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Hortonworks: Partner Name PowerPoint Presentation
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Hortonworks: Partner Name

Hortonworks: Partner Name

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Hortonworks: Partner Name

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  1. Hortonworks: Partner Name Technology Partnership Date

  2. Instructions for Partners • Goal • Use this deck as a template to create a partnering go-to-market deck to help educate our field on the joint solution • Use the slides as a guide, some slides may not be appropriate for your solution • There are more slides here than you need, they are supplied in case they are useful to show your solution • This will be posted for our team internally • You can create a recorded webex to accompany the .ppt • This is not intended to be a live event • Audience • Hortonworks field – Sales and SE • The Reference Architecture section and Sandbox demos will be used externally and posted to • Do not include confidential information • Next Steps • Deck will be used as a basis for a pre-recorded Webex for our field • If you have Webex or similar product, use it to create the recording • Send the completed deck and recording/URL to Architecting the Future of Big Data

  3. Outline • About Partner and Partner’s Solution with Hadoop • Reference Architectures: How Partner’s Solution fits in the Modern Data Architecture and HDP • Joint Value Proposition • Marketing Opportunities • Demo / Sandbox • Current Customers / Hadoop Customers / Joint Customers • Field Enablement – Contacts • Appendix • Sandbox • Hortonworks Technology Certification • HDP on Windows – use if your solution supports Windows apps and/or Windows server Architecting the Future of Big Data

  4. Partner Overview / Solution OverviewPartner: Paste in your solution here Include: • Use cases • Problem it solves • See Modern Data Architecture slides to show where it fits in the ecosystem and Hadoop Architecting the Future of Big Data

  5. Additional Information to include • Sales Approach • Vertical Markets • Target Areas / Key Customer types • Audiences / titles • Pain Points based on audience • What questions would a customer ask that lead to your solution? • Competitive solutions • Leading and joint partners Architecting the Future of Big Data


  7. Guidance on Modern Data Architecture (MDA) slides • Where does your solution fit in the Modern Data Architecture? • What partners do you work with? • We are looking for ONE slide – use the one most appropriate • Other examples are provided just as fyi • One slide image will be included in the Solution Overview – a Hortonworks template that shows your solution with HDP

  8. Modern Data Architecture APPLICATIONS Custom Applications Packaged Applications Business Analytics OPERATIONAL TOOLS DEV & DATA TOOLS MANAGE & MONITOR BUILD & TEST DATA SYSTEM REPOSITORIES RDBMS EDW MPP SOURCES Existing Sources (CRM, ERP, Clickstream, Logs) Emerging Sources (Sensor, Sentiment, Geo, Unstructured)

  9. Modern Data Architecture APPLICATIONS DEV & DATATOOLS OPERATIONAL TOOLS DATA SYSTEM RDBMS EDW MPP HANA BusinessObjects BI INFRASTRUCTURE SOURCES Existing Sources (CRM, ERP, Clickstream, Logs) Emerging Sources (Sensor, Sentiment, Geo, Unstructured)

  10. Modern Data Architecture With SAP APPLICATIONS Business Intelligence OPERATIONAL TOOLS DEV & DATA TOOLS MANAGE & MONITOR BUILD & TEST DATA SYSTEM HANA BusinessObjects BI SOURCES Existing Sources (CRM, ERP, Clickstream, Logs) Emerging Sources (Sensor, Sentiment, Geo, Unstructured)

  11. Modern Data Architecture With INFA APPLICATIONS DEV & DATATOOLS OPERATIONAL TOOLS DATA SYSTEM DATA INTEGRATION HANA BusinessObjects BI SOURCES Existing Sources (CRM, ERP, Clickstream, Logs) Emerging Sources (Sensor, Sentiment, Geo, Unstructured)

  12. Modern Data Architecture APPLICATIONS OPERATIONAL TOOLS DEV & DATA TOOLS MANAGE & MONITOR BUILD & TEST DATA SYSTEM SOURCES Existing Sources (CRM, ERP, Clickstream, Logs) Emerging Sources (Sensor, Sentiment, Geo, Unstructured)

  13. Hortonworks & SAP Reference Architecture Query/Visualization/Reporting/Analytics AMBARI DATA SERVICES INTERFACE HBASE PIG HIVE ODBC HCATALOG JDBC SOURCE DATA TEZ MAPREDUCE HADOOP DataServices SAP Sybase IQ YARN DataServices HDFS Governance Exchange Replication SQOOP Files SAP HANA Files Files LOAD DBs JAVA RPC Java RPC CEP

  14. Hortonworks & Informatica Reference Architecture Visual Development Environment Batch CEP MDM AMBARI DATA REFINEMENT SOURCE DATA Profile Profile Parse Databases ETL Batch Cleanse Files Match Replicate HIVE & HCatalog(HiveQL and UDFs) Stream INTERFACE LOAD Enterprise Repositories Archive MAPREDUCE Servers & Mainframe Data Virtualization LOAD HDFS API YARN HDFS JMS Queue’s HIVE EDW HDFS API JDBC Social Sensor data

  15. Hortonworks & Teradata TVI Proactive system monitoring tied to customer support Viewpoint Reference Architecture Metrics Analysis Capacity Heatmap System Health Node Health Space Usage Alerts Services Query/Visualization/ Reporting/Analytical Tools and Apps SOURCE DATA - Sensor Logs - Clickstream - Flat Files - Unstructured - Sentiment - Customer - Inventory DBs AMBARI ODBC/JDBC DATA REFINEMENT HIVE CUSTOM PIG Analytical Platforms MAPREDUCE JMS Queue’s YARN INTERACTIVE STRUCTURE LOAD Teradata SQL-H REST HDFS HCATALOG (metadata services) Aster Discovery Platform SQOOP Files FLUME Files HTTP Files DATA STORAGE LOAD EXPORT NFS Teradata IDW TDCH SQOOP/HIVE STREAM WebHDFS

  16. HDP: Enterprise Hadoop DistributionPartner: show your stack and where you interact with the specific Hadoop projects OPERATIONAL SERVICES DATASERVICES PIG AMBARI HIVE (HCATALOG) HBASE FLUME SQOOP OOZIE LOAD & EXTRACT HADOOP CORE MAP REDUCE NFS WebHDFS HDFS PLATFORM SERVICES Enterprise ReadinessHigh Availability, Disaster Recovery,Security and Snapshots HORTONWORKS DATA PLATFORM (HDP) OS Cloud VM Appliance

  17. HDP: Enterprise Hadoop DistributionPartner: Optional - if it helps to show a higher level view Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) Enterprise Hadoop • The ONLY 100% open source and complete distribution • Enterprise grade, proven and tested at scale • Ecosystem endorsed to ensure interoperability OPERATIONAL SERVICES DATASERVICES Manage & Operate at Scale Store, Process and Access Data HADOOP CORE Distributed Storage & Processing PLATFORM SERVICES Enterprise Readiness HORTONWORKS DATA PLATFORM (HDP) OS Cloud VM Appliance

  18. Partner Demo • Demo should show how you connect to Hadoop and/or HDP • Ideally use the Sandbox so it can be posted and replicated by our field, your field, and prospects • See appendix for Sandbox information • Include how you approach the new types of data (see next slide on that) if appropriate Architecting the Future of Big Data

  19. New Types of DataPartner: If appropriate, show how you work with these use-cases • • Social Media Data • Server Logs • Clickstream Data • Machine and Sensor Data • Geolocation Data • Unstructured Architecting the Future of Big Data

  20. SocialUnderstand how your customers feel about your brand and products – right now ClickstreamCapture and analyze website visitors’ data trails and optimize your website Sensor/MachineDiscover patterns in data streaming automatically from remote sensors and machines GeolocationAnalyze location-based data to manage operations where they occur Server LogsResearch logs to diagnose process failures and prevent security breaches Unstructured (text, video, pictures, etc..)Understand patterns in text across millions of unstructured work products: web pages, emails, video, pictures and documents 6 Common Types of Hadoop DataPartner: If appropriate, show how you work with these use-casessee also: Value

  21. Joint Value • Why are we partnering together? • What is the end user value proposition? • What does Hortonworks bring to the solution, what does the partner bring? • What is unique with the joint solution? • Why Hortonworks vs other distributions? Architecting the Future of Big Data

  22. Marketing Collaboration – OptionsUpdate based on what has been done and what we plan • Initial Onboarding • Post Logos to both websites • Post Company descriptions on both websites • Partner Press Release • Partnership or new product or certification: Partner issues a release, Hortonworks supports with review and a quote and posts a link • Reference Architecture (basic templates included here) • Hortonworks will post a .pdf version of the reference architecture • Blog – Call to Action points to to one of the above • Demo – Partner solution working with HDP or Hadoop • Partner’s demo with Sandbox is ideal, see info on Sandbox in Appx. • Become a Certified Technology Partner (CTP) • Post the CTP logo on your website • Visibility on Hortonworks CTP site • See CTP slides in Appx. • Other options: Solution brief, whitepaper (for example, how partner interacts with Hadoop paper can become a joint paper)

  23. Current Customers<Partner fills in and adds slides> Architecting the Future of Big Data

  24. Joint and/or Hadoop Customers<Partner fills in and adds slides> Architecting the Future of Big Data

  25. Field Resources – Contact List • Who sales should contact Architecting the Future of Big Data

  26. Appendix • HDP for Windows • Sandbox • Certified Technology Program Architecting the Future of Big Data

  27. Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows Enterprise Apache Hadoop March 2013

  28. Why Apache Hadoop on Windows? • According to IDC Windows Server held 73% market share in 2012 • Hadoop was traditionally built for Linux servers so there are a large number of underserved organizations • According to 2012 Barclays CIO study big data outranks virtualization as #1 trend driving spending initiatives • Unstructured data growth exceeds 80% year/year in most enterprises • Apache Hadoop is the defacto big data platform for processing massive amounts of unstructured data • Complementary to existing Microsoft technologies • There is a huge untapped community of Windows developers and ecosystem partners • Enabled by a strong Microsoft-Hortonworks partnership and 18 months of development

  29. Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows • HDP is the first and only distribution available on Windows & Linux • Enterprise-grade Apache Hadoop on Windows • Enables same experience for Hadoop on Windows & Linux • More partners, more developers for Hadoop • Makes native Apache Hadoop available to Windows ecosystem • More options for Windows focused organizations • Hortonworks focus: Enterprise Apache Hadoop for all platforms • Trusted reliable production-ready distribution for on-premise Hadoop on Windows deployments • Built with joint investment and contributions from Microsoft • Deep engineering relationship ensures tight integration and maximum performance

  30. Seamless Interoperability with Microsoft Tools • Integrated with Microsoft tools for native big data analysis • Bi-directional connectors for SQL Server and SQL Azure through SQOOP • Excel ODBC integration through Hive • Addressing demand for Hadoop on Windows • Ideal for Windows customers with Hadoop operational experience • Enables most common Hadoop workloads in the Enterprise • Data refinement and ETL offload for high-volume data landing • Data exploration for discovery of new business opportunities • Data enrichment for fined tuned delivery and recommendation engines APPLICATIONS Microsoft Applications DATA SYSTEMS HORTONWORKS DATA PLATFORM For Windows DATA SOURCES New Sources (web logs, email, sensor data, social media) Traditional Sources (RDBMS, OLTP, OLAP) MOBILEDATA OLTP, POS SYSTEMS

  31. Inside HDP for Windows Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) For Windows • 100% Open Source Enterprise Hadoop • Component and version compatible with HDInsight • Availability • Beta release available now • GA early 2Q 2013 OPERATIONAL SERVICES DATASERVICES PIG HIVE Manage & Operate at Scale Store, Process and Access Data SQOOP OOZIE HCATALOG HADOOP CORE WEBHDFS Distributed Storage & Processing HDFS MAP REDUCE PLATFORM SERVICES HORTONWORKS DATA PLATFORM (HDP) For Windows

  32. Maximize Your Hadoop Deployment Choice • Use HDP for Windows for on-premises deployment on Windows Server • Ideal for Windows users with Hadoop experience • Perfect next step for those who are ready to move from POC to production • Use HDInsight for Microsoft tooling and Management and Provisioning • HDInsightService that offers full benefit of Windows Azure (e.g. elasticity & low cost) – available in Preview today • HDInsight Server for full integration of Hadoop with Microsoft tools on premises – Developer Preview available today • Full interoperability and deployment choice across platforms • Implement big data applications that run on-premise & cloud • By leveraging open source HDP, enables seamless interoperability across environments: Linux, Windows, Windows Azure

  33. Hortonworks Sandbox • The Sandbox • The fastest and easiest onramp to exploring and implementing a Hadoopsolution • Free Virtual Machine download • Partners can show customers how your solution interacts with Hadoop • Get leads from visibility on Hortonworks site • Demonstrate a close partnership with Hortonworks • How? Create a Sandbox demoand tutorial • Create a demo with your solution on Hadoop (for example a 3 minute video) • Create a step by step tutorial that guides the user to your eval and Sandbox • Visit the Partner Portal for templates and directions • Request a portal login at • Web Visibility • Partners can post a link or banner to the Sandbox to their site • Partners can obtain a report on lead activity that come from partner web site: request a unique URL from channelmarketing@hortonworks.comfor reporting • Once demos and tutorials are created, they can be posted on both sites for lead generation (blogging, tweets, campaigns) Architecting the Future of Big Data

  34. Certified Technology Program (CTP) • What is CTP • Accelerate the realization of “Big Data” value by providing pre-built & validated interoperability between HDP and Partner technologies in the marketplace • Customer Benefits • Differentiated solutions • Simplified decision making and reduced deployment risk • Rapid return on investment • Certification Services • Review integration architecture • Validate interoperability through joint testing • Integration best practice guidance • Partner Benefits • Accelerated sales with proven HDP interoperability • HDP roadmap visibility and alignment • Visibility on Hortonworks Certified Technology Program web pages • Certified logo for your web and PR quote for a press release Architecting the Future of Big Data

  35. Certified Technology Program: Get Started • Learn more at • Apply for certification at • Templates on Partner Portal • Have questions? Email us at