10 best affordable play schools in india n.
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10 Best Affordable Play Schools in India PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Best Affordable Play Schools in India

10 Best Affordable Play Schools in India

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10 Best Affordable Play Schools in India

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  1. 10 Best Affordable Play Schools in India Play School is no more a luxury place. It is considered the very foundation of a child’s elementary education. Play School is the first step of your beloved little one takes out of the house. Play School places like home where children younger than five years old go to play and learn. It offers many opportunities for children to explore and learn through carefully designed. This enables our kids development. Play School programs are helping the children to explore and celebrate their learning abilities. Play School staffs support children to develop necessary skills in a safe, healthy and nurturing atmosphere to seamlessly learn and grow. The educational programs, facilities, and personal attention paid to the kids, all play an important role in determining the best from the rest. Every playschool works towards providing the best education facilities to the children. Here is a list of 10 best affordable Play Schools in India that offer world-class preschool education to your beloved little one. to achieve overall growth and

  2. 1. VSI International School 2. Kidzee 3. Euro Kids 4. Kangaroo Kids 5. Hello Kids 6. Little Elly 7. Little Einsteins 8. Kids Campus 9. Smart Kidz 10. Poddar Jumbo

  3. 1. VSI International school:- VSI International school is the best ​play school in Jaipur​, Rajasthan in all over India with all-important, facilities. They have a fully air-conditioned school, having students from playgroup to Sr. Sec. level. they have top class well-trained faculty who always provides a good environment for kids. Kids get huge exposure to extracurricular activities like dancing, music, singing, sports, etc. under the guidance of our field specialists. Phone:​ 0141-2793080 Website:​ Email:​ Facilities:-​Featured with fully Air-Conditioned school, big playground, activity rooms, computer lab, transportation class, Joyous environment, child-friendly equipment, enticing toys, etc. facility, library, smart

  4. 2. Kidzee:- Kidzee is one of the most popular best play school in India. They have successfully launched a special learning program for the children. Also, let your child participate in the summer camps and adventurous trips organized by the playschool for a lovely experience. The Play School offers customized, theme-based curriculum called iLLUME, which is designed to nurture your child’s unique abilities. Facilities: Kidzee has many facilities such as spacious environmental playrooms, spacious playground, library, toy room, swimming pool for the toddler. Phone:​ +91-22-40343900 Website:​ Email:​

  5. 3. Euro Kids:- Euro Kids is a well-known play school in India, founded in 2001. The Play School offers four program groups which are the playgroup, nursery, Eurojunior, and Eurosenior. The Play School has a student to teacher ratio of 10:1. The euro kids believe in having active parental involvement in school activities. Facilities: child's security, trained faculties, good environment, focuses on children's cleanliness, and CCTV cameras in all their classrooms and garden, etc. Phone:​ + 91-22-61565656 Website:​ Email: ​

  6. 4. Kangaroo Kids:- The Kangaroo Kids school is also one of the best play school in India. it has over 80 schools across different cities in India. Each campus is enormous to provide a wide avenue to play and learn. The curriculum program focuses on social and emotional, physical, perceptional, and language development of children. The school serves children with special needs as well. The Play School functions on high parental involvement. Facilities:​ Pick up and drop, learning toys for fun learning, child safety, etc. Phone:​ +91-22-42013000 Website:​ Email:​

  7. 5. Hello Kids:- Hello Kid is a place where kids grow & develop their skills while reading, listening and playing. They take care of every child by developing communication, mathematical concepts, self-determination, arts and aesthetics, social environment and play methods. Facilities: child security, exercise, yoga, stage activities, regular check-ups with certified medical practitioners, transportation facilities, security guards, etc. Phone:​ +91- 80-42166508 / 42166509 Website:​ Email: ​ health and safety,

  8. 6. Little Elly:- Little Elly Play School Founded and established in 2004-05, the school is an initiative of Learning Edge India Pvt. Ltd. in association with Glen Tree, UK. It has a few programs for kids from playgroup to UKG. The best and main feature of this Play School is that it has a daycare facility on both monthly as well as per day basis. Facilities: Toys, books, activities and games, art, craft, puppet shows, and field trips, etc. Phone:​ +91-80-4112 7411 Website:​ Email: ​

  9. 7. Little Einsteins:- The Play School was founded in the year of 2007. Little Einsteins Play School has its presence in nine states in India. The preschool has many varieties of programs such as infant program, toddler program, preschool program and after school care. The Little Einsteins aim at improving a child’s personal skills, language skills, cognitive skills, moral education, social behavior, and concept knowledge. Facilities: Transportation facilities, security, games, art, and craft, cooking and dramatic play. Phone:​ +91-9989058655 Website:​ Email:​

  10. 8. Kids Campus:- The Play School offers many educational programs for kids from playgroup to senior kindergarten. The curriculum is different from the different age groups of the kids. IItsfocuses on social and emotional, language and communication, mathematical knowledge and understanding, general knowledge and understanding of the world, and creative development. Facilities: colored well-equipped classrooms, library, security, Indoor and outdoor play area, medical room, etc. Phone:​ +91-80- 65464454 Website:​ Email:​

  11. 9. Smart Kidz:- SMARTKiDZ Play School programs are designed to stimulate the thinking process and development of skills in the young children according to the different age groups. Teachers of smart kidz are trained to give many skills and motivate the kids to learn new things every day. The teachers of this school spend quality time with the children and parent them with love and affection. Facilities: ​Colorful classroom, better environment, toys for children to learn through play. Phone:​ +91-40-27894117 / 18 Website: ​ Email:​

  12. 10. Poddar Jumbo:- The education system is based on the Playway methodology. Play School ranges from toddler to senior kindergarten children. The school has a good teacher-student ratio is 1:10. The environments for the growth and development of the children. Facilities: Colorful classroom, child-friendly toilets and washbasins, toys and other types of equipment, CCTV cameras in every classroom. Phone:​ +91-22-26465393 Website:​ Email:​ Jumbo Poddar creates good