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D3 Security Management Systems

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D3 Security Management Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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D3 Security Management Systems. D3 Security Management Systems. Agenda. Who is D3? The D3 Advantage D3 Product Modules D3 Product Demo D3 Licensing Contacts and Q&A. D3 Security Management Systems. Who is D3?. Founded: June 2002 Locations: Vancouver, BC – Head Office

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Presentation Transcript
D3 Security Management SystemsAgenda
  • Who is D3?
  • The D3 Advantage
  • D3 Product Modules
  • D3 Product Demo
  • D3 Licensing
  • Contacts and Q&A
who is d3
D3 Security Management SystemsWho is D3?

Founded: June 2002

Locations: Vancouver, BC – Head Office

Toronto, ON

Staff: 32

Deployments: Over 1,500 with over 10,000 Users

the d3 advantage
D3 Security Management Systems
  • Why Standardize on D3:
    • Configurable Platform – ability to easily add, delete and edit data collection forms
    • 3-Tier Access Control Privileges – ability to easily define access control by business unit, group and role
    • Department Collaboration – ability to collaborate on an incident or case with an individual outside your function on an ad-hoc basis, such as HR, Ethics and IT
    • Powerful Workflows – configurable approvals, escalations, collaborations, notifications and task creation
    • Agile Analysis – ability to rapidly generate on-demand graphical reports
    • Enterprise-wide Snapshot – ability for senior users to generate and see data across multiple business units
The D3 Advantage
the d3 advantage1
D3 Security Management SystemsThe D3 Advantage
  • Industry-leading Value Proposition: SaaS License Model
    • D3 continues to expand market share and technological dominance through great value:
      • 24 x 7 Customer Support.Included in D3’s SaaS License Model.
      • Never-pay-for-an-upgrade.  Customers never pay for new releases of licensed software.
      • Lowest cost-of-ownership.  Thin-client architecture offers infinite scalability and maximum configurability with minimum IT support
      • Data security.  Thin-client equals zero exposure to sensitive data loss as no data resides on the client device
incident reporting
D3 Security Management SystemsIncident Reporting
  • Record & analyze Incident activity.
  • Standardized Forms, Fields, and Types.
  • 100% configurable.
  • Includes Case Management functionality.
  • Integrate HRMS, scheduling, & alarm systems.
  • Overlying Notifications & Workflow.
  • Accessible via desktop & handheld PC.
D3 Security Management SystemseAlert
  • Accessible by general public.
  • Standardized Forms, Fields, and Types.
  • 100% configurable.
  • Link eAlert form to Intranet/Internet.
  • Approve eAlert, escalate to Incident.
  • Overlying Notifications & Workflow
  • Route eAlert to specific users or Roles
D3 Security Management SystemsDispatch
  • Record & analyze dispatch activity.
  • Standardized Forms, Fields, and Types.
  • 100% configurable.
  • Can be used as a Daily Activity Log.
  • Integrate HRMS, scheduling, & alarm systems.
  • Overlying Notifications & Workflow.
  • Accessible via desktop
guard tour
D3 Security Management Systems

A Security Operations specific module for officer-centric real-time activity tracking and information collection that drives officer activities and routes on a barcode enabled Windows Mobile device.

Guard Tour

Ease of use and deployment

  • Does not require proprietary equipment and does not require officers to carry extra items
  • Familiar user interfaces speeds learning curve for security personnel
  • Works on any Pocket PC device with a barcode scanner
  • Barcodes can be printed locally on standard mailing labels

Fully configurable

  • Ability to define unlimited zones, routes, checkpoints and inspection questions
  • Full integration with D3 Incident Reporting, Post Orders, Dispatch and Analysis Reports

Automates processes

  • Saves time on data entry and paperwork
post orders operations manual
D3 Security Management SystemsPost Orders – Operations Manual

A Security Operations specific module for dissemination of general operating procedures and communication of bulletins and other time-sensitive information.

  • Standardized folders structure included.
  • Standard AI documents included.
  • Client-configurable folders & documents.
  • Insert images, PDFs, Video, etc.
  • Post Orders, Standards, Guidelines.
  • BOLOs, Intel, Bulletins, Maps.
  • Accessible via desktop & handheld device.
analysis reports
D3 Security Management SystemsAnalysis Reports

Analysis Reports utilizes all captured data to generate reports for analysis purposes.

  • Applies to all implemented modules.
  • Create reports using all database fields.
  • Save reports for repeatable use.
  • Publish to other users for their use.
  • Graph & drill-down functionality included.
  • Reports query a user’s universe of data.
  • Exportable to Word, Excel, & PDF.
d3 licensing
D3 Security Management SystemsD3 Licensing

Platform: SaaS (Enterprise Optional)

90% of clients are using SaaS

License Type: Full Privileged – Supervisor Level & Management, Full functionality, Administration Functions

Limited Privileged – Limited functionality, IR creation focus

Services: Training


Dedicated Business Analyst

contacts and q a
D3 Security Management SystemsContacts and Q&A:

D3 Security Management Systems Inc.

Fraser Retallack

D3 Security Management Systems Inc.

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 1-800-608-0081 Ext 303