overview of the 11 th cjk it standards meeting cjk 11 n.
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Overview of the 11 th CJK IT Standards Meeting (CJK-11) PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of the 11 th CJK IT Standards Meeting (CJK-11)

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Overview of the 11 th CJK IT Standards Meeting (CJK-11) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of the 11 th CJK IT Standards Meeting (CJK-11)
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  1. M2M Meeting of Potential Consolidation Partners #4 28-29 March 2012 in Tokyo, Japan Overview of the 11th CJK IT Standards Meeting(CJK-11) ARIB, TTC

  2. Meeting schedule of CJK-11 (14 -16 March 2012 in Miyazaki, Japan)

  3. Agenda of CJK-11 plenary

  4. Summary of M2M-related discussion in CJK-11 • The 11th CJK IT Standards Meeting* was held on 14 -16 March 2012 in Miyazaki, Japan, and M2M Ad Hoc Group was set up during the meeting. • The Ad Hoc Group discussed possible action items among CJK to correspond to the global activities relevant to M2M, such as oneM2M. • CJK IT Standards Meeting agreed to keep discussion by ad hoc meeting to implement the action items. • Detailed meeting report of the M2M Ad Hoc is shown in Attachment-1. *A collaboration framework among SDOs of China, Japan and Korea (ARIB, CCSA, TTA and TTC) in Global ICT Standardization Area.

  5. Attachment-1 M2M Ad Hoc Meeting Report ICT for Sustainable World Human Happiness Ad Hoc Group and Fumihiko “Tom” Tomita

  6. Agenda Objectives Background and Inputs Action Items Proposals Comments Participants

  7. 1. Objectives • Background: Many standards organizations around the world have been having lots of discussions on M2M. • Because the area of M2M standardization activities is very wide and spread, the collaboration among CJK should be effective and efficient. • For more efficient collaboration on M2M standardization activities, we need to find out our strategic direction and the way to harmonize among CJK.

  8. 2. Background and inputs 1/2 • Many SDOs have M2M standardization activities including TC-10 in CCSA, PG708 and M2M/IoT Forum in TTA, M2M Study Ad Hoc Group in ADWICS in ARIB, I3C in TTC, IoT WG in GISFI, TR-50 in TIA, and TC-M2M in ETSI. • M2M Consolidation activity has started in 2011, and oneM2M will start its activities in May, 2012 as reported by TTA (CJK-PLE11-023: Progress Report on “oneM2M” (Information Only)). • IoT-GSI and JCA-IoT in ITU have started in 2011.

  9. 2. Background and inputs 2/2 • ITU-R has approved two deliverables relevant to M2M access networks (Recommendation ITU-R M.[LMS.WASN] and Report ITU-R M.2224 on Wide Area Sensor Networks) • ITU-T FG-M2M service layer has just started, which aims to study requirements and specifications for a common M2M service layer with an initial focus on APIs and protocols supporting e-health applications and services.

  10. 3. Action Items • Coordinate among CJK the global M2M standardization • Share and exchange Information (use cases, verticals, etc.) among CJK • Stimulate discussion among CJK of new ideas on M2M business and technology • Identify how to engage in a wide range of verticals • Keep the wide view, and also find the way to integrate wide and diverse views • Identify specific work items requiring CJK coordination (e.g., service layer, access networks)

  11. 4. Proposals • Use the correspondence and/or ad-hoc meeting under the CJK IT standards meeting to discuss the implement of the Action Items including the needs to establish a CJK M2M WG. • Establish of New M2M WG • How? • When?

  12. 5. Comments • Comment from Observer: It seems that given the importance of the M2M topic as communicated by the four CJK SDOs and ITU HODs at the opening plenary, it would be useful for CJK to consider forming an M2M Working Group at this meeting to coordinate the CJK M2M work. • Comment from Observer: Given the work already underway in ITU-T and ITU-R on M2M, and the fact that setting up oneM2M still requires the resolution of a number of open issues: financing the secretariat support, IPR/Legal, working methods, and how to approve the output as a global standards; the four CJK SDOs are invited to consider the ITU offer to provide secretariat support to the oneM2M activity under the ITU umbrella. This would resolve all the open issues.

  13. Participants ARIB: Masayoshi WAKAO CCSA: Hu Jinling, Yang Juan, Wang Xue MIN, Shizhuo ZHAO, Yang ZEMIN TTA: DJ KIM, Youn Kwan KIM, Choong Keun OH, Euntaek LIM, Kishik PARK, TTC: Yoshinori GOTO, Yoichi MAEDA, Yukio YAMANAKA Observer: ITU: Biel JAMOUUSSI, Fabio LEITE GISFI: Anand R. PRASAD, Ramjee PRASAD Secretariat: Fumihiko TOMITA (TTC)