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An International Dimension in Extension

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An International Dimension in Extension. The Michigan State University Experience Mary Andrews. Major Goals:. Enhancing the organizational culture Staff Capacity Building-Professional Dev. Programming Facilitation—An international dimension in all programs Coordination & Encouragement

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an international dimension in extension

An International Dimension in Extension


Michigan State University


Mary Andrews

major goals
Major Goals:
  • Enhancing the organizational culture
  • Staff Capacity Building-Professional Dev.
  • Programming Facilitation—An international dimension in all programs
  • Coordination & Encouragement
  • Experimentation
  • “ Extension professionals with access to information and appreciation for the nature of global issues can be a source of unique help to local clientele, and can be active partners in global development.”
  • Mary Andrews

program strategies international extension training program ietp
Program Strategies: International Extension Training Program (IETP)
  • Intense Professional Development Experience
  • Groups of 12-15 agents and specialists
  • Two year commitment of in-service time
  • Includes international travel
  • Financed by MSUE & Counties
i can t believe how much i learned during our first session
I can’t believe how much I learned during our first session…
  • Even if we never traveled together, this training is invaluable
  • Getting updated on global issues is important for all agents
  • I already value my involvement in IETP

Jim Wiesing, Grand Traverse Co.

planning for outreach
Planning for Outreach
  • Upon return from intn’l travels, the group debriefs and plans for educational programming in MI
  • Outreach happens before, during and long after IETP

Group XII, January 2002

program strategies study tours and exchanges
Program Strategies: Study tours and Exchanges
  • Participation in existing or self designed study programs (Study Abroad, Study Tours, Professional Meetings)
  • Add-on’s to international projects
  • Serving as chaperone to youth or adult travel experiences

ESP Study Tour to SE Asia, 2002

the study tour reminded me of all the great interactions during ietp
The Study Tour reminded me of all the great interactions during IETP…
  • IETP has always been with me…my travels to SE Asia reinforced those lessons
  • I feel better able to talk about the global food system now…I have first hand experience

Jan Seitz, Jackson Co.

program strategies international assignments
Program Strategies: International Assignments
  • USDA opportunities
  • ACDI-VOCA and other Citizen Volunteer Programs
  • Service Club/Partner Projects
  • Self designed opportunities
program strategies partnerships and exchanges
Program Strategies: Partnerships and Exchanges
  • Irish Rural Development Exchange
  • South Africa-

Univ. of the North Extension Development

EFNEP Adaptation in Johannesburg

  • Latvia: Extension Management Training
  • India: World Bank Model Development
  • Polish 4-H Foundation Development
i am a different person because of my international work
I am a different person because of my international work…
  • I can empathize with peoples of other countries and cultures
  • I am critical of our press and our gov’t.
  • I wish more people would travel and learn about the world

Roberta Dow, Grand Traverse Co.

program strategies hosting
Program Strategies: Hosting
  • Cochran Fellows
  • Various Delegations (Russia, Mexico,Ukraine, Egypt)
  • International Visitors to MSU
  • International Students at MSU
  • Youth Exchanges

Indian Students: Isabella Co.

International Experience as Leadership DevelopmentJulie Pioch, County Extension Director Van Buren County
  • The IETP program gave me a better understanding of myself and my leadership abilities.
    • The pre-travel seminars expanded my awareness and provided an opportunity to develop a better understanding and appreciation for those who have had different cultural experiences.
    • The international travel experience makes you test your limits in terms of cooperation, patience, physical stamina, and communication - all of which are important skills to practice as a leader.
    • I now have a sense of commitment to my staff and clientele to help them understand how we are connected to the rest of the world and to appreciate the leadership role we have as Americans and example we can set if we act as good global citizens.
    • I encourage my staff, my family and friends to seek out training experiences and travel opportunities that will expand their awareness, test their limits and increase their appreciation of different cultures and situations.
International Experience as Leadership DevelopmentJulie Pioch, County Extension Director Van Buren County
  • The pre-travel seminars gave me a chance to study and appreciate the global economy
    • I have a better understanding of the interconnectedness of the local economy with global markets and I can better articulate that to clientele
    • Discussions changed my perspective on personal buying decisions and their global impacts.
    • The seminars reviewed and refreshed my knowledge of technical financial concepts that have improved my abilities as an extension educator.
International Experience as Leadership DevelopmentJulie Pioch, County Extension Director Van Buren County
  • The travel experience provided opportunity to analyze Extension systems
    • Learning about other Extension systems provided an opportunity to analyze our own system in Michigan and in the US. I have a better appreciation for the historical relationships that we have in this county and appreciate our base within the university.
    • I witnessed that outreach models that are effective in this country are also effective in India when the needs of the client are understood and programs are client driven.
citizen education initiatives methods
Citizen travel and involvement

Global Education:

Trade/Global Economy

Sustainable Dev.

Environmental Issues


Trade Expansion

Intn’l Business Center

Trade Fairs

Networking/info access

Technological Advances:

Zebra mussel

Rotational grazing

Bedding plant industry

Citizen Education Initiatives: Methods
maximizing citizen international exposure
Maximizing Citizen International Exposure
  • Creating opportunities for exposure to intn’l people, ideas, concerns
  • Involving local leaders in hosting/educating intn’l guests
  • Creating linkages from local to global
  • Modeling “global citizenship”
  • Reinforcing intn’l interests of citizens
lessons learned international exposure
Lessons Learned: International Exposure
  • Important for staff credibility and confidence
  • Important to give comparisons/examples
  • Important for sensitivities and perspective taking
lessons learned training
Lessons Learned: Training
  • International exposure is not enough
  • Staff need guidance, instruction to create messages, programs
  • Staff need to see examples of opportunities for education
  • Being proactive—creating generalized interest
  • Being responsive—taking risks/speaking out
  • Working together
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • International Education is public affairs programming—not right/wrong answers
  • Educator’s Role is to expand awareness, interest, knowledge, involvement
  • People learn from interaction/involvement
  • Global issues are everyday matters—part of lifestyle, personal and professional practice
  • International dimension is everyday business
future issues
Future Issues
  • Maintaining staff competency/experience
  • Expanding global leadership
  • Expanding collaborations and partnerships
  • Accessing external funding
the future is now
The future is now:
  • “ Our world is globalizing around us. To serve our domestic clientele well, Extension needs to be globally aware and internationally active. We cannot, not be involved!”

Mary Andrews, Director

International Extension Programs, MSUE