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Workshop: Highly Qualified Teachers

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Workshop: Highly Qualified Teachers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workshop: Highly Qualified Teachers. Sabri Ciftci Thelma Nolan. Conference on Juvenile Justice Education and No Child Left Behind. July 17-18, 2006: Orlando. Presentation Outline. NCLB High Qualified Teacher Requirements Why and How are Teachers Important? Research in Florida

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workshop highly qualified teachers

Workshop: Highly Qualified Teachers

Sabri Ciftci

Thelma Nolan

Conference on Juvenile Justice Education and No Child Left Behind

July 17-18, 2006: Orlando

presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • NCLB High Qualified Teacher Requirements
  • Why and How are Teachers Important?
  • Research in Florida
  • Survey Results
    • Implementation Status
    • Impediments
  • Group Discussion and NCLB Implementation Plan Workshop
highly qualified requirements
Highly Qualified Requirements
  • College degree
  • Certification or licensure; does not include certification that has been “waived on an emergency, temporary, or provisional basis”
  • Demonstrate content knowledge in the subject they are teaching
  • New teachers must either pass a rigorous test in the subject area or have a college major in the subject area.
  • Veteran teachers must either pass the state test, have a college major in the subject area, or demonstrate content knowledge through some other uniformly applied process designed by the state, such as the HOUSSE provisions.
teacher qualifications and academic gains
Teacher Qualifications and Academic Gains

Subject knowledge vs. pedagogy debate

  • Darling-Hammond, number of college courses the teacher completed in subject area was related to student test scores
  • In a different study non-certified new teachers with BA degrees were found to negatively impact student test scores
  • Content knowledge appears to be the more important factor in student academic gains (Goldhaber and Brewer, 1996; Darling-Hammond, 2000)
  • “The effect of the teacher far overshadows the classroom variables” (Rivers and Sanders, 2002)
  • Good teachers have a positive lasting effect and bad teachers have a negative lasting effect on students’ academic achievement
teacher retention and turnover
Teacher Retention and Turnover
  • Darling-Hammond (2000)
    • More than 1/3 of new teachers leave the profession within 5 years
    • 1/5 change their schools
  • Ingersoll
    • The teaching profession has a 17% turnover rate compared to 11% in other professions
    • First year = 11%
    • Second year = 10% more
    • Fifth year = 39% of new teachers have left
certification and in field teaching
Certification and In-field Teaching
  • 80% of Public school teachers are professionally certified nationally, compared to 63% of juvenile justice teachers in Florida
teacher retention
Teacher Retention

*This number includes all teachers leaving juvenile justice schools not necessarily the teaching profession

level of highly qualified implementation n 44
Level of Highly Qualified Implementation – n=44
  • Improvement in the percentage of Highly Qualified teachers

Higher = 20

About the Same = 14

Less = 3

  • JJ Teacher Salaries compared with Public School

Higher = 0

About the Same = 29

Less = 7

highly qualified impediments n 43
Highly Qualified Impediments – n=43
  • States ranked Highly Qualified as the second most difficult NCLB requirement to implement in juvenile justice schools

Implementation Plan Process

  • Identify Impediments to Employing Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Propose Solutions for Recruiting and Retaining Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Coordinate with State and Local Agencies
  • Identify Current and Needed Resources for Employing Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Develop Time Lines for Implementation
  • Evaluate and Modify Your Implementation Strategies based on Measured Progress

Workshop Process

  • Discuss Impediments
  • Discuss Solutions
  • Build Consensus
  • Work on Implementation Plans
  • Wrap-up; Record Questions