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  1. LAWYER By: Isabella Arteaga 10/18/13 Class PD. :8th

  2. Lawyer Lawyers are people that have clients They prove facts to the jury to win the case Lawyers are very good arguers and have to work very hard to win a case There are lots of different types of lawyers A lawyer does a lot of research for a case

  3. High School You need a high school diploma so you can go to college then to law school.

  4. College Education You need a college degree in the subject of being a lawyer. You also need to go to law school to be a lawyer.

  5. Responsibilities Lawyers need to have all facts right They need to have good reasoning or they won’t be taken seriously They need to have good strategies If a client was charged for murder or theft (etc.) a lawyer would have to be ready to prove the client innocent

  6. FUN FACTS! There are many different types of reasons for lawyers, for example… • Environmental • Divorce • Injury • Suing different people • Criminal and civil cases Lawyers usually have to do a lot of advertising. Lawyers interview witnesses, suspects, and have to prepare themselves. Lawyers interprets laws, rulings, and regulations for individuals and businesses. Lawyers can also teach college courses for students.

  7. PHOTOS!!!

  8. My Thoughts I think being a lawyer would be a great job because you can really learn new things from being a lawyer. You can learn skills from preparing for a big case and that can help you in other events of your life. I think being a lawyer would be great because that’s a good job to have and I think this job can help me provide for my future family. It will help me provide money for bills, buying food, and a lot of other responsibilities that an adult has.