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Lesson 66(B)

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Lesson 66(B) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lesson 66(B). By Robbie. True or false:. 1. In the past there were no milu deer in China at all.( ) 2 .From the text we know that the number of nature parks for milu deer in China is increaseing every year .( )

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Lesson 66(B)

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Lesson 66(B)

By Robbie


True or false:

1.In the past there were no milu deer in China at all.( )

2 .From the text we know that the number of nature parks for milu deer in China is increaseing every year .( )

3.Milu deer disappeared during the Ming and Qing periods because too many of them had taken to other countries.( )





4.Today ,the only milu deer that can be seen alive are in England.( )

5. In England the weather is wet and cool and the milu deer was used to it.( )

6.From the text we know that there are too many milu deer in the great park which belonged to the Duke Bedford .( )

7.In1985,39 milu deer were brought to Jiangsu Province from Beijing.( )

8.It is hoped that one day milu deer will be able to live in the wild again.( )







Notes for Lesson 66 with处理;对待

What do people plan to do with the milu deer in future ?

注意:do with常与what连接使用,deal with常与how连接使用。 present =at the present time目前,现在例如:


3. The milu deer is a kind of deer that used to be common in China long ago. 麋鹿在很久以前是中国一种常见的鹿。

“used to ”是表示“过去常常……”的意思。例如:


We do not need any help at present.

He used to get up at seven, but now he gets up at six.


另外,“be used to do”意思是“被用来做某事。”“be used to sth/ doing sth”是“习惯于某事”或“习惯做某事”的意思。注意分辨它们之间的差别。例如:

Wood can be used to make desks and Chairs.

He is used to hard work.

I’m not used to being spoken to in that rude way.





4.Until recently, the only milu deer alive in the world belong to the Duke of Bedford in England. 直到不久以前,世界上仅有的活着的麋鹿属英国贝德福公爵所有。

1)until recently意为“直到不久以前;直到最近”,until 在此相当于till , 其意思是“直到……为止”,可作介词或连词。作介词时,后面常跟名词或副词,构成介词短语。作连词用时,引导一个时间状语短语。作连词用时,引导一个时间状语从句。例如:

He studied in the library until 12 o’clock. 他在图书馆一直学习到12点。

Please wait for me here until I come back. 请在这儿等我,一直等到我回来。

Until then, no one but me knew anything about it. 直到那时,除了我还没有人了解此事。


2) the only milu deer alive =the only milu deer that were alive (仅有的活着的麋鹿),句中的alive是形容词,作“活着的”解。通常用作表语。当作定语时,则要放在所修饰的名词后。例如:

He was badly wounded but was still alive. 他受了重伤,但还活着。

Who’s the greatest man alive? 谁是当今最伟大的人物?

类似的表语形容词还有:awake (醒着的), asleep (睡着的), afraid (害怕的), alike (相似的),等等。


5. Since then the number of milu deer there has greatly increased.



Because of the wildlife project, the number of milu deer has increased.


Travel increases one’s Knowledge of the world. 旅行使人增加对世界的了解。

He increased his speed to overtake the lorry. 他加大速度以超过前面的卡车。


6. At all these centres it is hoped thatone day they will have enough animals to set them free and let them live in the wild again. 在这些研究中心,人们希望有一天他们会有足够多的麋鹿可以放出去,让它们重新回到野外去生活。

1) It is hoped that …本句中it是形式主语,真正的主语是that引导的从句。意思是“人们希望…”相当于(people hope that…)。例如:

It is hoped that the number of milu deer will greatly increase very soon.



It is said that …(Somebody says that…)据说…

It is believed that …(People believe that …)人们相信…


It is supposed that …(People suppose that …)人们认为…

It is reported that …(Somebody reports that …)据报导…


It is said that our new school-house will be built here. 据说我们的新校舍将建在这里。

2) one day可指过去或将来的某一天 。some day只能指将来的某一天,the other day指过去 ( 不久前 ) 的某一天。例如:

I’m sure you’ll be able to come to visit our country one day.

You'll be an engineer some day .

I met him the other day at the bus station .


7. So once more there will be milu deer living in the wild in China. 因此,中国将会再有生活在野外的麋鹿了。

1) once more =once again作“再一次”,“重新”解,例如:

Will you please explain it to me once more?


2) 句中的living in the wild in China是分词短语作定语,修饰前面的名词deer,相当于一个定语从名(…that live in the wild in China)。例如:

The girl standing by the window is my classmate. =The girl who is standing by the window is my classmate. 站在窗户旁边的那个女孩是我的同班同学。

8.south of = to the south of在……以南

The zoo is three miles south of the city . 动物园在城南三英里处。


Thank you

Good bye