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Financial Aid 101

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Financial Aid 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Financial Aid 101
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  1. Financial Aid 101 Paying for Post-Secondary Education

  2. 132 More days until graduation…

  3. How much will college cost?

  4. Money to pay for college: • Cash and Savings • Grants and Scholarships • Loans

  5. Where is the Financial Aid? Government: Grants Work Study Loans College, private companies, foundations: Scholarships

  6. FAFSA: FreeApplication Federal Student Aid • Who is eligible? • U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen • have a valid Social Security Number. • What do you need? • Federal Income Tax and W2 (see handout) • CEC’s FAFSA Night: We will help you!!! • Tuesday February 13th- 5-7:30pm

  7. Why is the FAFSA important?

  8. How it works: Example: EFC of $1050 • Community College- total cost $12,050 • Instate University- total cost $22,950 Financial Aid Award Pell Grant $ 4,500 State Grant $ 2,000 Scholarship $10,000 Work Study $ 1,000 FREE $$ $17,500 Student Loan $ 3,350 ? Parent Loan ? EFC $ 1,050 TOTAL $21,900 Financial Aid Award Pell Grant $ 4,500 State Grant $ 2,000 Work Study $ 1,000 FREE $$ $ 7,500 Student Loan $ 2,500 ? Parent Loan ? EFC $ 1,050 TOTAL $11,050

  9. How do you get that money? • Do your taxes – student and parents • Get a state-issued I.D. • Complete the FAFSA • Read your emails and learn how to navigate your college student portal • Discuss your financial aid award with Ms. Abbott. • Keep in touch with an advisor in the financial aid office at your college. • Send documents that they need! • Discuss $$ options with your parents. CCD Connect RAM Web

  10. SCHOLARSHIPS- three types 1) Merit-based: TALENT 2) Need-based: FINANCIAL NEED 3) Lottery- everyone has an equal chance “pull name out of hat” • Where to start? • Start on the website of every college where you applied • Go to Find the Scholarship Directory

  11. Paying for College –DSF • DSF Scholarship: for DPS graduates who • are enrolled in a DPS high school all 4 years of high school • have a 2.0 cumulative G.P.A • have financial need • complete three additional scholarships • enroll in Colorado colleges • Awards are based on financial eligibility (FAFSA), school choice, and enrollment (full-time or part-time) • Scholars could receive an award up to $3,400 annually, for as many as 5 years Due: April 1

  12. SCHOLARSHIPS • Senior Support requirement • All Seniors must RESEARCH at least 3 scholarship this semester and RECORD those in Naviance • Keep track of the scholarships you have researched and applied to (handout) • Enter into Naviance by May 9th

  13. ASCENTAccelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment Concurrent Enrollment program that allows for students to continue on full-time at a community college or technical college for a 5th year. DPS will pay for tuition. Students are responsible for books and fees at post secondary institutions. Requirements: • Students must have met all graduation requirements. • Students must have successfully passed (‘C’ or better) 12 college credit hours prior to end of senior year. These courses must be 100 level or higher. It is the student’s responsibility to provide college transcripts upon request. • Students must have a 2.0 GPA or higher. • Students must be college ready through ACT scores or Accuplacer assessment. • Personal Education Plan (PEP) completed.

  14. COLLEGE CLASSES START • Book rental charges will go on your CEC fees next week • Look at your Study Skills grades to find out how much you will owe • Once you get your syllabus go straight to see Mr. Todd at CCD to get your books. DO NOT DELAY. All books to be handed out by the end of the week. • Study Skills will start the week of January 27th

  15. Play opportunity- Thurs Jan 30th. Mid day • Black Odyssey is a contemporary adaptation of the classic Greek epic poem The Odyssey by Homer -- a mythic tale of Ulysses's thirteen year journey to make his way home from the Trojan war. In Gardley's adaptation, Ulysses is a soldier trying to get home to Harlem after a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Before he can return home, he must go on an odyssey through critical moments and events in African American history in order to understand himself and his past.  It also includes original music which draws on African-American musical traditions from field hollers to the blues to gospel and R&B.