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Things that make you go…

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Things that make you go…. BOOM!.

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From your recent Celebration results and communication decoding, we discovered you need a bit more background building. Please watch the next few clips and write down important facts you learn in your SsG. We would suggest that you may want to draw some sketches from the clips you view as well as answer the questions to ponder in your SsG.

  • This metal is a soft, silver-white metal that is a good conductor of heat and electricity and is highly reactive
  • Click on the picture to see how Li reacts with H2O

Questions to Ponder…

  • What does she put into the water before she puts in the Li? Why does she put it in there?
  • What kind of reaction did you see? Chemical or physical? Why???
  • This is a block of sodium. It cannot be stored out in the open, it must be stored in a liquid to remain stable.
  • This metal is soft enough it can be cut with a coin.

Questions to Ponder…

  • 1. How is this reaction in water different from Li? Why do you think it is different?

Click on both of these pictures to watch Na react.

  • This element is also silvery-white like it’s other family members, low melting metal the is soft enough to be cut with a knife. It tarnishes rapidly in air as forms a dull oxide coating.
  • Click on the hyperlink to see Potassium in action.

Questions to Ponder…

  • 1. How is K similar to Li and Na? How is it different?
  • 2. What have you learned so far about this family?
  • 3. If you could rename this family, what would you call it?

Click on the picture above for a quick view of K in action

Click on the picture below to see too scientists having a little too much fun with K!

highway to the danger zone
Highway to the Danger Zone…
  • Ready to view the King and Queen of the Alkali Metals? Click on the center picture below…
  • Questions to ponder while viewing…
  • 1. Why H2O make Rb and Cs react?
  • Why do you think Rb and Cs are so reactive metals?
most reactive metal
Most reactive metal…
  • You’ve got it…it’s francium…
  • Just the facts…are you thinking what “The Professor” is thinking????
  • Click on him to find out..

Oh and when you go search Francium on You Tube later tonight…know that the one the call the Francium Bomb test in the Pacific is in fact footage of the Hydrogen bomb test…unless someone can figure out how to extent it’s half life (22 minutes) on Earth and find Fr in more abundance…we can only imagine the results.

let s review
Let’s Review...
  • Click on the image to review the reactions Li-Cs.


  • If Alkali metals become more reactive as they move to lower groups on the periodic table, do all metals react that way?
  • Do all elements get MORE reactive as they move down the periodic table? Why do you think so?
  • Are there other trends/patterns on the periodic table that could help me as a scientist?