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Order Picker Applications

Order Picker Applications. picking height. picks per hour appox. High level order picking. > 3.5 m picking height. OPBM10K. OPBH..K. Medium level order picking. 2.5 - 3.5 m picking height. Low level order picking. 0-2.5 m picking height. OPB..S. OPB20T. OPBL10K.

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Order Picker Applications

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  1. Order Picker Applications

  2. picking height picks per hour appox. High level order picking > 3.5 m picking height OPBM10K OPBH..K Medium level order picking 2.5 - 3.5 m picking height Low level order picking 0-2.5 m picking height OPB..S OPB20T OPBL10K Types of order picking

  3. 2 roll containers one pallet 3 roll containers 1450 mm 1150 mm 2 pallets 2350 mm 2350 mm Applications Low Level Order Picker Applications • Picking complete orders • Shuttle movement • Always other trucks needed for replenishment (often in combination with reach trucks)

  4. Low Level Order Pickers OPB20 Tiller arm model OPB20S Steering wheel model Three Basic Models OPBL10K Rising platform model

  5. OPB10-20S Low level order picker with steering wheel • OPB20S 2000 kg capacity • OPB20SP 2000 kg capacity • OPB10SF 1000 kg capacity • OPB10SPF 1000 kg capacity

  6. OPB20SP with rising platform • OPB20S standard model • OPB10SF with rising forks • OPB10SPF with rising platform and rising forks Models

  7. OPB10-20S Features and benefits • Walk beside driving button both sides of backrest • Saves time, Higher productivity • Up/down button for platform both sides of backrest • Saves time, Higher productivity • Adjustable foldable seat in backrest • Less fatigue, higher productivity • Unlimited 360 degree electrical steering • Better manouvrability

  8. OPB10-20S Features and benefits • Rollers for fast battery change • Quick battery changing, saves time • Lifting platform 930 mm (OPB20SP, OPB10SPF) • Possible to reach the second level. More pickfaces available • Fork lift 800 mm (OPB10SF OPB10SPF) • Working on right height • Programmable controller • Possible to adapt the truck to the application • Regenerative breaking • Less wear on breaks, less maintanance cost

  9. Direction indication and fault indication lamps Battery discharge indicator Console adjustment button Emergency stop Forward/ backward Steering wheel Key switch Operator Console Horn Lifting and lowering buttons

  10. Options Price list options OPB..S(F)(P) range

  11. Options RAL colour option Wheels -35 oC Cold store modification Preparation for terminal Options

  12. Options Battery Battery space Battery changing trolley Options

  13. Options Safety bar at rear Fork length Rubber bumper Options

  14. Options Safety bar at front for second level order picking picklistholder Shrink wrap holder Options

  15. OPBL10K Low level order picker with rising platform • OPBL10K 1000 kg capacity • OPBL10KF 1000 kg capacity • OPBL10KV 1000 kg capacity

  16. Applications Low/ Medium Level Order pickers Suitable for bottom boarded pallets OPBL10K basic model OPBL10KV: + variable fork width (490 - 850 mm) The OPBL10KV is suitable for a variety of load carrier sizes • High frequency picking for example beverage industry OPBL10KF: + lifting forks (790 mm)

  17. Configuration Features (and benefits) • Stepless lifting and lowering of the platform • Comfortable and precise handling of pallets • SEM motor • State of the art DC technology • Regenerative braking • Less wear on brakes, less maintenance • 360 degree steering • Better manouverability

  18. Configuration Features (and benefits) • Walk beside drive button, speed 2,5 km/h • Saves time, increases productivity • Lifting / lowering bottom on the side of the chassis • Saves time, increases productivity • Rollers for fast battery change • Makes shift work possible • Variable fork width (KV model) • Can take a variety of different pallet sizes

  19. Options Price list options OPBL10K(F)(V)

  20. Options RAL colour option Wheels -35 oC Cold store modification Battery changing trolley Options

  21. Options Fork length Rubber bumper Preparation for terminal Options

  22. OPB20T Low level order picker with tiller arm • OPB20T 2000 kg capacity

  23. configuration Standard configuration Separately exited motor Regenerative braking Tires of Vulkollan Tiller arm control Battery changing rollers

  24. Options Price list options OPB20T

  25. Options Battery Battery changing trolley Options

  26. Options Fork length Fork width Wheels Options

  27. Options RAL colour option BDI and hour meter -35 oC Cold store modification Options

  28. Options Rubber bumper Drive alongside button Options

  29. Low level order picking Applications High Level Order Picking Horizontal movement Vertical movement

  30. Metal plates to limit speed at end of aisle OR inductive guidance cross aisle or turning aisle 3340 mm aisle 1300 mm Applications High level order picking Rail guidance

  31. In the aisle When the platform height < 4500 m ; max. speed When the platform height > 4500 mm ; 2.5 km/h Outside the aisle; without any guidance When the platform height < 500 mm ; max. speed When the platform height 500 mm - 2500 mm ; 4 km/h When the platform height > 2500 mm ; 2.5 km/h When the steering wheel turned more than 10 degrees ; 2.5 km/h Applications High level order picking EU driving speed restrictions at high lift

  32. Applications Safety Rope • A safety rope is included in delivery: • According to standard EN1726-2 it must be available in every man-up machine

  33. Applications Survey form High level order pickers always will be dedicated to their application Thus filling in a application survey form is absolutely necessary!

  34. OPBM10K Medium level order picker 24 V • OPBM10K 1000 kg capacity

  35. OPBM10K Performance • Compact dimensions, ideal for working is narrow spaces • 360° steering , for easy manoeuvring and steering into the aisle • 24 V SEM-technology • High drive and lift speeds

  36. OPBM10K Performance • Strong liftmotor (5,5 kW), high lift speed • Smooth, precise and soft movements and accurate lifting & lowering • Programmable acceleration and braking • Stepless lifting and lowering as well as stepless driving speed control

  37. OPBM10K Performance Regenerative braking Battery capacity 24 V / 625 Ah

  38. OPBM10K Ergonomics – step height Low step height 220 mm

  39. OPBM10K Ergonomics – Order picking • An excellent ability to reach the pallet: • Reach distance kept very short by removing the additional lift cylinder from the cabin front Split control panel so the operator does not lean against the controls

  40. OPBM10K Ergonomics – Operator compartment Vibrations isolated operator’s compartment Lot of space for items Low noise level

  41. OPBM10K Ergonomics – Operator compartment Comfortable backrest improves the ergonomic position for the driver It can be folded down to act as a small seat

  42. OPBM10K Ergonomics – Controls All operating controls within easy reach Enables good driving position Two handle control Good, steady grip

  43. OPBM10K Ergonomics – others • Additional lift (750 mm) Effective working lights (option)

  44. OPBM10K Easy maintenance • Daily maintenance easy • Machinery easily accesable • Battery under single lightweight cover • Fully programmable controller • Fault diagnostics for quick fault finding

  45. Options Price list options OPBM10K

  46. OPBM10K Options Controls at mast-side (truck diving with forks trailing) Fork carriage with adjustable width across the forks Different forklengths

  47. OPBM10K Options • Battery rollers in the truck • Battery changing device • Connectors and cables

  48. OPBM10K Options • Picklist holder A4-size Rearview mirrors

  49. OPBM10K Side guidance rollers Options Liftstop with override End of aisle break

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