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Play Blackjack on Android - For Free or Real Money PowerPoint Presentation
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Play Blackjack on Android - For Free or Real Money

Play Blackjack on Android - For Free or Real Money

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Play Blackjack on Android - For Free or Real Money

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  1. Play Blackjack on Android: For Free or Real Money As a lifetime advantage gambler, I play Android Blackjack for … ● Higher payouts ● Big bonuses ● More cash in your pocket … When online casinos compete, players get perks like: ● Sign up bonuses ranging from 100%-200% of match play and free cash ● A larger variety of blackjack games like single deck, double deck and shoe play ● Player-friendly rule variations that increase your odds of winning by 13% or more Android Mobile Casinos vs. Live Table Games Any serious gambler knows that a casino floor is the worst place to gamble! Unlike Vegas, playing Blackjack on your Android device lets you control the action … 4 Ways Online Blackjack Casinos Help You Win: ● Play unlimited free practice hands before making real-money bets ● Control the speed of play. Fast or slow … it’s up to you ● Play 21 from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection ● Fast, next-day deposits in your bank account Brick and mortar casinos are designed to stop you from leaving because they know that the longer you stay, the more you’ll lose … 4 Dirty Tricks Casinos Use to Tilt the Odds in Their Favor: ● No clocks or windows so you lose track of time ● Casino floors are designed with distractions – flashing lights, scantily clad cocktail waitresses and suspicious pit bosses are meant to throw you off of your game

  2. ● Dealers who are trained to maximize the speed of the game, rushing you so that you’ll make mistakes ● There’s no practice play … you’ve got to put your money down to learn the game Basic Strategy Android Blackjack Apps Remember the MIT Blackjack team? They used a system of play that reduced the house’s advantage to below 0.5% … It’s called Basic Strategy and it teaches there’s a ‘best’ play for every hand. You might have seen something like this before: Basic Strategy will teach you when to hit, double down, split, surrender, or insure your bet. The best part is it’s simple to use. Let me show you: Let’s say you’re dealt a hard 14 (a 9 and a 5) and the dealer is showing a 6. What would you do? Basic Strategy has proven that standing on your 14 will pay out more often than hitting. But what if your 14 is a pair of 7’s against the dealer’s 6? Split those 7’s, lower the dealer’s chances of winning, and increase your bet (and potential win amount!). Following Basic Strategy increases your advantage against the house, which is why some casinos won’t let you use Basic Strategy cards at their tables.

  3. When you play blackjack on your Android, basic strategy guides are embedded into the game! There are even Android apps that will teach you Blackjack as you play. The Best Blackjack Card Counting Apps Card counting is a Blackjack strategy that gives you a huge advantage over the house! Card Counting works on this simple premise: Bet big when you have an edge, and small when you don’t. In a nutshell, it means … Counting the number of ‘big cards’ (9’s – A’s) in the deck against the ‘small cards’ (2’s – 7’s). +1 for big cards, -1 for small cards. With that basic formula, you’re now ready to practice counting cards with play money in a real online casino app. Or if you’ve already got basic Blackjack strategy down, you can wager real money but be careful where you play. Is it Safe to Play Blackjack on My Android Mobile Device? Yes, online casino apps use the same security technology used by Apple Pay, PayPal and Google Wallet to keep your financial information safe. How Android Casinos Keep You Safe and Secure: ● No need to go to the ATM! Safe, secure cash deposits right from your phone. ● Play on your Android and you don’t have to worry about anyone looking over your shoulder.

  4. ● When you play on your Android mobile device you can keep your card, and your wallet, safe and sound in your pocket or bag. Your account numbers and security codes never even have to appear on the screen. How do I Know if My Blackjack Android App is Legit? Only pick an Android Blackjack App that displays the logos of regulators and security firms. The most reliable list of safe and secure gambling regulators is found on the U.K. Gambling Commission White List. Other jurisdictions with a long history of safe, and legal, gambling operations are Malta, Antigua, and Gibraltar. In the U.S.A, both New Jersey and Nevada oversee secure mobile gambling apps. The cashier is another clue. Cashiers should be clearly marked with the rules posted and easy to find. The less small print, the safer the cashier. It should be simple and easy to deposit with Debit and Credit Cards and PayPal, and even easier to make a withdrawal. You may need to send a copy of a photo ID when you make an account. This is normal and helps make sure only you have access to your money. Legitimate Android Blackjack apps don’t hide the withdrawal button. Real casino apps want you to make withdrawals as its a normal part of the casino business. 6 Ways to Stay Safe While Playing 21 on Your Droid Phone

  5. ● Avoid open, public networks without a password. Make sure the coffee shop or shared network is safe and password protected. Sure, you can buy a friend a cup of coffee, but giving them access to your bankroll is another matter. ● On your Android web browser LOOK for the GREEN “S” or “SSL”. ● When you see a site with the SSL or HTTPS at the beginning of the address (or just see the color green) you know it is safe and Fully Encrypted with 128 bit data Encryption ● Encryption means that even if someone did see your Android on a network, ​they can not break into or use your data. ● Make sure to install updates and use the latest version of your APP and O.S. It only takes a few seconds to install an update, but saves you hours in headaches! Play the Best Android BlackJack Games on These Devices ● Samsung Galaxy: The Samsung Galaxy is the top of the line in Android graphic power … and thus has the best looking gambling apps by far. ● Galaxy Note: The Galaxy Note is my favorite device to play Android Blackjack on. Why? The Stylus Pen! It’s fast and accurate and cuts down on my carpal tunnel syndrome. ● LG G5: The LG G5 is a great phone for Android Blackjack on the go … or on long road trips. It has a removable long lasting battery that can be switch out, and a large 5.5 inch screen. ● HTC: HTC is the workhorse of the Android world. Solid craftsmanship means that HTC Blackjack apps will not wear down your screen no matter how much you play. ● Moto Z: The Moto Z has 32 gigs of power but is one of the lightest phones on the market … which means you get the power of a laptop Blackjack app on a device light enough to carry around all day. ● Google Pixel: Google Pixel is high def and has crystal clear resolution that makes the cards look more real than in real life … plus what could be cooler than playing Blackjack on a Google phone?