information is provided in Lithuanian and English languages).

  • Statistical information management software is made of PC-Axis family modules.

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Key functions of the database of indicators on the internet
Key functions of the Database of Indicators on the Internet

  • Statistical information viewing on screen

  • Table editing

  • Table saving in selected format

  • Graphical representation of data

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Database of indicators first page
Database of IndicatorsFirst Page

Logon of registered users. Language. Help. Search.

Registration of new user

Hierarchy tree

Main news of the Database of Indicators published here.

Logon of registered users.

Registration of new user.

List of 20 recently updated tables

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Statistical information tree
Statistical information tree

Tables are systemized by thematic domains.

Thematic domains and tables of one statistical area are displayed.

The symbol „>>>“ and attribute „administrative territory“ mark tables by counties and municipalities.

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Table sample
Table sample

Selection window

Statistical indicators

In the menu you can select “Mark all” or “Remove marking”

Function “Select counties”: counties are selected

Values are marked in a standard manner – using mouse. Holding SHIFT allows marking in succession, CTRL – not in succession.

Select values in all selection windows and click “Show table”.

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Table sample1
Table sample

Selection windows

If classification is very wide, positions in a selection window are not displayed. In that case you have to click on the window and you will get advanced selection window.

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Table sample2
Table sample

Advanced selection window is used for theselection of values when classification is wide.

2. In this field indicate the word by which you want the search to be performed or the code. If you leave this field empty, search window will provide all classification values.

1. Indicate in which classification you want the search to be performed

5. After having selected values click “Continue” and return to selection window.

3. Search window. Values appear in this window by clicking “Search”.

4. Selected values window. Values areadded or deleted by clicking “Add” or “Delete”.

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Table sample3
Table sample

Indicate the format in which you want the table to be saved (Excel, PX-Axis, etc.)

Tables up to 1000 data cells are displayed.

Statistical information can be presented in diagrams.

Statistical information by counties and municipalities can be presented in map.

Table display can be changed by rotating clockwise or by changing the attributes’ order. Attributes with codes can also be presented.

Information about measure unit, contact person, footnote (if there is one) is provided below the table.

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Table sample4
Table sample

Diagram settings can be changed

Diagram and map

Map settings can be changed

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Registered users
Registered users

Registered users can:

  • adjust statistical information to their needs;

  • select tables of larger volume (1000–100000 data cells);

  • save tables and use them later;

  • create lists of selected values and accelerate selection;

  • receive news by Email.

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Registered users1
Registered users

You can register as a new user on the first page:

User name and password: 4–10 symbols

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Registered users2
Registered users

Information about user. Don’t forget to indicate correct Email.

User profile

User profile

Settings: you can change layout of first page, default search and period layout

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Registered users3
Registered users

Saving tables for later use

List of tables saved by user

You can save the selected statistical information for later use: name it, set period update method

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Registered users4
Registered users

You can create folders and sort the saved tables by these folders.

List of tables saved by users

Tables, update notifications on which are sent by Email, are marked with envelope symbol.

You can select go to the table or its settings.

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Registered users5
Registered users

Working with tables when more than 1000 data cells are selected

If you select more than 1000 data cells, the table will not be displayed. You have to select format in which you will download the table.

You can download PC-Axis and PX-Map software.

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Registered users6
Registered users

Creating a list of selected values.

E.g., most often you are interested only in transport-related enterprises (EVRK 60–63)

1. Select positions you are interested in

3. Save the list for later use

2. Name the list of attributes, e.g. Food

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Registered users7
Registered users

Creating a list of selected values:

Now the list of selected values “Food” has appeared in the selection window

Having selected “Food”, appropriate values are selected

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Search is performed strictly by the word written. Therefore, write stem of a word:

Information about search results

In case of large number of search results you can specify the search among results

Links to the tables where word “age” was found

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Database of indicators db1 stat lt statbank


On the top of every page of the Database of Indicators there is “Help” function where you can find advice according to your actions. E.g, if you opened selection window, “Help” will give advice how to find and select the values.

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