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Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

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Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services. FY06 – FY09 Budget Presentation February 22, 2005. Mission Statement. Administrative Services seeks to provide a safe, secure, and functional environment that supports UIC’s mission of teaching, research, public service, and health care.

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vice chancellor for administrative services

Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

FY06 – FY09 Budget Presentation

February 22, 2005

mission statement
Mission Statement

Administrative Services seeks to provide a safe, secure, and functional environment that supports UIC’s mission of teaching, research, public service, and health care.

vice chancellor for administrative services1
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
  • Facilities Management and Capital Programs
  • Police
  • Facility and Space Planning
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Campus Human Resources
major responsibilities facilities management and capital programs
Major Responsibilities:Facilities Management and Capital Programs
  • maintain campus facilities and grounds
  • provide transportation services
  • plan, design, and manage construction projects
  • establish and maintain building standards
  • provide parking services
  • provide mail services
  • maintain facility information system
major responsibilities police
Major Responsibilities: Police
  • law enforcement
  • traffic safety
  • emergency preparedness
  • incident response
  • crime prevention and personal safety training
  • alarms and access control
major responsibilities facility and space planning
Major Responsibilities:Facility and Space Planning
  • develop and implement procedures for reallocation of existing space
  • plan for allocation of backfill space
  • update campus facility master plan
  • prepare capital budget request documentation
  • develop multi-year, multi-source capital plan
major responsibilities environmental health and safety
Major Responsibilities:Environmental Health and Safety
  • regulatory compliance
  • policies, procedure manuals, training programs, inspections, monitoring, consultation
  • chemical and radioactive waste collection and disposal
  • provision and maintenance of safety equipment
  • emergency response and accident investigation
major accomplishments facilities management capital programs
Major Accomplishments:Facilities Management & Capital Programs
  • responded to over 50,000 requests for service from the campus
  • created a “Facilities Inspector” position to monitor the maintenance of classrooms
  • implemented a new computerized maintenance management system to track and control service requests, work orders, project estimates, allocation of resources, and preventive maintenance
  • developed alternatives to in-house collection of refuse and recycling
major accomplishments facilities management capital programs continued
Major Accomplishments:Facilities Management & Capital Programs(continued)
  • installed a new Project Management System as part of a University-wide initiative
  • Strengthened the pre-qualification program for project consultants and contractors
  • reduced the number of change order requests on projects
  • obtained the target of 2% changes on projects due to errors and omissions
  • improved systems training and project turnover by implementing commissioning process
major accomplishments mail services
Major Accomplishments:Mail Services
  • coordinated with the Pilsen Post Office for delivering mail to campus buildings south of Roosevelt Road
  • developed a schedule with the Main Post Office and the Nancy B. Jefferson Post Office so that mail can be delivered to campus units predictably
  • developed a schedule with the Main Post Office for the routine pick-up of US Mail from the campus
major accomplishments parking services
Major Accomplishments:Parking Services
  • implemented the Chicago Card Plus Program
  • installed a new access system to make all lots ADA accessible
  • opened the Maxwell Street Garage on South Campus
  • replaced cashiering equipment in the parking garages
major accomplishments police
Major Accomplishments: Police
  • strengthened the cooperation between the UICPD and the Chicago Police Department (CPD) 12th District Joint Task Force
  • solved 9 robbery cases with the assistance of the CPD
  • investigated the misuse of university p-cards resulting in 2 approved felony arrests
  • arrested burglary ring with 8 cases solved related to labs and offices
  • cleared major burglary/theft ring in student residence halls
  • formed a joint task force with the CPD to ease community tensions
major accomplishments facility and space planning
Major Accomplishments:Facility and Space Planning
  • developed protocol for reviewing requests for reallocation of space
  • established framework for viewing capital wants and needs in multi-year, multi-source perspective
major accomplishments environmental health and safety
Major Accomplishments:Environmental Health and Safety
  • completed several OSHA-mandated policies
  • audited and revised Asbestos Management Program
  • developed emergency action plans and evacuation drills
  • revised biohazard, radiation safety, and chemical safety training programs
  • implemented laboratory decommissioning policy
  • improved response time through additional EHSO staff cross-training
  • bringing radiation pathological incinerator on-line
  • implemented portal radiation monitor for hospital bio-hazardous waste
  • saved $407K for the UIC community by performing services in house services as opposed to outside vendors
increased demand for services facilities management and capital programs
Increased Demand for ServicesFacilities Management and Capital Programs
  • increasing number of campus accessibility issues and increasing demand for ADA services
  • mechanical system failures
  • renovation of classrooms
  • street median maintenance
  • supporting the Oasis Program
  • expanding research programs and facilities
increased demand for services police
Increased Demand for Services Police
  • processed 41,580 police calls
  • Homeland security
  • South Campus security
  • shooting incidents
  • CPD change in emphasis
increased demand for services facility and space planning
Increased Demand for Services Facility and Space Planning
  • reallocation of space for new/expanded programs
  • occupancy of new facilities
  • changing requirements of instructional programs
  • increased emphasis on interdisciplinary programs
  • infrastructure renewal initiatives
  • master plan process
  • multi-year, multi-source capital planning
increased demand for service environmental health and safety
Increased Demand for ServiceEnvironmental Health and Safety
  • laboratory services
  • new federal, state and local regulations
  • newly initiated regulatory agency inspections
  • increased type & volume of radiation treatments
  • increased volume of safety complaints/calls
  • increased number & sophistication of biohazard research (BSL-3 & select agent)
  • request for initiation of residence hall safety inspections
current challenges vcas
Current Challenges – VCAS
  • budget and staffing reductions
  • conversion of space
  • deterioration of facilities
  • growth of research programs
  • increase in regulations compliance requirements
  • implement a central data base for emergency preparedness and operations
  • complete upgraded wireless lines to police vehicles and begin dispatching and data transmittal via computers in cars
  • re-establish a community policing unit to provide programmed, targeted services to the campus community
unmet obligations
Unmet Obligations
  • oversight of construction activity, drawing review, and inspection
  • chemical waste disposal
  • code compliance (ADA, Chicago building code, & other regulatory agencies)
  • deferred maintenance
  • laboratory safety training and inspection - staff
  • preventive maintenance
  • union wage increases
  • monthly fire suppression equipment testing & inspection
  • increased costs of vendor services and supplies
  • unfunded police officer commitments
budget state decrement and internal reallocations by fiscal year
Budget State Decrement and Internal Reallocations By Fiscal Year

FY 2003 FY 2004 FY 2005(*) Total


Facilities Management and

Capital Programs $ 3,522 $ 3,172 $ 1,385 $ 8,079

Police $ 658 $ 0 $ 298 $ 956

Environmental Health and Safety $ 116 $ 0 $ (27) $ 89

OVCAS $ 54 $ 252 $ 39 $ 345

Total VCAS $ 4,350 $ 3,424 $1,695 $ 9,469

budget all sources beginning budget fy05
Budget All Sources Beginning Budget FY05

F&A Self-

Departments State Allowances Supporting Total

Facilities Management and $26,931 $ 4,910 $ 17,919 $ 49,760

Capital Programs

Parking $ 11,785 $ 11,785

Police $ 5,771 $ 43 $ 1,039 $ 6,853

Environmental Health & Safety $ 980 $ 150 $ 536 $ 1,666

Facilities & Space Planning $ 270 $ 90 $ 0 $ 360

OVCAS $ 1,208 $ 112 $ 56 $ 1,376

Total $ 35,160 $ 5,305 $ 31,335 $ 71,800

Excludes open jobs

maintenance and renewals replacements budget comrb
Maintenance and Renewals & Replacements Budget COMRB

College of Medicine Research Building - 332,000 sf

  • total preventive maintenance, minor maintenance repair and unscheduled maintenance is projected at $2.26/sf

- Facilities Management budget per average sf is $1.57

- shortfall is approximately $.69/sf or $229,080

  • future Renewals & Replacements requirement is projected at $2.82/sf or $933,172 annually – no funds earmarked


budget selected impacts 2003 2005 vcas
Budget Selected Impacts2003 – 2005 VCAS
  • since FY 02 FM has reduced staff by 111 positions representing a 16% decrease
  • reduced transportation services
  • eliminated an Associate Vice Chancellor office
  • eliminated security services for PEB and SES
  • eliminated 2 project manager positions in OCP
  • reduced police investigation staffing
  • reduced visibility of police and citizens perception of safety
disinvestment reallocation strategy
Disinvestment – Reallocation Strategy
  • continue to treat negotiated salary increases as unavoidable expenses
  • hold Police, Environmental Health and Safety and safety related maintenance functions harmless from future decrements
  • attrition
  • layoffs
  • reduction of service levels
  • selective outsourcing
fy07 fy09 investment allocation strategies facilities management and capital programs
FY07 - FY09 Investment Allocation StrategiesFacilities Management and Capital Programs
  • maintenance and improvement of classrooms, lecture halls and public areas
  • preventive maintenance program
  • construction estimation, inspection, and drawing review program
fy07 fy09 investment allocation strategies police
FY07 – FY09 Investment Allocation StrategiesPolice
  • increase staffing levels
    • 4 additional police officers
    • 1 additional police sergeant
  • conform to proposed Field Services Staffing Plan prepared by PERF
fy07 fy09 investment allocation strategies environmental health and safety
FY07 – FY09 Investment Allocation StrategiesEnvironmental Health and Safety
  • training initiatives
  • compliance staffing
  • waste handling program
additional sources of revenue fy 07 fy09
Additional Sources of Revenue FY 07 – FY09
  • Facilities Management overhead rate increased to 40% - currently 29%
  • Capital Programs management fees
  • increased/new charges for services
  • significant accomplishments despite shrinking resource base
  • demand for services continues to increase
  • need to maintain essential Police and EHSO services
  • unavoidable union wage increases
  • facility and administration allocation must be increased to maintain core functions