My great great grandad albert john tizzard
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My Great-Great Grandad Albert John Tizzard. 1900-1978. By Jake Farrell. Albert. My Nanny. My Great Nana. My Family Tree Albert is my Great Great Grandad. My Mum. Me. Albert John Tizzard A Life in Pictures.

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My great great grandad albert john tizzard

My Great-Great GrandadAlbert John Tizzard


By Jake Farrell

My great great grandad albert john tizzard


My Nanny

My Great Nana

My Family Tree

Albert is my Great Great Grandad

My Mum


Albert john tizzard a life in pictures
Albert John TizzardA Life in Pictures

  • Albert John Tizzard’s Mum and Dad were called John Tizzard (1880-1960) and Marian Tizzard (born in 1872). They ran a boot and shoe makers at 182 Walworth Road in London. They lived above the shop where the dust from the shoes would make a “dust cover” on the custard.

Albert as a baby
Albert as a baby

  • This is Albert in his pram in front of their shop. In the picture they are holding signs saying they have no connection to the Tizzards down the road. His Dad fell out with his brother over money he also owned a shop down the road.

Albert as a child
Albert as a child

  • Albert had 2 sisters called Lily and Grace and a brother called Stanley

  • Lily died when she was 7

Albert as a child1
Albert as a child

  • Albert learnt to play the violin at an early age

“For Future Memories, Yours Truly Albert 6-7-1914”

In the army
In the army

Albert signed up for the army in the World War One in 1918. Here are some pictures and some notes Albert made about his time in the war we think it says “Jake...17th...white on draft leave for Germany came until Sat 8th Feb went back Sat 15th with extension of 2 days given on the 15th Feb1919. Janet Stone .....Tizzard

Stationed at Blackdouche Farnborough”

My great great grandad albert john tizzard

In the army continued...

Albert’s Uncle also fought in World War 1 unfortunately he never came back.

Albert marries jane stone
Albert marries Jane Stone

Albert met Jane because her dad Albert Stone and her mum Eliza Winslade owned the Tankard pub in Walworth Road where Albert lived.

Albert and jane s daughters
Albert and Jane’s daughters

They had 3 daughters Doreen (born1922) Gweneth (1925-1999) and Pamela (1931-1986 my Great Nana).




Albert s music career
Albert’s music career

As well as working in the shop at 182 Walworth Road. Albert played in 2 bands 1 called the Anglo Novelty 5 and the Tizzard 3.He played the violin.They were famous around the London dance halls.He bought home liquor chocolates for Jane who would get tipsy.


The freemason
The Freemason

  • Albert was a Freemason and reached the highest rank in his lodge. At the time the Mason’s were very secretive and had secret handshakes and sayings so other Masons knew who they were. Now we know that they are an organisation that raises money for charity.

Jane and Albert with their 3 daughters and husbands at a Freemasons dinner

Albert john tizzard 1900 1978
Albert John Tizzard 1900-1978

  • Albert died after he got cancer in his back, discovered after getting pain looking at a plane at an airshow, he died over a year later.