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Pampers Miracles Worksheet for Lovemarks Casebook PowerPoint Presentation
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Pampers Miracles Worksheet for Lovemarks Casebook

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Pampers Miracles Worksheet for Lovemarks Casebook - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pampers Miracles Worksheet for Lovemarks Casebook. 1. May 2012. Emotional Insight. Some Background In 2010 Pampers found itself in a place where it was losing the most valuable asset a brand can own – mums ’ trust.

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Pampers Miracles Worksheet for Lovemarks Casebook

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emotional insight
Emotional Insight

Some Background

In 2010 Pampers found itself in a place where it was losing the most valuable asset a brand can own – mums’ trust.

The problem started when moms began posting complaints online that Pampers Cruisers with DryMax was causing severe diaper rash, although product testing and a Consumer Products Safety Board investigation showed no connection. Negative buzz continued to grow and eventually spilled into mainstream media. Share was declining.

We needed to reconnect with parents in a fundamental way to regain their trust and their love – to go back to the basics of Pampers and show that the healthy, happy development of babies is what the brand cares about.

emotional insight1
Emotional Insight

We needed to ignite a new conversation about Pampers, leaving the DryMax discussion behind and showing Pampers’ commitment to caring for all babies’ health and happiness. The insight revealed itself in a tribe where the Agency and Client came together to explore how Pampers couldshow that it was in touch with the lives of today's parents and families.

Emotional Insight

However they come into the world, every baby is a little Miracle.

the idea
The Idea

However they come into this world, Pampers believes every baby is a little miracle to be celebrated supported and protected.

a ha moment
A-HA Moment
  • That would make me buy Pampers. You are recognizing people who society choose not to acknowledge, even though these people exist.
  • They're not just making a product, they're committing – it's personalized. Not just a diaper.
  • Pampers values all children -  disabilities, premature - it doesn't matter. They are human beings that need protection.
  • Pampers cares…it’s more than just the diaper. They care about the people who are using the diaper.
  • This is a commercial I could watch over and over. It's very real. I'd be looking at the TV waiting for it to come on and say, “That’s the one I’m talking about!”

We first knew we were on to something amazing when we showed the 60” video to moms in qualitative research and saw and heard their intensely emotional reponses:

a ha moment1
A-HA Moment

But the real A-HA moment happened after we posted the Miracles video on you YouTube and Facebook and saw how powerfully the idea was connecting with moms and how they were sharing it with other moms online.

I truly love your commercial. It shows your true focus. It brought a smile to my face. A commercial like this helps me make my decision on which product I will use for my new little arrival.

Thank you Pampers and P&G for supporting families that are created in all different ways. The women sharing their stories here are brave and strong, just like my daughter’s birth mother.

Having a new baby with Down’s Syndrome who also spent a month in NICU, this video touched my heart so much. Pampers, you truly captured all these babies and their new families with such grace and respect. This is more than a commercial. 

a ha moment2
A-HA Moment

And there were many subsequent A-HAs:

Views on YouTube built quickly, eventually reaching over 1.7 million views – by the most highly viewed video from Pampers ever.

Discussions about the video started popping up on numerous mom blogs and forums.

We gained of 240,000 new Facebook fans in four months.

great associated story consumer
Great Associated Story (consumer)

Good afternoon.My name is La Taasha B. and I am a mother to a child with special needs.  I found outabout her diagnosis at birth and gave up my career, essentially, in order to take care ofher.  Though this past year has been extremely difficult and at times I did not know howwe were going to make it to the next day, I found comfort in knowing that I was giving all that I had for her well-being.You see, my daughter has Down Syndrome and last year this time I could not even say thosefive words let alone write them in a letter.  I was suddenly a part of a community I knewnothing about...and never saw.  I was becoming aware of the way that people looked at uswhen we were out and began to dread being 'outed'. People can be so tactless at times andeven though I think that my daughter is beautiful, extra chromosome and all, it says a lotto open an email for a national campaign and see a little girl that looks like your baby.I thought, "Someone thinks she's beautiful" and felt the tears.So thank you P&G for caring enough for the DS community and for all other children born with special needs for putting one of our children front and center and not tucked away in a sidebar. Our children are beautiful.  It speaks to the character of your company that you would debunk public perception and allow our 'normal' to be shown to the world.Again, thank you. La Taasha and Cairo B.

great associated story team
Great Associated Story (team)

The other great story is the Saatchi Tribe that got us to the idea. For 2 ½ days a team from Saatchi, agency partners, and a few key clients generated literally hundreds of ideas. Our Tribe Leader, Cliff Frances, brought his amazing insight and skill to bear on in articulating and capturing ideas, suggesting how to move them along, and guiding the group to the final direction.

great associated story team1
Great Associated Story (team)

But equally amazing was our senior client, Jodi Allen, the North American General Manager. Joining to view the work at key junctures, Jodi pushed the Agency not to play it safe, to stretch the ideas beyond our comfort zone and make her and P&G colleagues uncomfortable. “We can always reign them in later if needed,” she said, “but if we don’t push beyond our comfort zone, we won’t get to something that’s truly great.” It was in no small part Jodi’s courage during the tribe and afterwards, and her unwavering support for Miracles even when it did not meet P&G standard testing benchmarks, that the work went on to execution, launch and success.

digital angle
Digital Angle

Listen & Support

If we wanted parents to hear us, then we had to start listening, actively, to parents. With a team of community managers in place to encourage dialogue among Facebook fans and a platform for parents to share the journeys that led to their little miracles, we actively listened to their unique stories. We learned about these one-of-a-kind parents. The community managers reached out to celebrate, support and protect those little miracles, responding to moms directly and going as far as surprising moms with gifts like baby blankets so she knew Pampers was listening.

digital angle1
Digital Angle

Show that we share her values

We launched the :60 video on YouTube and in special TV placements to spread the brand’s point-of-view that “every baby is a little miracle to celebrate, support and protect.” It resonated so powerfully with parents from many distinct lifestyles and situations that they began to thank Pampers for recognizing them and to share their appreciation with their online social networks.

Recognizing segments of parents who generally felt unrecognized, underserverd or even ostracized by society, popular culture and brands was a keep element in helping to get people talking about the campaign and fueling earned media.

digital angle2
Digital Angle

Engage her (Maintain momentum of “Missions”)

The “Missions” program fostered and facilitated true consumer participation by encouraging parents to pledge small acts of “celebrating, supporting and protecting” newborns and parents (i.e. I pledge to make dinner for a new mom). Once the participation threshold is met, Pampers responds with a miraculous response (i.e. Groupon for Social Responsibility). For instance, one miraculous response was the Mothers Day Event where Pampers showered moms with baby gifts who otherwise wouldn’t have the means for such a celebration.

measurable results
Measurable Results

1) Generate positive word-of-mouth, advocating Pampers among 3 million people

  • 29,757,473 total impressions through Miracles-related tweets (Source: Impressions from Tweet Reach looking at April through August 2011 )
  • 5,341,983 interactive impressions from YouTube homepage takeover (Source: YouTube Analytics)

2) Grow POE (Point of entry: new parents) share by 10%

  • The Pampers Swaddlers business is delivering very strong results with share up ~10% in July and August 2011 (Source: AC Nielsen AO Data)
  • This is the highest Swaddlers Share since prior to DryMax launch (Source: AC Nielsen AO Data)
  • Highest Pampers share in 10 years (Source: AC Nielsen AO Data)
measurable results1
Measurable Results

3) Increase USH (U.S. Hispanic) POE share +2.0 points

  • USH POE share +2.0 points since November launch (106 vs. GM) (Source: Nielsen Answers June ’10)

4) Get 1 million views of the “Miracles” :60 online video

  • 1,761,336 YouTube views so far (Source: YouTube)

5) Gain 240,000 more Facebook fans in 4 months

  • Gained 242,000 new Facebook fans (Source: Facebook Pampers member count on April 12, 2011 was 555,431 and was 797,816 on August 16, 2011)

6) Increase positive online sentiment of the Pampers brand

    • Positive online sentiment up 300% vs. P6M (Source: AC Nielsen April-June 2011)
pampers miracles missions and 50 th anniversary kick off
Pampers Miracles Missions and 50th Anniversary Kick-Off

Day One: Pampers Employees Visit Good Samaritan Hospital

An employee celebration at Baby Care Headquarters was just the start! Many employees brought their babies to work to commemorate Pampers significant milestone. Following, Pampers employees gathered to compile care packages and made deliveries to the local NICU at Good Samaritan Hospital. Highlights included:

  • Employees and friends of Pampers gathered to share their moving, inspirational miracle stories and there was hardly a dry eye in the room
  • More than 30 families and nurses gathered together at Good Samaritan Hospital to receive the first care packages of support in conjunction with the Miracle Missions program
  • Media in attendance at the event included: Cincinnati Enquirer, AP photo, Fox, CBS and NBC local affiliates
pampers miracles missions and 50 th anniversary kick off1
Pampers Miracles Missions and 50th Anniversary Kick-Off

Day Two: Pampers Partners with Celeb Parents and The Mount Sinai Hospital

Pampers continued the celebration by partnering with a variety of celebrity parents who have their own personal miracle stories. Actors Joey Lawrence and Mark Consuelos, alongside actresses Ali Larter and LaLa Anthony delivered care packages to The Mount Sinai’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in New York City, and participated in a press junket following to share their enthusiasm for the campaign. A few highlights, include:

  • Celebrities had the opportunity to meet with a family going through their own unique miracle story within the NICU and provide encouragement during their difficult journey. The family was elated at the generosity brought forth by Pampers and appreciated the compassion shared by the celebrities.
  • Pampers was joined by Dr. Ian Holzman, MD, Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, Chief of the Division of Newborn Medicine and Professor of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences at The Mount Sinai Medical Center, who lent insights on how more babies survive today thanks to the medical advances and dedicated doctors and nurses in the NICU.
  • Over 20 key media, photographers and bloggers were in attendance, including: USA Today, Better TV, American Baby, People Magazine, Star Magazine, InTouch Weekly, OK! Weekly, E! Online, WireImage, Getty Images, Prissy Mommy Chronicles, Gay NYC Dad, and more! 

The Daily News, 4.13.11


The Daily News, 4.17.11

Online and Print


OK Weekly, 5.9.11



In Touch, 5.2.11


OK Weekly, 5.2.11


social media
Social Media

“Tweeting” Up the Momentum

Various tweets from our event celebrities, including Mark Consuelos, Joey Lawrence & LaLa Anthony, helped spawn momentum on the platform immediately following the Pampers Little Miracle Missions launch at Mt. Sinai's event in NYC. Each of the celebs tweeted, encouraging consumers to participate in Pampers first Little Miracle Mission on Facebook. Items were “retweeted” by other celebrities including Kelly Ripa (wife of Mark Conseulos), Horatio Sanz and Howie Mandel.

As part of our Project Daisy efforts to help draw eyes to the 60-second Miracles television commercial, we partnered with multiple celebrities, with high Twitter followings, to tweet out links to the spot on their personal Twitter pages. Participating celebrities included Khloe Kardashian,  Giuliana Rancic, Kris Jenner, Kelly Rowland and Kristin Chenoweth.

Additionally, both Khloe Kardashian's and Kristin Chenoweth's Miracles tweets were posted in full (including the link to the Miracles commercial on the Pampers YouTube channel) on's "Tweet Ticker: What The Stars Are Saying Right Now On Twitter", a sidebar on the homepage (which boasts over 9 million monthly viewers).

social media2
Social Media

To also help perpetuate the Twitter buzz, our bloggers used the Twitter machine to promote their #PampersMiracles blogger giveaways, where they are  giving one reader a $50 gift card to "pay it forward" as a way to help celebrate, support or protect a family in their community. Over 75 bloggers are taking part in this effort currently, with several more in the planning process. 

Through these efforts, we reached over 14 million people and garnered over 26,700,000 million total impressions.