gradil sergey was born in 1963 in kiev he started n.
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NBC.UA Business Center "National" PowerPoint Presentation
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NBC.UA Business Center "National"

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NBC.UA Business Center "National" - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The key specialization of the Business Center "National" is a short-term education in the form of public and corporate trainings, seminars and courses for all members of the corporate hierarchy.

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NBC.UA Business Center "National"

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    1. Gradil Sergey was born in 1963 in Kiev. He started his career at a young age, that it contributed to the development of entrepreneurial skills since childhood. Training in business Sergey hit accidentally, as a manager, not yet knowing that soon will gain "deal of a lifetime." Feeling the importance and the need of the modern market of business education in the short staff and seeing the data for future direction, Sergei takes the decision to open his own training company. Guided by all the well-known dictum "As a ship call ...", the company received the promising title Business Center "National " The young and ambitious head of the rapidly developing its business without fear of risks and innovative ideas. For quite a short time the company takes a leading position in its industry, and the founder of the efforts are rewarded honorary award "Golden Jaguar": "For exemplary business practices, high professional and reliable partner" Over the years, the company led by the head of experiencing not only the ups, but also a number of falls. But this did not affect the desire to work and do what he likes. Today, the company was transformed into a cozy, family-run business with a warm, almost akin to each client. Events began to give his young rivals in scope and pomp with the aim to be available for a small business with a limited budget, but this fact in no way affected the quality of services, because it's not just salary, but a lifestyle NBC.UA