Api sc13 drilling completion and fracturing fluids jan 26 2011 fort worth tx
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API SC13 Drilling Completion and Fracturing Fluids Jan 26, 2011 Fort Worth, TX - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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API SC13 Drilling Completion and Fracturing Fluids Jan 26, 2011 Fort Worth, TX. Paul Scott, Chair Johnna Smith, Secretary David Ekas Vice-Chair. Agenda. Housekeeping (SC Charge, Roll Call, etc) Previous Meeting Minutes – Approval Upcoming Meetings SC13 API Reporting and Support

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Presentation Transcript
Api sc13 drilling completion and fracturing fluids jan 26 2011 fort worth tx

API SC13 Drilling Completion and Fracturing FluidsJan 26, 2011Fort Worth, TX

Paul Scott, Chair

Johnna Smith, Secretary

David Ekas Vice-Chair


  • Housekeeping (SC Charge, Roll Call, etc)

  • Previous Meeting Minutes – Approval

  • Upcoming Meetings

  • SC13 API Reporting and Support

  • New Work Items

  • Task Group Updates

  • Old Business

  • New Business

  • Adjourn

Sc13 charge intro
SC13 Charge & Intro

  • Develop and Maintain Specifications and Recommended Practices for Drilling, Completion, Fracturing Fluids, Fluids Processing Equipment and related subjects

  • Incoming Secretary Johnna Smith

  • Del Son

Api email lists roll call
API Email Lists & Roll Call

  • Comment on API Email List

  • Circulate SC13 Roster for Updates

  • Sign-in sheet

  • Roll Call

Api resolution of appreciation
API Resolution of Appreciation

  • Dr Judy Guy-Caffey

  • Presented by David Miller API

  • Many thanks!

Welcome new members
Welcome new members

  • Andrez Diaz, BP GOM

  • Matthew Malwitz, Grinding & Sizing

  • Leon Martinez, Global Wire Cloth

  • Toby McClain, Fann Instruments

  • Hugo Osorio, Equion - Energy (ex-BP Colombia Company)

  • Victoria Xiaoping Qiu, Shell International Exploration and Production

  • Tom Remy, Global Wire Cloth

  • Phil Schwarz, OFI Testing Equipment

  • Jennifer Shafer, TETRA Technologies

  • Neil Trotter

  • Others?

  • Thanks to everyone for attending and participating

Sc13 meeting minutes
SC13 Meeting Minutes

  • Review & Approve Previous 2 Meeting Minutes – emailed recently

    • Posted on API website with all TG WG presentations & documents

  • Review Previous Meeting Action Items:

    • All significant items accomplished continued or unresolved items will be carried forward

Next api sc13 meetings
Next API SC13 Meetings

  • 2011 Summer – June 27- July 1, San Francisco, CA

  • 2012 Winter – January 23-27, Fort Worth, TX

  • 2012 Summer – June 11-15, Westminster, CO

Sc13 home page
SC13 Home Page

API Website: Standards – Committee Info - CSOEM – SC13

Sign-in: Email address & 1st time Username: FirstnameLastname or “Forgot Password”

Committee documents common documents
Committee DocumentsCommon Documents

Each TG has a page where they can store and share information

Api support staff
API Support & Staff

Tg2 publications stark summary report
TG2 Publications: StarkSummary Report

  • See TG reports for status of all SC13 documents

  • RP13B-2 is close to go to ISO FDIS Feb 2011

Tg3 obm report to sc13 pless

WG1: Oil Mud Chemical Analysis


WG2: HPHT Direct Indicating Viscometers

Sent back to WG to address TG comments

WG3: Particle Size Distribution Testing of OBM / SBM

Held one meeting and has developed a work plan for future action

SR3: Measurement of NAF Internal Phase Activity Modifiers

To be addressed by Paul Scott

TG3 OBM Report To SC13: Pless

TG3 OBM Particle Plugging Test Revision for Inclusion in RP13B-2

Meeting with TG4/WG2, Ceramic PPT Procedure Re-Write

New procedure will be applicable to RP13B-1, RP13B-2 and 13I

WG2 to submit procedure to TG4 for approval

Following approval of draft in TG4, draft procedure to be distributed to TG3 members for review / approval

Tg3 obm measurement of naf internal phase activity modifiers

Background RP13B-2: Increased emphasis on environmental aspects of drilling fluids is driving fluid companies toward non-chloride internal phase activity modifiers for non-aqueous fluids

Introduced at the 2010 winter meetings

SR3 submitted by Brent Estes to the Task Group at the 2010 summer meetings

Tabled by Task Group for further refinement

TG3 OBM Measurement of NAF Internal Phase Activity Modifiers

Actions assigned for consideration prior to winter standardization conference:

Limit scope of materials to be addressed

Inclusion of methodology for solids calculations into SR3 document / WG Charge

TG3 OBM Measurement of NAF Internal Phase Activity Modifiers

Interested parties met on 12/7/2010 to draft a response to the Task Group:

Activity modifiers to be considered




Glycol / Glycerols

Agreed to include methodology for utilizing activity measurements to calculate corrected solids.

TG3 OBM Measurement of NAF Internal Phase Activity Modifiers

Proposed Work Group Charge: the Task Group:

Develop procedure(s) for measurement of non-chloride activity modifiers in non-aqueous fluids and methodology to use those measurements in corrected solids calculations.

TG3 OBM Measurement of NAF Internal Phase Activity Modifiers

New work items
New Work Items the Task Group:

  • Motion and vote on TG3 OBM Measurement of NAF Internal Phase Activity Modifiers

Tg4 wbm lab testing breeden summary report
TG4 WBM & Lab Testing: Breeden the Task Group:Summary Report

  • WG1 Drill Solids Simulation continues,

  • WG2 PPT procedure re-write near completion,

  • Ad hoc Filter cake compressibility – potential university interest,

  • Ad hoc PSD Laser diffraction continues as Ad hoc,

  • Presentation David Derwin Superior Graphite on different in RP13I abrasion test procedure blades – no new WG. Will liaise with supplier Fann

Tg5 summary report robinson
TG5 Summary Report: Robinson the Task Group:

  • WG1 SCE calculations has new chair Neil Trotter should now make progress looking for new technology,

  • WG2, Stocks: Educational Marketing group nearing recommendation for screen designation monogram or certification program

Tg6 summary report javora
TG6 Summary Report: Javora the Task Group:

  • TG6: Testing Heavy Brines, Javora

Sc13 tg 6 testing of heavy brines

SC13 TG-6 Testing of Heavy Brines the Task Group:

Quorum was established

June 2010 Meeting Minutes Approved

Buffer, Corrosion, and Future Project Work Groups completed their tasks

Return Permeability, Displacement, Hydrate, Scale and Emulsion Technology Work Groups conducting/initiating business

API CRA Testing Program – Update given

Total Comments - ISO 13503-3 revisions

Tg7 rheology hydraulics summary report
TG7 Rheology & Hydraulics the Task Group:Summary Report

  • TG in hibernation previous chair Bern retired

  • RP13D has numerous errors:

  • Zamora has submitted errors and technical issues

  • Zamora wants to reactivate TG and minor revision of RP13D to include additional items like effect of rotation

  • Will discuss with Zamora

Tg 8 drilling fluid materials

TG-8, Drilling Fluid Materials the Task Group:

Action Items 01/26/11

Review wording of Starch and Guar tests with TG08WG02, vote and forward to TG08

Re-run SEBC tests with new sample of Starch in round robin repeat

Recommend hibernation for TG08WG04 (API RP13K) after voting comments are resolved (Passed)

Contact Saleh Al-Ammari for clarification on data presented to SC13, determine status of proposed WG and solicit members as appropriate (Establish WG)

SC13 – Drilling Completion and Fracturing Fluids

Tg9 frac fluids mahmoud asadi active documents
TG9 Frac Fluids: Mahmoud Asadi the Task Group:Active Documents

  • ISO 13503-1 (API 13M-1) Procedure for measuring viscous properties of completion fluids

    • 5-year revision is under review by ISO/API

  • ISO 13503-6 (API 13M-6) Procedure for measuring leakoff of completion fluids under dynamic conditions

    • Final comments from the reviewers are under review by the committee members

Tg9 frac fluids mahmoud asadi wgs documents
TG9 Frac Fluids: Mahmoud Asadi WGs & Documents the Task Group:

  • ISO 13503-X (API 13M-X) Formation damage (regain permeability)

    First draft will be submitted to ISO/API in Jan 2012

  • ISO 13503-XX (API 13M-XX) Emulsion

    Kick-off meeting was held in 2010

  • ISO 13503-XXX (API 13M-XXX) Friction

    First draft will be submitted in Jan 2012

Wg on business practices polnaszek summary report
WG on Business Practices, Polnaszek the Task Group:Summary Report

  • Proposed new TG and equipment for long term storage of technical data – wait to develop SR3 and SC13 vote on new TG

  • Other work on RP and flowchart will continue

Transfer of proppant tg from sc19 to sc13
Transfer of Proppant TG from SC19 to SC13 the Task Group:

  • CSOEM will most likely transfer of TG on Proppants from SC19 to SC13, Glenn Penny Chair

Comments on this meeting
Comments on this meeting the Task Group:

  • Comments on this meeting

    • Good attendance

    • Simultaneous meetings did not work and will try not to do it again

    • Having true work group meetings was good and will be continued

    • First row TG/WG seating did not work

    • Will stay with Tuesday Wednesday schedule

Closing comments
Closing Comments the Task Group:

  • My agenda as Chair:

    • Do things faster with same quality of work

    • Less is more – publication bloat reduction

    • Change:

      • Embrace modern work processes

      • Accept new technologies: API website, eWorking

      • Encourage new and younger member participation

    • Social – Contact Jarad Hammar

  • Thanks for Volunteering!

  • Feel free to contact me

  • Are we finished
    Are we finished? the Task Group: