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decor your home with a different color of marble l.
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Decore your home with different color of Marble PowerPoint Presentation
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Decore your home with different color of Marble

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Decore your home with different color of Marble
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Decore your home with different color of Marble

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  1. Decor your home with a different color of Marble Marble comes in different colors, patterns, and types, therefore making it a popular decorative material among the pupils. It happens to be the top choice of anyone wanting to renovate his or her interior or even exterior. It adds a touch of both class and elegance to the space of any home or office. In India we also known as Marble Exporters in India as India has big marble industries. Marble comes in a number of types and it is impossible to know which one is which. The types vary depending on the marble’s location, impurities, pattern, color and veining intensity. The price of each marble type also varies accordingly due to these factors. Marble is a calcium-rich natural stone, meaning it continues to vary over time with use, adding character to the piece. This can be most blatant with white marble, as imperfections are more visible. When taken care of, it can remain in tip-top shape, preserving its unique personality while still looking luxurious. Contact Us:-91-9414157448 Website:-

  2. Uses of Marble Pillars Marble has been used in the design for thousands of years and was a favorite of ancient cultures. One of the favored uses of marble that is still being used today is building columns. Columns are often used for load-bearing purposes, but are mostly built for adornment. Give your home a European ambiance with beautiful marble pillars. Sculpture Marble has a translucent surface. When highly polished, it allows light to enter. Light falling on the surface, makes it glow softly. These important properties qualify marble to produce beautiful sculptures. The world’s most famous sculptures are made of marble. Floors and patterned walls Marble tiles come in a wide range of colors. While most people choose to tile an entire floor or wall in the same shade, with perhaps a stripe or two, it’s possible to lay tiles in a contrasting color to create a pattern. Thus, marble is the perfect choice for you for your home's flooring and even walls. Outdoor You can even decorate your outdoor spaces such as a patio, pool deck, garden, walkways, fountain area and driveway with marble. Other uses Marble is a versatile material when it comes to its usage. It can be used for decoration of walls, floor, ceilings, fireplace surround areas, and backsplashes. Care and maintenance The only thing that you need to keep in mind is the marble installation maintenance. Marble installations should be mopped daily with a soft clean cloth Contact Us:-91-9414157448 Website:-

  3. and should be thoroughly cleaned using stone specific cleaners at least once a week. They should be repolished and resealed twice a year to retain their luminous look. If these instructions are followed then marble installations can look brand new even after decades. Gangadhara Exports is one of the Top Marble company in India and leading Indian Marble Exporters. Contact Us:-91-9414157448 Website:-