an introduction to uloom al quran n.
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An Introduction to Uloom Al-Quran PowerPoint Presentation
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An Introduction to Uloom Al-Quran

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An Introduction to Uloom Al-Quran - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Introduction to Uloom Al-Quran. Book: Introduction to Sciences of the Quran Chapter: 1. Definition of Uloom al-Qur’an

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an introduction to uloom al quran

An Introduction to Uloom Al-Quran

Book: Introduction to Sciences of the Quran

Chapter: 1


Definition of Uloom al-Qur’an

The knowledge of Uloom al Quran, or the Sciences of the Quran, deals with the knowledge of those sciences that have a direct bearing on the recitation, history, understanding and implementation of the Qur’an.

Recitation of Uloom al Quran - This deals with the science of pronunciation (tajweed).

History of the Quran – This deals with the stages of revelation of the Quran .

Understanding and Implementation – This deals with the causes of revelation (aasbaab an-nuzool)


Knowledge of its Interpretation – Tafsir of the Quran.

Grammatical analysis of the Quran – I’raab al Qur’an

The Importance of having knowledge of the Quran

This is needed in order to properly interpret the Qur’an.

Benefits of Studying Uloom al-Quran

Reader recognized the wealth of knowledge and insight found in the book of Allah

The scholars of the past said, “True knowledge is to know one’s ignorance.”

Only when a person realizes that he does not know will he appreciate how little he does know.


Benefits of Studying Uloom al-Quran continued…

2. Enables the student to better understand the Qur’an

He will be familiar with its history, revelation, and collection.

3. It increases a persons belief

He will realize the beauty of the Quran and the great blessings that he has been given through its revelation.

He will not be fooled by the fallacious claims of its enemies and the heart will be at ease with regards to its authenticity.

4. Being able to defend the Quran against its enemies

He will be equipped with true and pristine knowledge of the Quran.

Islamically the first thing you should learn is the Quran

Allah states, “This is a book that We have sent down to you. Full of blessings, so that they may ponder over its verses, and that men of understanding may remember.” (38:29)


History of Uloom al Quran

Kowledge of the Quran was initiated with the Prophet himself.

The Companions would question the prophet regarding concepts they did not understand in the Quran.


Allah states, “Those who believe and do not mix belief with injustice, only they will have security, and they are the guided.” (6:82)

The companions asked, “O messenger of Allah! Who amongst us does not do injustice to his own soul?” They understood the verse to mean that there are people who do not do injustice or sin. The prophet replied to them explaining that the injustice referred to in this verses was shirk.


The Companions knowledge of the Quran

They were always seeking to learn and memorize the Quran

They were able to give the history and the cause of its revelation


“I swear by Allah, besides who, there is no other god, there is no soorah in the Quran except that I know where it was revealed! And there is not a single verse in the Quran except that I know the reason behind its revelation! If there were any person that knew more about eh Quran than I did, and it was possible for me to reach him, I would ride on my camel towards him to get this knowledge.”


Companions who were famous for their knowledge of the Quran

The four khulafah

Abdullah ibnMas’ood

Abdullah ibnAbbass



Abu Musa Al Ash’aree

Abdullah ibnZubayr



How was the Quran passed down

Oral transmission

General level of knowledge was high, so it did not warrant the extensive writing down of knowledge.

It was passed down by the trustworthy scholars of the ummah who protected it from alterations of the heretics.

What was the first topic to written regarding the Quran

Tafseer of the Quran

We also find section in books of Hadith written about the Quran

Bukhari and Muslim

Finally, the scholars of later generations started compiling all of these sciences into one book, and thus began the works on Uloom al Quran.