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Germany. France. Russia. Great Britain . The Race That Led to WWI. Revolutions That Rocked Europe.

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Great britain




Great Britain

The Race That Led to WWI

Revolutions that rocked europe
Revolutions That Rocked Europe

The idea of the people of a nation taking the control of their country into their own hands gained a lot of power as Western Europe watched the great Powerhouse of England lose the colonies in the United States…this inspired many others over the next 100 years to take stands against their governments.





Germany 1848



U.S. Colonies 1776

Imperialism the new measure of power in europe
Imperialism The New Measure of Power in Europe

  • Imperialism: The extension of a nation’s power over other lands

  • This can happen in two ways…

  • Indirect Rule: Local authorities allowed to keep their jobs, but government ultimately answers to imperial power.

  • Direct Rule: Imperial “cleans house” and replaces local authorities with ones from imperial country.

    • Direct rule tends to cause more conflicts

Great britain

King George V of England

Czar Nicholas of Russia

Triple Entente

Leaders of the Alliances

Kaiser William II of Germany

Triple Alliance

Premier George Clemenceau of France

Victor Emmanuel III

King of Italy

Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria

Great britain

Key Players of Western Europe Late 1800’s and Prewar